CHAPTER 21 - Stay

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Naruto wiped sweaty hands down his jeans for the third time. He was nervous, really nervous. He hadn't had many people in his apartment. It was a good size and Shika had helped him shop for furniture. He'd never realized how much he'd saved living with Sasuke, the bastard evidently paid for everything and just put all of Naruto's ninja pay into his account. So when it came to starting over on his own Naruto was lucky enough to be able to afford it. Shikamaru had accused Naruto of holding out on him when they saw his account total. None the less the two had gone to find decent furniture for the blond's new home. The Nara had steadfastly refused Naruto's insistence on orange. When Neji found them the two ninja were yelling at each other ten minutes away from coming to blows.

Intervening Neji had covered his boyfriend's mouth with his hand and calmly asked Naruto what color's he liked, other then orange. His eye twitched at the list of colors. Naruto's list had included red, brown, black, purple, green, gold (because it was pretty close to orange) and white. Sighing Neji nodded, then ordered the two men to stay put. Moving through the vast warehouse style store Neji began moving things around in an empty space. After a half hour of watching Neji from a distance the Hyuuga came to collect the two men. Shikamaru had stared in shock, his mouth having fallen open as his mind had tried to catch up to what his eyes were seeing. He'd been in Neji's home at the Hyuuga clan compound but with its elegant style and richly appointed rooms in various brown, reds, and golds he'd though that one of the women had set it up for him. However from the small house Neji had set up for Naruto he was wondering if Neji hadn't done his own home.

Looking around Naruto was sure the place looked good furniture wise. Neji had picked out a black leather sofa that was rounded and soft but with out the many fluffy bits Shikamaru's had. He had two matching arm chairs and white and orange throw pillows on the sofa. The chairs had orange pillows with white bamboo stalks moving up them. He through his coffee table was so cool because it was this box that you could pull four black stools out from under for extra seats. The shel that held his games and movies as well as his gaming console was low and flush against a wall taking up little room. Above that was a ridiculously large TV that Kiba had helped him pick out and hang, he loved it most of all. Moving into the kitchen Naruto grinned taking taco shells out of the oven with the bright orange oven mits. Choji had gotten him a complete set of orange kitchen stuff. All of his spoons, spatulas, and even his whisk were orange along with his mat, towels pot holder and mitts. Since the appliances were black and counters white Neji had approved. Neji had purchased two sets of dishes one orange and the other black in his effort to try to get Naruto a proper dining table. Naruto had won that argument and in place of a dining room he would never use he'd placed a weight bench, treadmill and wooden training dummy. Reasoning that this way if the weather was no good he could still get some training in. Shikamaru had given Naruto a hammock for his patio and more often then was where he ended up, while Naruto would settle into his out door glider so they could relax and talk.

The place was modern he guessed but cozy. He'd lived with modern for most of his life and liked it. Sasuke had liked sharp lines, black, silver and stark white. The only room he'd had much to do with had been their bedroom. His apartment felt like Naruto modern, when he moved back in he was taking his stuff and Sasuke would have to incorporate it into the house or Naruto wasn't going to stay. Stopping Naruto blushed and shook his head.

"Still not gonna make it easy on the teme." He muttered moving to stir up the rice and give it a fluff. Everything was done, he'd opted for something cheap that he could make quickly and enough to keep every one happy. So tonight was taco night. He'd been told it was his turn to host their get together night and he was NOT aloud to serve ramen. He had pouted for two days before Ino had bobbed him on the head and told him to broaden his horizons. Checking his fridge one last time he looked around it, "Tea – check. Water – check. Beer – check. Hinata's bringing Sake` and Ino's bring soda." He was still nervous Naruto had never hosted anything. He and Sasuke had only ever had Sakura or Kakashi over to their home so this was an entirely new experience for him.

