I hope that I will get the chance to be someone

To be human

Look what we've done

Look what we've done

I would give my life to be human


The two girls' cloaks are patched and worn. The older one, who is maybe 13 or 14, pulls the younger one, the 3-year old, along with her. She makes the younger one put her hat back on and fusses over her muddy shoes. Her face is set, she looks tired and sad. The little girl whines and drags her feet, as the older one chivies her into Flourish & Blotts.

Snape recognizes them. The two girls, Holly and Alicia Spinnet, look just like their mother, Tabitha.

He can hear snatches of their conversation: "No, Leesha, we can't get ice-cream. We don't have enough money." "I'm hungry." "I need to get these books for school next year." "I want Mummy."

Snape should know what their mother looks like. He killed her a month ago.


The name jumps out at him as he reads the class list. Susan Bones.

Snape puts his head in his hands. How can he even look this girl, when he took part in the murders of her uncle, aunt and cousins?

And, of course, Susan seems to instantly dislike him. She watches him reproachfully, when he bullies Finch-Fletchley, criticizes, Abbott and ignores MacMillan whenever he raises his hand. The expression on her face when she looks at him is one of disgust, with a hint of pity.

It's like she knows exactly what he did.


Natalie McDonald is a sweet, polite girl with long, straight, strawberry-blond hair. She does very well in his clases, but is not show-offy or a know-it-all, like Granger. Snape makes a point to not like his Gryffindor students, but her he hates a little less than the others.

Still, there is a tiny, nagging fear in the back of his mind. A fear that has something to do with her name and something he did to a person with the same name a very long time ago. Mary McDonald will never see again.

He is extremely relieved when he learns that Mary McDonad is not her mother.

Then he finds out she is Natalies aunt.


Harry is obviously the worst. How does Dumbledore expect him to teach this boy, when whenever he looks at him, he sees Lily's eyes?

Lily's eyes staring at him with hatred. Lily's eyes laughing at some joke that Weasley has told. Lily's eyes in that awful, awful face that is so like James Potter's.

But never, never Lily's eyes looking at him with trust and love like they did all those years ago.


He would do anything to feel the tiniest bit less like a monster and more like a human.

A/N: The lyrics are from Ellie Gouldings song "Human".