OK so I read a book on this an had an Idea, I looked up GHB and the side affects are pretty close, also were learning about drugs in Life skills, so it just came to mind. Its rated teen to be safe I guess. I might delete this I'm not sure. Review if you think I should or shouldn't or if I should even continue it? Also Clare is like 18? Eli is 19, and they share an apartment.

Eli held me tight in his arms. He held my hair back as I violently threw up all day, put a warm washcloth on my head and rubbed my back when I cried. Some Idiot slipped GHB in my drink, in other words the 'date rape' drug. It wasn't even an alcoholic drink, just ginger ale. All they wanted was to see the saint Clare to act 'rebellious' except it was against her own will. But what they didn't know was I would end up in sicker than a dog.

I took one sip, and then completely lost it. Eli took me home, I threw up for 3 hours and he held me every second of it. It looked like I was high, but of course I would never touch drugs. I was too sick to go to the emergency room, so they actually had to send a home- nurse over to give me medication so the dose of the drug wouldn't kill me. I was dizzy, fading in and out of sleep, I could barley talk straight and my temperature had dropped to 90 degrees. The side effects lasted for five hours, and then I completely passed out around one am and woke up around 6 pm.

"How are you feeling?" Eli asked sitting down on the edge of the bed, pulling the comforter over me.

"I feel absolutely, terrifically, horrid." I said clenching my stomach. The affects still lingered, causing nausea, and severe headaches.

"I want to kill that bastard who did this to you, Clare- I-"I cut him off, he was beating himself up for something he had not control over.

"How about you cuddle with me to make me feel a little better?" I asked, I needed him with me right now, I felt sick, abused, and depressed.

"Sure thing." He smirked and climbed under the covers snuggling me closer to him.

"Clare, I love you so much, whoever did this to you-"Those are about the only words I have heard for the last few hours, I put my finger over his mouth to shush him.

"Attempt at murder later, me now." I smiled as he nuzzled his nose into my neck. He smelled so good I just wanted to stay here and have him hold me forever, tell me everything will be ok, nothing can break me down. Not even my biggest fear. Eli and I dozed off in each other's arms, it seemed no different from any other night, but this time it felt so right, like I belonged here, with him and nobody else.

I woke up around nine with the urge to puke my guts out again. Eli carried my bridal-style to the bathroom and rubbed my back the whole time. God I don't think I could love him anymore. When I was done I sat up against the bathtub, Eli kept rubbing my back.

"I hate life so much right now." I said rubbing my forehead.

He pulled me closer to him and pushed the hair out of my eyes.

"I don't blame you." He said like he was really upset. I rested my head on his shoulder. Eli eventually carried me back and laid me down on the bed.

"Don't go anywhere." He said as he kissed my forehead and went out of our room. I leaned against the headboard and pulled the covers back over me. I have no idea who would want me to feel so much pain; I never really hurt anybody, not on purpose at least.

Eli came back with a glass of water in his hand. "Drink slowly okay?" He put the glass on our nightstand and sat on the bed positioning him right next to me. I took a few sips of the water and placed it back down. I could feel the depression part starting to hit me. I let a few tears spill over my cheeks; Eli wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He brushed away the tears, and kissed my cheek.

"Just remember whoever did this to you is dead." He said before grabbing the remote off of the tray on the bed. I silently laughed and he flicked the TV on that was mounted on the wall in front of our bed. George Lopez came on, I absolutely loved this show.

"How did you-"I asked turning towards him.

"I have my ways, I have my ways." He smirked and turned up the volume. I had the perfect boyfriend, and if my own words stay strong, who needs anything but love, and of course comedy TV.

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