Hey everyone! I promised everyone if you wanted me to write you a mini story for Christmas I would. So this story is a Christmas present for Munroloverx1. I usually try to stay away from writing about Julia because I like to make stuff pure Eclare, but I had to make an exception because I loved this idea! Be sure to check out all my other stories (A Night In Vegas, I Think I Want To Marry You, Baby Anyone?, Home For The Holidays)! Thanks everyone!

Eli's POV:

The past few years have been amazing. I married the love of my life, Clare. We have been married for two years now and have a gorgeous baby boy, Thomas. Clare stays home with our son, and I work as the editor of the Toronto newspaper.

I was making a final check before we ran the paper for the week, when my phone rang, "Hello?"

"Hello. My name is Dr. Tyler. I am looking for Eli Goldsworthy." He says.

"That's me. What can I do for you?" I ask.

He hesitates for a second, "I understand you knew a girl named Julia Alex?" He questions.

This couldn't be going well, "Yeah, she was my girlfriend in high school for a year. May I ask why?"

"Well Julia's grandmother died this morning, and it is our understanding Julia had a baby. The baby is yours Sir, and she is now in your custody." He informs me.

"A baby?" I question.

"Well not anymore. Her name is Kyla. She is thirteen right now." He says.

"Are you sure she is mine?" I question.

"Yes Sir. We did a DNA test and everything. But you have options. You can come get here, sign papers, and she will be in your custody. Or, you can come sign papers and give her up for adoption." He says.

I hesitate for a minute. I can't believe Julia had a baby! I can't believe it's mine. I guess this explains why she up and left me to live with her grandmother, "No, I will come down and take her into my custody. If she is mine, she's my responsibility."

"Okay Sir. Please be down here soon." And he hung up.

Holy shit. Clare is going to freak out, and I have no idea if it's a good thing or bad thing. But we have the money and space. I just hope she's okay with it. I decide to go home and tell her first.

When I get there, I find her kissing the baby as she lays Thomas down for a nap, "Hey Eli." She greets me.

"Honey, we really need to talk. I found out some news today. And honestly, I'm freaking out."

She looks worried, "What's wrong?"

"Umm well, I don't know if it's a problem or not." I say.

She comes over to hug me tight, I instantly return the embrace. She calms my slight shaking, "Clare, I have a daughter."