Going into his bedroom and stripping his shirt, which now smelled like taco seasoning he searched for a clean t-shirt to pull on over his blue jeans. He pulled a black t-shirt on with a bright orange Uzumaki swirl on the back. He closed the door to his bedroom and moved to wash his hands and face, then freshen up his deodorant. Naruto hesitated the sighed spraying on his cologne. He was nervous and it had nothing to do with his friends seeing his apartment or his having to host. He was nervous because he'd invited Sasuke and this was the first time Sasuke would see his new home. They had been dating for six weeks now but he had never invited Sasuke up. Any time Sasuke had invited him to the house Naruto had declined. They were doing a lot of making out now and a lot of heavy petting. Naruto wasn't sure he was ready to cross that line he worried that having sex with Sasuke would be seen as a sign that everything was ok and they could go back to how it was. He had been learning so many knew things about the man he'd spent his life with and knew it was the same for Sasuke. He didn't want to go back, he wanted to go forward. He just wasn't sure how to approach the subject. No matter how horny he was he wasn't ready to be over everything and pretend it never happened. Putting everything away so the bathroom would be decent for public use. He slid the orange curtain shut. Kicked the stubborn corner of his fluffy orange bath mat down and checked the toilet roll was full. Grinning he relaxed when there was a knock on the door and it opened, only Shikamaru took the liberty of just walking in.

"Neji with you?" He called as he moved out of the small hall and into the living space.

Grinning Shika set his beer contribution to the night on the counter, then turned wrapping long arms around Naruto and grinned. "Would the welcome be different if I said yes?"

Naruto frowned thinking about it. "Nah." He placed a closed mouth kiss on Shikamaru's lips.

"If you two start playing tonight I'm not going to stop you I'll take pictures and then join in." Naji warned having snuck up behind Naruto. The blond yelped and jumped out of the hold his best friend had on him.

"We don't play!" He defended trying not to blush.

Snorting Neji looked at them both. "You two get drunk and it turns into soft-core. When Gaara was here last time the two of you nearly started and orgy. Even Hinata had enough to drink that she climbed into Inuzuka's lap." Both boys had the decency to look at the floor and blush. "Don't worry its hot. And it means Shikamaru won't be passing out once I get him to bed." When his boyfriend groaned Neji just smirked and went to answer the door as the next knock came.

The group of friends quickly filed in, Sasuke among them. No one commented when Sasuke joined they just acted like he'd always been there. Since he'd also brought a large bottle of the good sake` he was much welcomed. The night wore on and the food disappeared but still every one was talking and drinking, Kiba and Shikamaru were yelling over the video game they were playing. Sasuke had moved around the apartment looking, cataloging everything he saw. He'd stopped at the largest wall in the living space it was covered randomly in black frames. Each frame held a picture, pictures of Naruto with various friends, pictures of team 7 through the years, pictures of each team, and pictures of them all together. There were pictures from various gatherings and events most of those captured things that were obviously not intended to be caught on camera. The ones that caught Sasuke's attention though were the ones of he and Naruto. They were all different and each one made his heart ache. If you knew what order to look in it was so easy to see the love blossoming between the two boys. The raven reached out fingers tracing down one frame which held a strip of photo's from one of those photo booths. It had been taken at a festival; they'd gone as friends but the four photo's catured his most treasured memory.

They'd sat in the booth, each paying half of the fee. First they made silly faces. Sasuke had intended to smile for the second one but just as the camera flashed Naruto had pressed a kiss to his cheek. The third box showed Sasuke reaching for Naruto. The fourth captured the two in a deep first kiss. "That's my favorite." Naruto told him as he walked up passing Sasuke a fresh beer. "Ino did this. It was her house warming present. Most of these were taken by her, the rest she gathered from archives or other people. Then she'd dug through my memory box… and pulled anything I was keeping hidden away. Some of these she'd gone out and bullied people into taking. Baa-chan and Pervy Sage…" He pointed at the photo where the two Sannin were yelling at each other, Jiraiha with a bright red hand print on his face. "I like this one too." He smiled fondly at the photo of Iruka, Kakashi and Jiraiha. "I think you should be in it though… it's a picture of all the people who made me the ninja I am today… if I hadn't spent my formative years fighting to be better then you I probably wouldn't be as good as I am today." Naruto downed his beer. "Ino said memories need to be up and out to look at so you don't forget them. They're supposed to be shared. So she did this to my wall." He waved his beer around smiling. "Girls are weird."

