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15: Social Change 495 — How to Create a Happy Family Unit

"Gem, will you leave Cali alone before she leads you into a dark corner of the house and leaves you there?" Bonnie said to the toddler, who giggling like mad. Bonnie was trying to work in the living room, but the noise might drive her to her rarely used home office.

"Cali's bothering me, Momma!" the two-year-old replied as she tried to escape the cat on still somewhat shaky legs.

"She wouldn't be bothering you if you would just leave her to sleep," Shego pointed out from her space in the kitchen. She was making dinner, even though her wives had tried to protest. She had only just released from the hospital a couple of days ago, but she felt like she needed something to do.

"Stop all this running before you wake up your sister," Bonnie scolded Gemma, who did not seem to be listening, which was a habit her mothers were intent on breaking her of.

Gemma bolted right by her newborn baby sister, Regina Ann Possible-Go. The newborn had dark green eyes and was rather pale now. They wondered if she would gain color as she got older, as Gemma had, or if she would take after the mother who bore her. Curls of brown hair wrapped around the side of her head, but she was oddly bald up top. Her mothers found it endearing.

Regina was in a dead sleep tucked in close to Kim, who appeared to be on her way to dreamland also after spending the day chasing after Gemma. Regina was the opposite of Gemma in a way. Where Gemma had come almost a month early, Regina had stayed put for almost two weeks past her due date. Shego had to have a C-section, which did not bother her since she healed quickly.

"Gemma!" Bonnie barked as the little girl climbed on the sofa with Cali hot on her heels.

None of the mothers were surprised when Gemma flung herself up on the back of the couch and probably planned to scale down. Instead, she plummeted over the side and Bonnie gasped. The toddler hit the floor with a thud.

"Precious!" Bonnie cried, ready to run to their child. If Kim or Shego had witnessed this, they would not even batted an eye, but Bonnie still could not get used to the reckless behavior.

Gemma got up like nothing happened and took off like a shot, only to get tackled by Cali. The feline loomed over Gemma as a show of dominance. Gemma never seemed to get it and just started petting Cali in the gentle manner that her mothers had taught her. Cali purred in spite of herself and then shook her head, pulling away from the toddler. Gemma giggled as she pulled herself up and followed Cali, who was walking away.

The cat went and made herself comfortable under Bonnie's legs for all of five seconds before Gemma was at her again. Cali batted at Gemma's hands and the child laughed as she batted back. Cali knew this game would annoy Bonnie, so she picked up and moved. Gemma followed and they went back to gently slapping at each other. The simple game quickly transformed into them grappling with each other.

"Why is Gemma Kim?" Shego wondered aloud for what had to be the millionth time followed by a loud groan.

"Stop trying to blame me. You were the one trying to fly at the age of three," Kim pointed out.

"I had Hadrian egging me on. This one is all alone like you, bugging out by herself," Shego countered.

"She has Cali," Kim argued.

"She's the one who gets Cali started," Bonnie felt the need to point out.

Gemma was not really by herself with Cali around, but she typically got Cali hyped up because Cali understood that Gemma was too small to do anything really, like play games or really wrestle around with. Of course, Gemma did not seem to think that she was too small to do anything and especially liked to climb things. They already knew Gemma had a lot of hospital runs in her future. They hoped she had Shego's healing ability along with her hair color.

Gemma wrestled around with Cali for a while before the cat actually tired out. The toddler padded over to Kim to stare at her baby sister for a moment. She reached out and touched Regina's tiny fingers.

"She's so small," Gemma giggled. "That's how she fit in Mommy's tummy, right?"

Kim smiled. "Yup, and that's how you fit in Momma's tummy."

Gemma nodded. "Mom, your tummy is too small for someone to fit in." She then moved to poke Kim in the stomach.

"Your mom's stomach would grow, like mine and Mommy's did," Bonnie assured the child with a small smile. Times like now made Bonnie forget that Gemma was more than likely going to have her go prematurely grey.

"How did Gina get into Mommy's tummy anyway? Did they cut Mommy open and put her in?" the toddler asked.

"Something like that," Shego replied.

"Did it hurt when they cut you to put her in? It hurt when they cut her out, right? Because the hospital didn't give you back," Gemma reasoned.

