A/N: Another prompt fic. This time the prompt was 'sapphire'. I really like writing this story, even though it's actually just a bunch of one-shots. So I hope you like it as much as I do. Please enjoy!

EDIT 4-13-11: I have decided that, for now, this is only going to be a one-shot, even though I said it was going to be a series of one-shots. I haven't had much inspiration for it, and I hate having it labelled as 'In-Progress' when it isn't, not really. You can still add it to your Story Alerts if you want to, just in case I ever decide to add more. But, for now, this is it.


When I first saw Rose Weasley at the train station before boarding the Hogwarts Express, all I could see was the generic Weasley-red hair. My father had told me stories about the Weasleys (some good, and some bad), and I wasn't exactly sure about my opinion of them. I knew, though, that my father didn't like them. So I acted as if I didn't like them either, until I could form my own opinion. My dad never even guessed.

But the second time I met her, she was occupying the last compartment with any space in it on the train. She was alone, except for her cousin, Albus Potter, who was the spitting image of his father at this age, according to my father. When I opened the door to the compartment, the two cousins looked up at me. When Albus saw me, he smiled politely, and I smiled back. But when Rose saw me…well, she wasn't smiling politely. Let's go with that.

She snorted, and returned to reading whatever book it was that was in her lap. Before she looked down, I got to stare into her eyes for a brief second. Those eyes entranced every part of my body and soul. They were brilliant blue sapphires, embedded into a not-so-entrancing face. Well, it wasn't entrancing at the time, but that's not the point.

I ended up sitting in that compartment with Rose and Albus. Albus and I soon entered into a conversation about something random, but that we both enjoyed. Every once in a while, Rose would look up from her book and make this…face at me. It was halfway between revulsion and hate. I've never seen anyone else make a face like it. But every time she looked at me with the face, I was just entranced by the sapphires that were her eyes.