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Eli's POV:

"Honey, we have to go!" I was trying to get Clare out of the apartment, but she would not stop looking at the window.

"But Eli, look it's our beach!" She took my hand and pulled me over to the window. Sure enough, I saw our beach, mocking us. I wrapped my arms around her waist.

"I know baby, but we have to go, I promise you I'll bring you back…" I whispered in her ear huskily, "Just the two of us, sex on the beach next year I promise."

She gripped my belt, "Why wait a whole year? Eli the beach is right there." She whined.

I rolled my eyes, "Okay, I'll get us a later flight, but you have to promise we will leave on time?"

"Fine, fine. You know we don't have to stay…I don't want to pressure you…" She smirked.

I rolled my eyes, "I swear if anyone knew how many times Miss Saint Clare has charmed me into bed with her they may have a heart attack."

She bit her bottom lip to hold in a giggle. She stepped over to me and pressed a kiss to my neck, "Well Mr. Elijah, like I said….no," kiss "Pressure."

I groaned, "You little minx"

And I tackled her onto the bed.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Kyla's POV:

"Dad called, he changed our flight so we have a few more hours here." I told Dylan as I walked back over to our bed.

"Hmm wonder what caused the change of plans?" He mumbled.

I shrugged, "Clare wanted to see one last thing I guess, so what shall we do with our spare time?" I asked him as he flipped through TV channels.

"I don't know, we could go to the beach?" He shrugs.

I shake my head, "We could hang out here?"

Dylan smiles and leans down to kiss me, "Sounds great."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Clare's POV:

"That was amazing." I smiled as we lay on the beach.

Eli and I just had some amazing beach sex. Lucky for us we found a little spot where no one was around. Eli chuckled and wrapped his arms around me, "You my dear are amazing."

I smiled and kissed his bare shoulder, "How is it that we have been together for years and we never get tired of this?"

Eli kissed both my flaming cheeks, "Because you're addictive, and I'm sexy."

I giggled and shoved his face in the sand, "Hey! Don't hate the truth Clare." He smirked.

I leaned over and wiped the sand off of his eye brow, "I love you Clare." He smiled.

I smiled back at him, "I love you too Eli."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Dylan's POV:

"So are you all packed up and ready to go?" I asked Kyla as I threw my sun block in my bag.

She nodded as she threw her swim suit in it, "Yeah, let's go, Clare wants us to be downstairs in five."

I nod and grab our bags, "Let's go love."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Eli's POV:

"Clare sweetie, are you okay?" She was puking in the bathroom.

I heard the toilet flush. She opened the door, "Yeah, yeah I'm fine."

"Will you be okay on the plane?" I asked.

"Of course, let's go." She grabbed my hand and I leaned in to kiss her, but she pushed me off, "No, no not now."

She pecked my cheek and I did my best to smile at her.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Clare's POV:

In the airport I picked up a pregnancy test. Eli and I haven't used birth control or condoms since our little son was born. I had been puking at night for the past week, but I didn't want to tell Eli yet.

"Ready to go home?" Eli asked as I stashed the test in my purse, "What did you buy?"

"N-nothing, just some gum." I said as we walked to go get our bags.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

"I love you!" Kyla kissed Dylan before running back to the car.

"So how was your trip honey?" I asked her.

She smiled, "It was really great, thanks so much for letting him come."

Eli smiled, "You're welcome, well home sweet home."

Kyla got out and ran to call Dylan. Oh young love. I wanted to go take my pregnancy test, so I looked at Eli, "Hey would you mine picking us up burgers at the Dot?"

He smiled and kissed me, "I would love to."

I got out and Eli waved while driving away. I wondered what he would have to saw about me being pregnant.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Eli's POV:

I got the food as fast as I possibly could before getting home, I was exhausted and I wanted nothing more than to get home and kiss my little baby and curl up with my wife.

When I got home I didn't see Clare anywhere, I went up to Kyla's room, "Hey honey have you seen Clare?"

"Dad I'm on the phone!" She was irritated.

I rolled my eyes, "Tell Dylan I said hi!"

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Clare's POV:

"Eli!" I called from the bathroom.

He opened the door, "Hey are you okay?"

I nodded, "I'm…well Eli, I'm pregnant."

His mouth flew open and I handed him the test. He smiled, "That's um…unexpected?"

I smiled, "But?"

He dropped the test and wrapped his arms around me to kiss my lips, "Unexpected, but….perfect!"

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