Her mothers laughed at her assessment of the situation and Gemma moved onto her next misadventure. She seemed to contemplate going in the kitchen, but there were very plain and clear rules that she was not allowed in there without permission. The second she disappeared from sight, Bonnie called her back, even though Cali moved to follow her. Of course, before she returned, they all heard something crash and Cali screeched. Gemma returned with a giggle in her throat and Cali dragged her feet back into the living area.

"That's it. Gemma, you sit your little tail down and practice your ABCs," Shego barked.

"Sit with me," Bonnie said, patting the clean area of the couch.

Gemma pouted, but did as ordered. Bonnie handed the little girl an old-fashioned book for her to trace the letters of the alphabet. Gemma was not very coordinated with a pencil, but all of her mothers believed that practice made perfect. Besides, it kept her from bouncing around the house.


"Gemma, sit your little tail down and eat your breakfast!" Shego ordered as the family tried to gather at the table in the morning.

"And put your uniform jacket on!" Bonnie added as she came out with the now six-year-old's tan-colored jacket.

Gemma was busy trying to climb a bookshelf until Kim nonchalantly plucked her down. She wiggled and squealed, but there was no escaping her mom. Kim calmly planted the rambunctious child in a chair next to four-year-old Regina, who was sitting in a booster seat. Regina paused from eating her oatmeal to laugh.

"Mom carried you like the baby," Regina pointed out.

"I'm not a baby!" Gemma declared.

"But, Mom carried you like one."

"Shut it, please and thank you," Gemma growled. Regina laughed more as Bonnie came around and put Gemma's uniform jacket on her. "Momma! I'm trying to eat!" Gemma complained.

"Yes, well, I need you ready for school by the time I have to leave for work. You know the routine and yet every day you try to make us late. Now, come on," Bonnie gently urged.

Gemma pouted a bit, feeling thoroughly reprimanded apparently. Bonnie leaned down and kissed Gemma's cheek, chasing away the sorrowful expression. But, it fled to Regina's face.

"Oh, why is the darling queen making that face?" Bonnie asked, even though she knew.

"I wan' a kiss," Regina declared.

Bonnie laughed, but gave in instantly. She hoped they always felt like that, wanting a kiss from their Momma. She also hoped the way Regina's face lit up always happened when she gave them kisses.

While those two ate their breakfast, Shego brought out "the baby." Kim had given birth to their youngest and final daughter, Kendra Victoria Possible-Go, a little over a year ago at the urging of her wives. Suddenly after Regina, both Bonnie and Shego decided they wanted at least three daughters. Kim took her turn, but let them know that Kendra was it for her as far as pregnancy went. Pregnancy had not agreed with the overactive, hyperactive hero. After Kendra was born, no one said anything about more children, but it was early yet.

Kendra had been their biggest baby and Kim had been in labor for three days, which added to why she would never do it again. Like her sisters, Kendra had been born very pale, but she did not seem to be getting darker like her sisters had. Green eyes looked on the world with wonder and curiosity with dark locks that seemed brown and black — they were not sure which color — sometimes blocked her view of the world.

"Oh, Mommy, is Grandma or Nana coming today?" Regina asked curiously after finishing her food. Kim picked up the bowl and a plate that held her toast crumbs.

"Both probably. You know how they are," Shego replied.

"I wanna go with Grandma and Nana," Gemma said with a pout.

"They'll come get you from school, like they always do," Kim assured the child.

"Then we go to the park!" Gemma cheered, pumping her fist high in the air.

Her mothers smiled, even though Gemma in a park was all of their worst nightmares. She was the child that wandered off, approached unfamiliar dogs, and attempted daredevil stunts from playground equipment. Her Mommy and Momma continued to swear that she was Kim, but she did not understand what they meant. Of course, she would not mind being her Mom.

Regina was not as bad with the daredevil stunts, but wandered, too. But, Regina at least heard her name being called and returned when beckoned. Regina was also the child who chucked rocks at things, usually beehives. She charged ducks and geese, just to see what they would do, every now and then. Typically, though, they could count on her to just play in the park.

The trio worked to get Gemma ready for school, making sure she had everything that she needed and making sure she did not have unnecessary items, like rope or grappling hooks. Bonnie hustled their oldest child out the door as soon as possible. Shego and Kim then had to get the other girls ready.

"Princess, where's the baby bag?" Shego asked from inside Kendra's bedroom.

"By the sofa. Regina has it," Kim replied from in the living room.

By the time Shego came out, the front door opened and the Moms entered. Regina charged them, hugging them both around the leg. Kim stepped over with Kendra, who cheered as soon as she saw them.

