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Chapter 5

Casey sat on her bed wishing she had brought something from home that could comfort her. She usually ran to Derek despite the fact that he didn't do emotions or tears. She had a reason to be upset right? He used his relation to her to get something he wanted. She didn't where the using met the lines of actual friendship or if the lines blurred completely. She thought of herself as stupid because she should have seen some signs; like the conversation she had with Chris before the party.

"Are you busy?" He asked.

"Not at all." She offered a friendly smile.

"How do you like Queens?" He sat down at her table, his eyes captured hers.

"Its fine, everyone seems friendly except my roommate." Her answer brought a smile to his lips.

"I just came over to personally invite you to a hockey party tonight."

"Wow, you guys sure like to have a good time, no wonder Derek likes hanging out with you guys. He just told me that he made first string."

"Yeah, he had benefits that he could add to the team, and with his high school history, he had a little help." One of Casey's eyebrows rose, sure Derek was captain in high school, but he wasn't the only one she was sure.

His high school history was her. She felt so stupid, even when it was all Derek's fault, she felt guilty in some ways. She sighed as she pulled out the drawer to her nightstand. Inside was a photo from her 18th birthday that always seemed to make her smile. It was a picture of her and Derek with his arm hanging lazily on her closest shoulder with a smile on his face and her eyes on him. True to form, a small smile formed on her lips. That was until she heard Claire fiddling with her keys outside the door and she slammed the drawer with the picture inside shut. Last thing she needed was Claire bothering her.

"What's that?" Claire asked when she saw Casey was clearly hiding something.

"Nothing," she had learned from the best after all. Claire didn't seem fully convinced, but she didn't pry anymore.

"Claire, I need some advice, I would normally go somewhere else, but in this case, I'm desperate. What if you were best friends with this one person, and then they go and do something that hurts you. You want to forgive them, but should you even if they might hurt you again?" Claire sat there in silence for a minute mulling it over. Casey was about to tell her to forget it when she spoke up.

"I would. People make mistakes in life, and if he was your best friend then he didn't intently try and hurt you. Friends come and go, but when you find people that you feel that close to, I wouldn't let them go simply because they made a mistake." Casey was dumbfounded by her answer because that was the most intelligent and profound thing she had heard Claire say since the beginning of the school year. Claire merely shrugged and continued on with her business as nothing had happened.

Derek dreaded going to practice; he knew that he was going to be worked hard by Chris and the coach. Out of the corner of your eye he spotted one of the hockey red and yellow jackets. The particular player didn't look that happy. Suddenly Derek was slammed against a nearby wall.

"Do you think I'm stupid Venturi?" Derek managed to answered with his whole body smashed against the wall,


"Then what did you say to her? She is not even looking at me right now."

"She deserved to know."


"The truth, about the deal." That earned him another rough housing against the wall.

"You see Derek; we did a little digging on your past. And you were the kind of person to only care about yourself with all the pranks and trouble you caused, so why now did you decide to become such a goody-two shoes?" Derek remained silent for a moment, and then he broke his promise to Casey.

"She's my step-sister." Chris's eyes widened while Derek's eyes fell to the floor. Chris studied his face, and saw all the emotion that he bottled up.

"You're in love with her." It was a statement. There was dead silence among the hockey players, Derek didn't deny the fact.

"Oh this is rich, Derek Venturi is in love with the person he shouldn't, his own step sister." Derek was pushed the ground.

"This is how it's going to work Venturi. Since we only have two games left, you're playing because of your talent, but stay away from Casey."

"What if I don't?" His breathing ragged from still having the air punched out of him.

"Otherwise I'll spill your little secret, and then what would she think of you, you incestuous freak." That did it. Derek scrambled up from the ground and punched Chris. The two started to punch each other back and forth. The scene drew the campus police very quickly along with a crowd. They escorted both to the Dean's office. They called Chris in first. Derek sat in the chair and flashed back to various times he had gone to the principal's office in high school. He could proudly say that none of those fights involved Casey. He kept that part of his life in the darkest part of his being. Casey. He wanted to empty his stomach in the nearest trash can. She was pissed at him before, but what would she do now? He often wondered how Casey would react. He didn't want to lose her. He had nightmares with all the worst case scenarios. He was going to have to avoid her at least for a little bit, and see how mad she was at him.

