Important Information

Well this is a story about 2 petty criminals,their friends, enimies, and loved ones can all risk getting them they make it through their lives without getting cought?Or come to a tragic end? Find out right here the way this will be taken from David's point of view so yeah….

Tales Of The Terrible 2

I finished making my lock pick set and tested it on the key lock and padlock. My skill werent the best but they managed to break both locks. I grinned my mischevious grin. I presumed to hide everything in my stash box where I keep my thieve tool/steals."DAVID ITS TIME FOR YOUR BROTHERS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT!" my mom yelled "COMING" I yelled back. I hid my box and ran down stairs to the car.

Right before the tourney started Devin (my fellow thief) asked my mom if we could go mess around in the school, she said yes. We walked down the highschool corridors being bored until we found an exit door and saw the playground. We messed around on the playground as much as a 13 and 14 year old can and then tried to get inside, it was lcoked from the inside.

We walked around the school to the elementary area and went into the main entrance. I saw employs and whispered "duck!".We crawled across the hallway until we reached a side corridor. It leaded into a wide space called the commons. On the other side their was a door to the 5th grade hallway.

We ran down their and we found the end off the hallway. We started moving stuff from peoples lockers into others. We found some sneakers and I threw them down the hallway. I leaned against a doorhandle and -CrEaK- the door looked through.

Inside thet heyre was two rooms:Usb Drives, CD players, Secret Santa money (about 100 dollars in it), a 20 sided die, and a speaker with headphones and a took 2 usb drives 2 Cd players All the money, the dice and the the speaker. We then vandalised the room and ran the moment we got out of the room. Exit door next to the room made for a perfect exit. When we got out we ran the the baseball doug out and split the money. Th rest we took what we grabbed. When the tourney was over me and devin and my brother went back to my house, only me and Devin knew what happened.