"Baby!" Isabel cooed, but Ann grabbed Kendra before the martial artist. Isabel's shoulders fell.

"We'll have them back by four as always," Ann said as she coddled the baby to her.

The girls' mothers nodded and said their goodbyes. The grandparents typically watched the girls during the day so Bonnie, Kim, and Shego could get some work done. They all met back up for lunch, except Gemma because she had school. At least one grandparent picked Gemma up from school, usually James because his job was close to her school. James would share a snack with Gemma, just so they had "a thing" together, which her parents were happy about. The girls then played in a park or somewhere else with their cousins until four when they would be returned to their mothers. Gemma and Regina then attended Kim's last class of the day. After that, homework was done and dinner was eaten. The girls were in bed by eight, only to wake up and do it all again the next day.


"Thank God we didn't have anymore kids. These two alone will be the death of us," Shego muttered as she and her wives sat outside of the principal's office at their daughters' private school. Bonnie had refused to let their daughters go to public school, even though they had all gone to public school. She wanted their daughters to have better everything than what she had, which they did not argue with because they could agree with that way of thinking. They were just going to do their best not to spoil their girls.

"Why do I feel like I'm waiting to get in trouble?" Kim wondered aloud, staring down at her feet for a moment.

"Because this is our third time here in a month and you have to assume the woman is questioning our parenting skills by now," Bonnie answered.

"I'm starting to question our so-called parenting skills," Shego joked.

Before the other two could say anything, they were called into the office. They shook hands with the principal, who they were very familiar with, which was sometimes a good thing and sometimes not so much. She was aware of their circumstances, which was one of the reasons Bonnie had insisted their daughters be enrolled in the private school. There were a number of gay parents and staff. Of course, they were the only trio, but it was not a big deal. They had let the principal know they were all married after Gemma made it clear they would be up at the school often, typically because she injured herself.

"Tell me that Gem didn't get into the pool again," Shego sighed as they sat down. They still could not figure out how she bypassed several locks and gates and, of course, she was not telling.

"No, thankfully not. I figure it would be best if you heard it from them first," the principal replied.

The girls were sitting quietly in the corner. When the principal motioned to them, Gemma and Regina approached. At ten and eight respectively, the sisters were different in coloring, but similar in the sense that it was easy to tell that they were sisters. They were both wearing the school uniform, but Gemma's was wrinkled, probably from climbing on things.

"What happened? And one at a time," Bonnie said to the girls.

The sisters looked at each other, trying to silently decide who would explain. They then both opened their mouths, but stopped when they noticed the other was going to talk. They glared at each other, as if trying to will the other to not speak. It was becoming increasingly obvious that having the genes of three dominant women coursing through their veins made it impossible for the girls to defer to each other.

"I'm older, I should go," Gemma argued. This particular argument never worked, but it was always her opening shot.

"I punched the kid, I should go," Regina countered, hitting her chest with her palm.

"But, I punched his friend and I started it because I told him to stop bothering that little kid."

"So!" That was Regina's comeback whenever her sister got the better of her. The thing that struck their parents as funny was that Shego insisted they have the girls close in age so they could be friends.

"So, people were punched… again," Shego sighed, shaking her head.

Bonnie rubbed between her eyes. "Go and Possible genes," she muttered.

"Are the little boys all right?" Kim asked, looking away from their daughters back to the principal.

"Yes, the boys are fine. Thankfully your daughters are showing some restraint, but they still fail to grasp the concept of telling an adult when they witness an injustice," the principal answered.

"What happened?" Bonnie asked once more.

Gemma curled her lip. "Brent was picking on a little kid and I told him to stop. He pushed the little kid away and made the little kid fall."

"And then he pushed Gem. He can't just push my sister!" Regina declared, puffing out her chest. It was hard to believe she was the quiet one.

"We're giving them a week detention," the principal said plainly.

"Fair enough," Bonnie agreed, which meant her wives agreed. Early on when it was clear that they would be having these problems with the girls, there were times that Kim or Shego would defend the girls, but Bonnie wanted their daughters to understand that they had to follow the rules and if they did not, there would be consequences.

"But, we were heroes! We stopped the bad guys, just like you!" Gemma objected with wild arm movements. Regina nodded in total agreement.

"We told you that you can only stop bad guys when you have permission, just like us," Kim reminded them.