Casey was walking back to her dorm, but she felt that something was off. Things seemed to be more hushed, people were tighter in their circles, but their voices didn't get any louder than mere whispering. Casey wasn't a gossip in the least bit, but when it was this quiet on campus it made her wonder. She knew the best person to spill the beans, Claire.

It didn't take long to find Claire, like the queen bee she was surrounded by people and she loved every minute of it.


"Not now Casey." She brushed her off.

"Claire." She tried firmly, but it fell on deaf ears. Casey grabbed her arm and pulled her through the pool of people.

"Ouch! Casey, what was that for?"

"What happened? The whole campus is buzzing." Claire's eyes widened.

"You don't know?"

"Would I be asking you if I did?"

"Somebody got into a fight today." Casey just stood there.

"Who would be stupid enough to pull a fight, especially since the Dean has a strict no fighting policy"- Claire interrupted Casey before she could go any more.

"That's part of the scandal; it is Chris Bailey and Derek Venturi, both are really good at hockey, which poses the question, will he suspend them and risk losing the game next week maybe costing them the game to move them to the championship." Casey had stopped listening after she heard Derek's name. Casey then cursed, which scared Claire to no end. Casey stormed away headed to the Dean's office. Once Claire got over the shock of it, she simply shrugged and returned into the pool of people.

"Chris, come in," The Dean sat down in his chair and motioned Chris to do the same.

"Is this your first offense?" He motioned towards his record.

"Yes sir," Chris noded.

"And are you aware of my strict no fighting policy?" The Dean leaned forward in his seat to increase the intimidation factor.

"Yes Dean Boman."

"And what do you have to say in your defense?"

"Derek Venturi punched me first, when I got involved it was merely to defend myself. You can ask anyone who saw the fight."

"And did you do anything to provoke this occurrence?"

"No Sir." The slightest edge of his lips curled up into a smile.

Chris and Derek had a mini stare down as they called Derek to go into the office. Chris sat down as he was instructed to awaiting the Dean's decision. He was fairly confident though that he would get off free, because of his influence within the college and the sport's program. Moments later he saw Casey all flustered walking down the halls. It was time to do some damage control.

"Hey stranger." She turned to him, and she didn't look happy.

"Chris, how could you get in a fight?"

"I'll be fine; I have a couple strings I can pull." He saw a flicker of relief float over of her face as he smiled.

"What about Derek?"

"He should be fine. It's nice that you're considered for your step-brother though." Casey's face paled.

"He told you?" She asked.

"Yeah, in fact the entire hockey team knows, so it shouldn't be long before the whole school knows that he's your brother."

"Step-brother." She automatically corrected.

"It's the same thing, isn't it?"

"Yeah,"- She was going to continue and explain Derek was more of a friend than actual family when her eyes jumped up to see Derek standing there with a face that broke her heart to a certain degree. He turned and stormed away.

"Excuse me." Casey excused herself and followed after Derek.

"Derek!" She yelled for the umpteenth time. She was running to keep up with him considering he had quite a bit of a head start and his pace was fast. After a couple minutes, she managed to catch up and grabbed his shoulder spinning him around.

"Don't you dare pretend like you didn't hear your name your name being called."

"I'm not, I was just ignoring you." He said flatly.

"Derek Michael Venturi, after I came across campus to make sure that you are ok because I heard from Claire that you were in a fight."

"Yeah, you looked so concern talking to Chris." He waved his hands during the word concern.

"What is your problem?" Derek was silent.

"Derek, why did you get into a fight with Chris?" There was certain vulnerability within her voice, but he knew that he couldn't tell her yet.

"It doesn't matter," He lied "Chris is going to get off free while I'm waiting for the Dean's decision about whether he's going to expel me."

"Derek," Casey was speechless.

"Don't act so surprised, I'm the failure of the family right sis?"

"You heard that?" Casey suddenly became so interested in her shoes.

"Yup, but I have enough family probing my life, so if you see me in the quad, just ignore me." He repeated the words that were said weeks earlier from the conversation that neither of them could forget. He turned and started to walk away she slumped to the nearest table unable to gather enough energy to say anything to try and stop him. It wasn't till his back was turned and he was sure she couldn't see him, a single tear rolled down his cheek, but he briskly wiped it away and kept walking. After all, Derek Venturi didn't do feelings.

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