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He looks around the airport frantically. His daughter's flight had been delayed by a snowstorm in Denver, and he'd spent the night in the airport in order to meet her that morning. A shock of white hair shows the man where his daughter is. He runs toward her, throwing the white-haired man out of the way. "Maka, my darling angel!" Spirit exclaims, embracing his daughter. "You've returned home safe and sound!" Glaring at Soul, the man asks her, "That demon didn't touch you, did he?"

Maka gives Soul a frightened look that asks "Should we tell him?" He's sure he's going to die if Spirit finds out about the engagement... or at least be unable to have children.

"Why won't you answer me? Did something happen? Maka, what happened?" Spirit lets go of his daughter and grabs Soul's shoulders roughly. "What did you do to my daughter?"

Fearful of his life, the young scythe answers shakily, "We're, uh, kinda engaged?" The red-haired man freezes, breath caught in his throat. His grip on Soul loosens enough for the young scythe to break free. The father remains sill, comically frozen in disbelief. "Uh, you gonna be okay, Pops?"

Suddenly, Spirit picks up Soul by the collar and shakes him. "NOBODY CALL ME POPS! ESPECIALLY NOT YOU!"

"Papa, I'm warning you now, put him down..." Maka says dangerously.



The meister takes her partner's hand and leads him away from her father who lies unconscious on the floor. "Sorry. He'll behave from now on," she insists.

"Are you kidding me? Nothing's going to change that guy's mind about me!" Soul replies. "He's going to kill me, Maka!"

His fiancee stops and turns to him, blushing. "I think... grandchildren may change his mind..."

The scythe blushes a shade darker than she does. "You know, I... don't mind kids... So, yeah... that could work..."

The cab ride home finds them in awkward silence. They've only been engaged officially for a day and kids suddenly are added to their list of things for the future. Or more precisely, kids are the list so far.

Walking through their apartment door, both sigh in unison. They'd missed home. Maka flips on a light switch and nearly suffers a heart attack as their group of friends jumps up, shouting "Surprise!"

"Welcome home, you two!" Tsubaki greets, hugging weapon and meister. "We wanted to surprise you!"

A set of house keys are thrown to Soul. The scythe catches them and turns to the laughing assassin who threw them. "Where did you find these?" Soul asks dangerously.

"Stole 'em!" Black Star cackles. "And you thought you'd lost 'em!"

Soul rubs the back of his head, remembering the lovely Maka-Chop he'd received after he'd lost his keys. "Some friend you are..." he mumbles.

Patty takes Maka's left hand and admires the ring that adorns her fourth finger. "Maka, where'd you get this?"

Before Maka can say anything, Kid steps in and takes her hand from Patty. "This... This can't be..." he says, devastated. "Maka, you... you are... NO LONGER PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL!" All in the room sweatdrop. "We must get you another ring for the right hand immediately!"

"Hey, uh, Kid," Liz interrupts, "I think you're missing something here. Doesn't the fact she has a ring on her ring finger mean anything?"

Tsubaki gasps. "Maka, you're engaged?"

With a nervous giggle, the meister replies, "Yeah, Soul finally asked me..."

"Awesome! I get to be Maid of Honor, right?" Liz asks excitedly.

"I'll plan everything, don't you worry!" Kid exclaims. "Everything will be absolutely perfect!"

Patty laughs obnoxiously as Tsubaki showers the two in hugs and "Congratulations!"

"Hey, relax you guys!" Black Star yells over all the commotion. "Let's give them space time alone. They had quite the trip."

Tsubaki smiles at her partner. "That's so considerate of you, Black Star."

The meister smiles brightly. "Besides, they probably wanna get down to business! Wouldn't wanna stick around for that!"

Soul and Maka pick up Black Star and throw him out the door, yelling "Get the hell out of our house!" in unison.

Before the door can close him out of the apartment, the assassin yells, "See? They wouldn't react like that if I wasn't right!" A dictionary flies out the apartment and lands a direct hit on his head, making him fall backward. "Okay... shutting up..."