"Did anyone give you permission?" Shego asked with a stern expression.

Both girls pouted. "No, ma'am."

"Then you shouldn't be stopping bad guys," Kim stated.

The girls deflated noticeably. They were going to have detention for the week and there would be some privileges taken away at home. Their mothers shook the principal's hand again before departing. Before exiting the office completely, Gemma turned to the principal.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell a teacher. I just wanted to save him," the girl explained with a pout. It was hard to not outright forgive her just from her expression, but her mothers had years of practice with dealing with pathetic pouts.

"I know. It's a noble quality you both have, but you have to do so within the rules," the principal replied.

"We know, but sometimes it's easier and stuff gets done right away when you do it yourself," Regina chimed in.

The principal laughed. "A teacher can be just as effective. Give them a chance. Besides, heroes have to do the hard things, not the things that are easier." The sisters nodded; that made sense to them. Their mothers smiled.


Family time was usually bustling with noise and activity, but not that night. No, it was an oddly quiet affair, mostly because Gemma and Regina could only sit or the couch, even when their homework was done. Kendra wrestled with Cali, who was extremely careful with the child, even though she was in her cat form. After a while, Kendra gave up and crawled onto the couch with her sisters.

"Kenny, leave your sisters alone. They're on timeout," Bonnie cooed to the baby of the bunch.

"But…" Kendra sighed and slid off the sofa.

She went over to Shego, who was sketching. Shego had begun drawing a lot more since the birth of Gemma because she wanted to pass the talent and interest onto her children. So far, only Kendra seemed completely taken with the idea.

"Mommy, where's my book?" the six-year-old inquired, leaning against Shego and eyeing her work with delighted emerald eyes. She was almost as pale as Shego, but not quite there.

Shego handed Kendra her sketchpad and the little girl quietly drew with her mother. Shego brushed the girl's dark brown locks out of her face, earning a giggle from her. Kim had been a little sad that none of the girls had inherited her hair color. They all wore their hair long, but from the look of Kendra's bangs, it was about to be time for haircuts.

"You look like a shaggy dog," Shego teased the baby.

"My hair is like Momma's," Kendra remarked with a chuckle.

Bonnie tried to look up and glare, but her bangs blocked her eyes. Shego and Kendra laughed together. Bonnie huffed, blowing her hair out of her eyes.

"I'll schedule us for hair appointments by the end of the week," the lawyer promised.

"Yeah, we gonna do beauty day!" Kendra cheered.

The other two girls sighed, even though they wanted to cheer, too. They loved "beauty day" when they spent all day with their moms, getting their hair done, having manicures and pedicures, buying new clothes, and stuff like that, but they were not allowed to make noise while they were sitting perfectly still on the couch. Timeout was a fate worse than death.

"Momma, can we apologize and then move, please?" Gemma requested.

"What are you apologizing for now?" Bonnie asked. She was seated on the floor, going over documents for work.

Gemma was quiet and rubbed her forehead. She could be very introspective when she finally took a moment to slow down. They suspected it was a quality she inherited from Bonnie.

"We just want to be heroes, like you guys. Mom and Mommy go after the bad guys and catch them—" Gemma's explanation was cut off by the middle child.

"With kung-fu and then you put them in jail for being bad. We could do that, too, but school doesn't have jail. Only detention. And why do we have detention? Are we going to go to jail when we get big?" Regina asked.

"Yup, that's why you got the timeout!" Kendra proclaimed with a chuckle.

"Stop it," Kim scolded the baby, giving her tiny foot a little tug. "None of you are going to jail. You're on timeout and have detention because you broke the rules. You're learning the importance of following the rules now, so you don't break the rules when you get big and you don't go to jail."

Gemma and Regina nodded. It made sense to them, so that helped explain why from that moment onward their mothers rarely got called to school for something beyond one of the girls getting hurt. They still stood up for people, but they did their best to avoid a fight.


Shego paced the waiting area outside of the principal's office. Her wives tried to calm her down, but she was in no mood to be quelled. Not when Gemma's knuckles were bruised and some Congressman's snot-nosed sons were sporting charred eyebrows. It was not a good day to find out that Gemma had inherited Shego's powers; well, not for the little boys who had outraged her anyway.

"I'm sorry, Momma. Am I gonna go to jail?" Gemma asked in a tearful tone from her seat in between Bonnie and Kim.

"No, of course not, baby. We would never let our precious gem go to jail," Bonnie answered, kissing her forehead.

