The Cell Block Tango


It had been an extremely bad day at work and I was extremely pissed off. Not only had my rival gotten the job I had been waiting my whole life for, but my boss didn't like my designs for the upcoming fashion show.

All I need was a little sympathy and for Jasper to kiss me and make love to me all night. But there he was, lying across the couch, watching TV and drinking countless beers.

If I hadn't been ticked off before, I definitely was now. He knew how much I hated coming home to this.

You know those little habits some people have that really get you down. Jasper like to chew gum, no, not chew. POP!

He always knew how to piss me off and this was one way.

'Jasper, do not pop that gum one more time!'

And he did...

I grabbed my gun, which was sitting on the counter. And fired two shots. His dead body rolled off the couch, blood soaking the carpets.

I put the gun back down, grabbed a beer from the fridge and, stepping over his dead body, I sat down on the couch and watched TV.