"It has been done, my lord. All seven statues in your possession."

Victor locked eyes with the attractive red-haired woman before him, and caressed the spine of the huge book he held in his palms, "Do you rightly assume the words in this…Grimorum Arcanorum…are true about the sleep spell?"

"Without a doubt. Now that they're above the clouds, all we have to do is wait for dusk. As the sun sets, you will feast your eyes upon some new powerful allies." The daylight reflected off her porcelain skin.

"Mmm. You see, Miss Destine, I could already make a guess that you were the perfect candidate for the job...," he rose from his chair. "To sum it up, we have successfully arrived at a win-win solution: we have both taken a first step in ruling the world. Once I reel in these gargoyles to do my bidding, my archrival Richards would've made seven more enemies."

"You're the only human I would ever trust, lord. I see eye to eye with you on how corruption is brought upon this world..by the filth of the human race."

"Of course, dear Demona. Soon we will fight alongside your newly revived clan, and destroy the Fantastic Four. You must know they are humanity's greatest allies; to wipe them out would finally pave a proper path toward our common goal."

"Intriguing," he smiled under his adamantium mask while the sun sunk below the horizon at last. Rain began to come down in heavy torrents; even thunder started cracking in the distance. It was a breathtaking moment beyond competition as a powerful chorus of roars sounded atop the Latverian Embassy. He had placed the stone statues in a semicircle fashion.

"WE'RE. & ALIVE!" exclaimed the gargoyle speedily pronounced to be the clan leader. His skin was a somewhat natural violet tone; his size was enormous - possibly towering at over seven feet above ground. His highly protective wings extended skyward, while his graceful tail that was probably a couple of metres long swished from left to right.

To his left, a deeper bellow rose from the throat of the brown gargoyle. This one appeared more armoured than the rest - complete with a vest and leg guards in a style dating back to medieval times. Victor even caught sight of a shining weapon placed in a knifeguard on the creature's belt.

The smallest gargoyle to break free from his stone prison was a young male, golden in colour. His high-pitched hisses mingled with a roar like a violent trumpet pierced the air and instead of wings, thin membranes protruded from under his arms which connected to the muscles just along his thighs.

Only one of the members of this clan was female; as she lifted her hands she gave a loud snarl. She shook her braided hair freely, and with crimson glowing eyes and sharp fangs under her lip, she looked deadly yet remarkably beautiful. Her skin colour matched that of the group leader.

Another gargoyle the colour of steel blue (lacking a pair of wings) growled before shaking off his rocky coat. The noise he made was clearly animal, making Victor reach the conclusion that amazingly, these reptilian beings owned pets as well. An armoured back and sharp spikes for brows evidently proved this gargoyle beast was more than formidable.

Second-to-last to awaken was the pale green, dragon-like gargoyle on the extreme right. He emitted a low groan, flexing his razor-sharp talons and yawning. His forehead was especially armed with spikes, indicating he could initiate a lethal headbutt attack. Besides that he had an amazing wingspan of around sixteen feet, likely designed to support his bulky build.

Finally, the reddish-coloured gargoyle in the middle burst out in a chilling roar similar to a jaguar's. This one had hair like a horse's mane (running down the spine), two lengthy horns on his head, and a hooked beak giving him the advantage of a streamline frame. The top corners of his wings were lined with what looked like graspers - like his female counterpart, but nonetheless a feature different to his companions' hooked wing tips.

"What's this? WHERE ARE WE?" gasped the brown gargoyle. This prompted Victor to emerge from the shade.

"Are you the one they call Goliath?" He stopped in front of their leader, looking up at him with the most respect he could hold in a single gaze.

"Yes," the huge creature bared his teeth in suspicion. The reply from the human he beheld was a laugh of satisfaction.