"What about me?" Regina inquired, tucked under Kim's arm.

"Like your Mommy always tells you, you're the queen, so we can't let them put the queen in jail," Kim replied. Regina had "sparked" a bit during the whole confrontation, but had not shown full-blown plasma like her sister.

"I'll go to jail, but we did the right thing," Kendra declared from next to Bonnie. It had been an extra special morning to find that their daughters had banded together to get sent to the principal.

The door opened and the Possible-Go family was called in. The troublemakers, as far as the family was concerned, were sitting at the principal's desk, occupying all four chairs. The ladies were left to stand, which did not bother them.

"I'm sorry you're all back here under such stressful conditions," the principal said. It had been almost a complete year since the family had to come in for the girls fighting. Of course, they had been there for several of Gemma's other stunts, like when she cracked her forehead open after falling off of the banister in the stairwell. She had been sliding down it before losing her balance.

"What happened?" Shego demanded because they had already gotten the girls' side of things.

"What happened is that your daughter behaved like a wild animal and attacked my son!" the Congressman bellowed, climbing to his feet to loom over all of them.

Shego opened her mouth, presumably to literally bite his head off. Bonnie stepped forward, glaring at the man. She proudly held Gemma in front of her.

"First off, our daughters have names and you would do well to use them. Second off, none of our daughters would have touched your sons if they did not undoubtedly pick up hateful language from your household," Bonnie declared.

"What!" He was turning red in the face.

"What, indeed. Did your sons in fact tell our youngest, Kendra, that she was a faggot and her mommy was a dyke with her older sisters within earshot?" Bonnie asked, knowing the answer.

"I didn't say that! They're lying!" the oldest boy shouted.

"Our daughters don't lie. They have a lot of bad habits, but lying is not one of them," Kim stated.

"They are!" the youngest boy now spoke up. "I just asked her a question and she threw her lunchbox at me before the other two came over!" The bandages on his nose and the rings around his eyes suggested he spoke the truth about the lunchbox.

"I demand something be done about these dangerous brats! One of them had fire!" the Congressman huffed.

"Dangerous? All right, sir, I'm going to have to ask you to politely—" Kim started, but her wife jumped in before she could finish.

"Shut the fuck up!" Shego ordered.

"Please and thank you," Kim ended quite courteously.

"Excuse me? Do you know who I am?" he roared.

"A snotty, uptight politician that's going to be out of a job once I start telling people about your homophobia and your terrible attitude toward little girls that defend themselves unless you calm down because unlike you we're well known and liked around the world, not just the country or your little district," Kim declared with a glare.

He scoffed. "I will not—!" He yelped and shut up immediately as Shego ignited her hands.

"How about a little fire then, Scarecrow?" she remarked.

He sputtered, but could not get out a complete sentence. As he dropped to his seat, his boys huddled behind him. His wife appeared to be in shock, staring with wide eyes at Shego's display of power.

Shego smirked. "I always wanted to say that. But, now maybe we can get a word in. Our little girls don't lie and they don't fight without reason. Your boys said very hateful things toward our daughters. Added to it, you have said awful things to us. Now, this is going to go very simply, your little monsters will stay away from our girls forever and eternity or Kim Possible is going to totally ruin all chances you have at any political career. In fact, she'll ruin any chance you have at any career ever again."

"Kim Possible," the Congressman gasped and stared at the redhead. "International hero and philanthropist?" It was a little amazing that he did not recognize her in the first place, but he was clearly so self-centered, he always assumed he was the most important person in the room.

"And after I've said my peace, Shego will have that much more to add," Kim said, motioning to the former thief.

"Shego?" His eyes looked ready to fall out of his skull because over the years Shego had made a name for herself in charity work, as well as occasionally helping Kim and Ron save the world.

"And if that's not enough, we can have the family attorney, Bonnie Possible-Go, make a case out of it," Shego added. Again, he sputtered, because the years had been very kind to their hard-working spouse, who had changed her focus in law by basically becoming a civil rights lawyer, especially in the gay community. She had put more than a few bigoted politicians and communities in their place advocating for equal rights.

"Okay, wait," he wheezed.

"The reason our daughters go here is because it's a safe haven. They can focus on their education rather than deal with stuff like this. So, I think an apology is in order and then your sons need to stay away from Gemma, Regina, and Kendra for the rest of their time here. Agreed?" Bonnie reasoned.