Sasuke chuckled and shook his head. "Come on, you aren't drunk yet. You can still use three syllable words." He led the blond back to the group of friends. The game had been abandoned by Shikamaru into Choji's more capable hands and the pony tailed man had gathered glasses and the bottles of sake`.

Sitting next to Neji Sasuke raised a brow at him. "Watch this…" Neji had muttered to him. Shikamaru and Naruto started off with a glass of sake` each. After glass three they glared at one another and sat on the floor. Suddenly all attention was focused on the two men. Hinata and Ino handed money to Kiba, who collected from Sai and Shino. Choji grabbed two shot glasses and started pouring sake and after each slam of glass to table he'd refill them. "Three times out of four the two drink each other stupid. Naruto has a much higher tolerance then Shika, but once he's drunk Shikamaru is incredibly stubborn."

"This is not going to end well." Sasuke looked at his friend. Who was smirking at him. "What?"

"It usually ends with them making out." Neji shrugged watching as Naruto hit the table for shot 18. "Probably with in the next ten minutes. Maybe less they did three cases of their favorite beer before starting sake."

Sasuke looked at Neji and then glared at Shikamaru before turning his glare on Neji. "You accept that? The two of them making out publically? Drinking until they don't remember they belong to someone else?"

"Trust me they do far more then kiss Uchiha. Shikamaru is not mine to control. He is mine but he's only affectionate like that with Naruto and I am not threatened by Naruto. He moved out to avoid causing us problems. Unless I was there I don't believe either of them would take it farther." His eyes darkened when shot 28 hit the table and Shika pushed Naruto back far enough to climb into his lap and kissing him.

"Damn! I really thought it would be Naruto this time." Ino sighed watching the money being passed out evenly between the winner's who'd voted that the Nara would

Tenten smirked taking her share. "A little birdie told me that Shikamaru is insatiable. AND that he's been worse then normal lately."

"CHEAT! That is insider information, you should be disqualified." The blond girl argued. "Where's Lee he's our referee." She looked around just realizing the green clad boy was missing.

"oh! Oh!" Tenten was bouncing in her seat, which just happened to be Sai's lap. "He had a date!"

"Wait, what?" Blue eyes blinked in confusion.

"She graduated two years after us. She's SO sweet. I met her the other day. She thinks he cute, and funny… she rolls her eyes when he starts carrying on about youth and stull but she things its sweet!" When Ino gaped the brunette girl laughed. "No I'm serious. They're really nice together."

"That is SO great. I didn't think he'd ever get over his crush on Sakura." Ino smiled happy for Lee. "So what does she look like."

"Oh! You know her Tanaki long black pig tails and green eyes. That's how he caught her attion. He told her that her eyes were beautiful and his favorite shade of green… which was his favorite color." Tenten sighed along with Ino.

Glaring Ino pulled a pillow out from behind her and smacked Choji in the head with it. "How come you never say sweet things like that to ME?"

The room went dead quiet all eyes on the pair. "Because you didn't want any one knowing we were seeing each other until you decided if we were together?" Choji wasn't sure that was the right answer. He could really never tell with Ino. Groaning Ino fell over blushing into the arm of her chair.

The Nara made a non comitial noise and together he and Naruto muttered, "About damn time." Then they returned to their kissing, this time he was deeper. Music came on and the party became a make out session. Neji and Sasuke were glued to their seats watching their respective uke. Naruto and Shikamaru had managed to move from their place hidden behind the coffee table they were completely visible to the two seme's. Their kissing was hard and deep, completely sexual. The thing pinning the two men were the eyes, blue then brown which would turn their was as if to check the two prodigies were still watching. Moaning when he saw his Hyuuga's eyes darkened in hunger Shikamaru started grinding his hips into Naruto's. Whimpering Naruto's hands grabbed the cage short clad ass of his best friend and squeezed pulling the other closer for more friction.

"You're ok with this? Letting him make out in public like that with an ex-lover… with any one?" Sasuke was shocked.

"I don't control him Uchiha. And its not any one, its Naruto. Trust me no one else touches him." Neji responded. Nodding at the scene before them as it drove his point home.

