Gianna's job doesn't come with health or dental, but she never has to fetch coffee for the boss, and if she can stay alive long enough to swing a promotion, she'll be set for eternal life. Drabbles for The Twilight 25, round 4. All are from the pov of Gianna, the Volturi's human secretary in New Moon, but the rules specify that they must not connect to tell one story; each is a standalone piece.

Thanks to ALBY MANGROVES for the pre-read on 18 - 25. Thanks, QUEENOFGREY, for organizing TT25.
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The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: #22 - Trap
Pen name: mothlights
Characters: Gianna & Eleazar
Rating: K

Title: never trust a man in a fedora

I was at a cantina helping a cousin choose wedding invitations. When I escaped to the bar for an espresso, a man in a fedora offered me his card.

Eleazar Perez. 05-779-9253

"You've potential," he said. He stood very close; the edge of the marble bar was sharp against my shoulders. "You're excellent at cataloguing and organization, yes?"

"I am, actually." Perhaps he knew my supervisor at the museum.

"I have something of a proposition for you."

"Not interested."

He waved a hand in irritation. "A lucrative position with unique benefits."

Well, if we were talking Euros…

"Tell me more."