"But, they started it!" the boys insisted. "And played with fire!"

"It wasn't fire, idiot. Gemma didn't even know she could do it," Regina stated.

"Listen," the congressman said with a shaky voice. "I think you boys need to apologize to the girls and you should know better than to hit girls anyway."

The boys looked aghast, but a glare from their father got apologizes clawed out of their mouths. The family left that, the congressman mumbling something about a prior engagement. The Possible-Go family glared at them all the way out.

"I'm sorry about that," the principal said.

"It wasn't your fault," Kim replied.

"Still, one of the reasons many people trust us with their children is because of our reputation for tolerance. This kind on thing should not happen here. I've already it clear that another bigoted remark from the boys will lead to expulsion. So, Gemma, Regina, Kendra, if something like this happens again, you should use your words, all right?" the principal asked.

"We know," the girls all groaned.

"I'm sorry for burning them. I didn't know I could do that," Gemma stated. She looked at the principal and then up at her mothers. She needed them to believe she had not singed the kid on purpose, even though he probably deserved it.

Shego reached down and caressed the top of Gemma's head to assure her they believed her. "We'll work on it, so you don't have to worry about you hurting yourself… more than usual or anyone else," she promised, both her daughter and the principal.

The principal nodded. "Honestly, I thought they all did that since you're their mother."

Shego chuckled, but they had never considered it because the girls never showed signs of it when they were babies. But, the mothers supposed that the powers could be dormant until a certain time. They supposed it was time for the girls to have a doctor visit as soon as they left.

"So… are we not in trouble?" Kendra asked, always looking for clarification before she could move onto the next thing.

"Not this time. You shouldn't have to put up with such things at school," the principal replied. "But, no more fighting from you three."

"Yes, ma'am," the girls said with strong nods.

The family left after that. The mothers quickly called Ann as well as Shego's doctor cousin to set up appointments for the girls. As it turned out, they all did seem to carry the markers for Shego's powers, but only Gemma had it activated. Making the mothers almost faint, the doctors theorized it might be connected to puberty. Next, Gemma would be liking boys!


Family gatherings at the Possible-Go home were always epic affairs, but the most recent one was even more so after everyone heard about what the girls went through. Now, everyone needed to make sure the girls were all right. With the size of the two families, Shego, Kim, and Bonnie had to expand once again instead of hosting parties on the roof anymore.

Basically, they turned the area behind their building into a park. It had been a parking lot, but with a lot of work, it became a huge backyard. There was a large fence around it, but most of the time they left the area open to the public as long as the public kept it clean. For the most part, their neighbors appreciated it and minded their trash. The fence was closed, though, when they had private family time.

The grill was fired up and the rather large family began mingling. The girls darted off with their cousins, which there were plenty of, mostly boys oddly enough. Ron and Yori had two sons; she was currently carrying a daughter. Hego had a wife and son, as did both Wegos. Mego had adopted a little girl. Jim had a son and daughter with his wife. Wade had a wife and son. Monique was married and carrying a little girl. Johnnie and Brick had gotten married and got their dog, who bothered Cali in whatever form she took. Tim was the only one without a kid and seemed to have no intention of marrying his girlfriend of nearly eight years; he did seem to be reconsidering the child thing, though.

"Hey, Grandpa, Poppa, look what I can do!" Gemma shouted, running over to show her grandfathers her powers. They were working the large grill. It was always a fifty-fifty chance things would turn into a light show when they worked the grill.

"Hey, why does Gemma have powers, but not me?" Lucius, Hego's son, demanded. He was only seven, but his grandparents feared he might mimic his father by forcing a rivalry with his older cousins, Gemma and Regina, who did not even seem to notice.

"Do they all have powers?" Tim wondered aloud and he picked up Kendra by her foot, holding her upside down. "Flare for me, Kenny."

Kendra giggled. "Put me down, Uncle Tim. I don't flare! I draw!"

"You do draw very well," he agreed as he put her down.

Kendra ran off, going to get her sketchpad to show her grandmothers everything that she drew. She trotted past Regina, who was tucked under Bonnie's arm and reading quietly. Until Ron and Yori's sons stole her book, anyway. She took after them and there was an "epic" ninja battle.

Laughter filled the air, along with love and happiness.


The end

Well, everyone, this is the end of this crazy ride. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm going back to my usual padded cell. Hopefully, I will "see" you all again soon.