Naruto had moved down to kiss and nipp and Shikamaru's neck, stopping to suck on the point where his neck met shoulder. Pulling Naruto back with a fist full of golden spikes. "No marks." Then he swooped down for another passionate kiss. Both men now moaning, they broke the kiss and with their eyes foggy in a haze of lust blue and brown eyes locked with white and black. Smirking Shikamaru pulled Naruto's t-shirt off and let his fingers roam over Naruto's chest.

Neji had settled into the sofa to watch the littler performance they were being given when he heard Sasuke's voice, "You fuck him and I'll beat you until you can't walk Hyuuga."

"If he'd let me… god I think it would be worth the beating." Neji's eyes followed the hands of his boyfriend over the tanned body. "I think Naruto has given him am ink fetish." He nodded to the seal just as Shika leaned bending himself almost in half to kiss the seal and make Naruto's head throw back as he gasped.

"Fuck that's cheating!" The blond ground out. "You get to go home and get Neji to fuck you, I'm stuck here with my fucking hands you little cock tease." Naruto growled swiftly turning so Shika was pinned under him.

Sasuke's instinct was to go over and stop them, but Neji held him back. "They're still clothed, when they go for pants we'll break it up. Have you noticed his shoulder?" Sasuke's eyes moved from the place where Shikamaru had wound legs around the blond's waist and up to the tanned shoulder where Naruto had a fox with blue eyed and in his fur was a white patch clearly the Uchiha symbol. A smile tilted Sasuke's lips up, leave it to Naruto to make perminently marking his body romantic.

Looking over his love's body he stooped and groaned, "When did he pierce his nipples?"

"Same time he pierced his ear I think. Shikamaru talked him into the ear. They have matching studs... I'm not sure what to make of the two of them some days. I want to be jealous but I usually just find them sort of amusing." Neji shook his head he was fairly sure that his beautiful Nara was slowly making him loose his mind. "Naruto got pierced and Shikamaru has a tattoo now. When Sasuke raised a brow Neji gave him a sad smile, "On his bicep, a half smoked cigarette with a tendril of smoke coming up from it. I think seeing it broke my heart a little. He carries that pain with him every day and still has nightmares where he watches him die over and over." The words were much softer then the whispers they'd been sharing.

"Oh fuck YES!" Sasuke and Neji's head whipped around at the throaty plea, eyes widening. Shikamaru was on top once more causing Naruto to arch off the floor as his tongue tortured Naruto's chest and piercing. It suddenly occurred to Sasuke that all of the rookie were watching their lovers hump one another on the living room carpet. He looked around and every one was gone.

"Hinata quietly gathered them all a while ago, same time as Naruto's shirt came off. They've been gone for a while." He chuckled at the Uchiha. "Those skills aren't going to help you pass the ANBU tests. If watching Naruto writhe under his friend distracts you that much."

"Fuck you Hyuuga, this is the most flesh I've seen since he left." Sasuke admitted. "And nothing looks like Naruto…" He swallowed shaking his head. "Ok we need to stop them before I start breaking Shikamaru's hands." He had been turned on before, and he was definetly enjoying the show at least until Shikamaru's hands had Naruto making those noises. The noises only Sasuke got to help the blond make. Seeing Sasuke's eyes bleeding red Neji nodded.

"Agreed below the belt is against the rules." He stood and lifted the shadow-nin off of his friend. "We are leaving because you are behaving like a little slut."

Eyes glazed with alcohol and lust Shikamaru turned and slid down pressing into Neji. "So what? You like when I'm slutty and you love the show." He smirked triumphantly. Neji's brow rose and he lifted Shikamaru over his shoulder, deciding his place was closer then nodded to Sasuke and left.

Naruto was groaning on the floor. "Fuck you HYUUGA!" He growled then started panting, his hand slipping into his pants as soon as the zip was down and the snap undone. He was stroking fast and hard moaning.

Swallowing Sasuke's eyes went wide. This felt like a wet dream. There was no way it was real, no there was no way it was a dream he'd never put Naruto fooling around with Nara in his wet dream… well not before tonight. "Dobe…" He was still but stiff on the sofa now.

"TEME!" Blue eyes snapped open and he looked over at his boyfriend. "You stayed?"

"I… Yes." Sasuke slid down to the floor kissing Naruto deeply. "Sorry, I made Neji take Nara away before I broke his hands. Below the belt is too far." He whispered against the pouty pink lips. He could see the clarity and wondered how long ago the alcohol haze had cleared.

Naruto smirked. "You're still a possessive bastard." Leaning in he kissed Sasuke once more, then jerked then the long pail fingers started stroking him. "Yeah… fuck, Sasuke." He looked up with heated dark blue eyes.

"That's my favorite shade of blue… the only time I've ever seen it is when you're about to come." Leaning down Sasuke wrapped his mouth around the bulbus head of Naruto's cock. It jerked in his mouth twice, allowing him only three swift strokes before filling his mouth with the salty sweet taste that was uniquely Naruto.

Naruto had come hard while screaming out Sasuke's name. He fell onto the floor panting. "Oh Kami…. Fuck that was so good." One minute he was on the floor in afterglow, the next he had pounced Sasuke and pushed him into the floor. With Naruto speed he'd undone Sasuke's pants and slid them down his pants. Sasuke saw white spots when Naruto's hot wet mouth encased his cock.

"Naru… fuck Dobe! Its been… damn it!" He shuddered and came so hard it hurt. Less then five fucking minutes. He hadn't come that fast since he was fourteen. Naruto looked up grinning and licking his lips. "Well that was amazingly satisfying and humiliating."

Naruto chuckled at him and moved to lay his blond head on Sasuke's shoulder sighing. "I didn't last any longer, Teme."

"If I'd had sex with anything other then my hand I could have relished that properly." Sasuke sighed; not knowing the next time Naruto would let his guard down enough for them to be intimate again. Sasuke felt the wet on his chest before he realized Naruto was crying. His heart slammed into his chest instantly thinking Naruto regretted what they'd just done. He turned pinning Naruto looking into the red from tears wet blue he adored so much. "Please don't be man Naruto. Don't regret that. I've needed you, I'm sorry if it was too soon. I just… can't regret…" He stopped when Naruto cried hard pushing his face into Sasuke's chest, bowling them over so he was on top crying into Sasuke's shirt.

"I hated you. So much. I don't think I can ever forgive you for doing that to me. I'd never even thought about another person when I was with you. We had Gaara in our bed and I could only think about what you would like for us to do to each other. You… you hurt me so bad. I wanted to hurt you back. You cheated on me. So, so I cheated on you." He cried harder, Naruto's whole body shaking. "Mine was so much worse. I didn't just fuck around Sasuke. I love him. I love both of them, but… I had a real relationship with Shika. I care about him and I'm still attracted to him. I'm… I'm so sorry." He hiccuped and Sasuke started laughing. Sitting up Naruto frowned. "This is NOT funny Teme!"

Sasuke sat up and leaned against the sofa. "The hell its not. Fuck Naruto. Its not even close to the same. It hurt me… watching you, knowing… seeing him after you'd had him and marked him. I actually threw up. But we weren't together. You had moved out and I was sure you had moved on. I'm just, Naruto I want to move past all of that. I love you, I think I took you for granted and how much I love you. The last year has been nothing but sad, painful and fucked up for both of us. But I've got you and I'm never going to leave you and Nara alone again, but watching you two play was hot." His lips quirked up as his thumbs moved up and wiped away the tears. "If we had to go through all of that to get here then I'm ok with that. I think I love you more now then before because I'm so much more aware of your value. No one but me when I'm not there. And I swear no one but you when you're not there. Ground rules when we want to play outside the lines."

Naruto was crying again. These were happy tears and he was smiling. This was his Sasuke, the one only he had ever seen the one that talked, the one who had facial expressions and nice things to say. He'd missed this more then anything else. He missed sitting across Sasuke's lap talking to each other in whispered tones. "I love you Sasuke."

Leaning forward Sasuke kissed the tears away from Naruto's eyes wrapping arms around the naked waist. "I love you Naruto."

Looking down into black eyes Naruto swallowed. "Stay?"

"Forever." Sasuke leaned up and met Naruto half way for the kiss.

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