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7: Physiology 101 — How to Mend and Break Limbs

"So, what do you have planned for today, Princess?" Shego asked curiously. The trio was having breakfast in the dining room, which they were trying to work their way back to doing. Kim could finally sit up on her own without them having to worry about her being in pain or falling out of her chair.

Joss was still with them, but coming up to her last days at the lush apartment. Kim was getting better and would be starting her "serious physical therapy," as they all referred to it. Joss had university classes she needed and wanted in the fall semester, so she had to go back to school.

"Yori and Ron want help planning their wedding, so they're going to come keep me company for a while and I'll help them figure some things out. I think Mo's in town again, so she might stop by," Kim replied with a smile.

"Are they paying you to act as wedding coordinator?" Shego teased.

"I'm only helping. They'll be doing most of the planning," Kim answered, childishly sticking her tongue out at Shego.

Somehow, Shego refrained in making a sexual comment, mindful of the fact that Kim had not had sex since the incident. Of course, that also meant Shego and Bonnie had not had sex with Kim for months. The thought made Shego groan and she shook the whole thing away, getting back to the matter at hand.

"Don't give them a bunch of good ideas. We'll need some for our wedding," Shego remarked.

The whole place went quiet, except for the clank of silverware onto the plates. All eyes went to the former thief. Shego had a ton of practice in pretending what she said was normal, so she continued on eating.

Bonnie and Kim decided to let Shego have that one instead of making a fuss. They were possibly one step closer to having a wedding. They shared a glance and a quick smile before moving on.

"Bonnie, how's work going?" Kim asked. Bonnie had not complained about work for a while, so Kim hoped that was a good thing.

"Work's going great now that I don't have to worry about Heather bothering me or Lyle harassing me. Speaking of Heather, is your cousin still seeing her, Shego?" Bonnie inquired.

"Yup. Francesca's totally smitten. So, that monkey should remain off your back," Shego replied with a smile. That response got smiles out of both of her girls.

"I hope Heather's sincere about her feelings with your cousin," Kim said.

Shego shrugged. "If not, Francesca will make her regret it. She's generally laid-back until someone crosses her. So, for Heather's sake, she better be genuine or she'll be sorry." Kim and Bonnie shrugged, too. It sounded like Francesca could handle herself.

They finished up their breakfast with Joss clearing the table. Cali helped the college student, which earned her odd looks from her humans. They had a feeling Cali was going to be heartbroken when Joss left, even if she was just being helpful because of Kim's condition. The feline had never cleaned up after herself, let alone others, until Kim was injured and then Joss showed up, making her do it even more so.

"How long are Ron and Yori going to be here?" Bonnie asked curiously as she grabbed her jacket and briefcase.

"I don't know. Probably until noon. I know Yori's going to her afternoon classes," Kim answered.

"Is your physical therapist coming today?" Bonnie knew she was, but felt complied to ask to be sure.

"Yup. She should be here around one," the redhead replied.

"All right."

Bonnie kissed Kim farewell and turned to give Shego the same. Shego then kissed Kim and the working pair left. Kim sighed; she missed working. She missed her "creepy" students and their "Kim-esque" devotion. She managed to push the emotions down as Cali came over, still in her humanoid form.

"Want me to carry you to the nest?" the feline asked.

Kim chuckled over the fact that they even had Cali calling it a nest. "Yes, thank you." She wished she could walk, but her legs were much too weak for that. She hoped the physical therapy got her back into being Kim Possible.

Cali grinned, always happy to be of service. She carefully gathered her redheaded human in her arms, just as Shego had shown her how, and carried the hero to her resting place in the living room. Kim reached up petted Cali as thanks, which got merry purrs from the cat-girl.

"Joss is gonna give me salmon for being so good," Cali reported with a smile.

"You deserve it. You've been good for a long time," Kim replied and Cali visibly preened.

Cali changed back into her cat form. There were safe places for her to cuddle into Kim now, but she knew she still had to make sure most of her body weight was not on Kim. While she would prefer to drop herself on Kim as she used to, she was fine with just being able to feel Kim's body heat. Plus, the hero caressed her whenever she was close and that was always enough for Cali.

They lounged quietly with Joss joining them a little later. Joss turned the television on and they watched a science show that the college student enjoyed. It put Cali right to sleep. Kim was interested and she talked about it with Joss until Ron and Yori arrived.

"Hey, Kim's parked in the living room like always," Joss told the couple, planning to make herself scarce while the friends worked.

"Uh… thanks, Joss," Ron said hesitantly, a small wince on his face. He was always nervous around her and she only recently figured out why.

She laughed. "Don't worry. I got over you a long time ago."

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, let me introduce you to my fiancée. Joss, meet Yori. Yori, this is Kim's cousin." He motioned to both of them.

"Pleased to meet you," Joss said, offering her hand to the ninja.

Yori was halfway into a bow when she recalled where she was, so she shook Joss' hand and then bowed. "It is my honor to meet you. Thank you for having me in your home."

Joss smiled. "Well, it's not really my home, but Kim is waiting for y'all. I wish ya luck in the planning."

Ron and Yori nodded and marched into the living room. Joss went to get her laptop to keep busy and sat in the office area while the group spoke about the upcoming wedding. Monique showed up a little while later and they continued on. The wedding talk affected Joss in a funny way. She entertained the thought of Kim and her girlfriends getting married.

Of course, it would not be legal, but she heard them arguing enough to know that did not matter much anymore. She wondered if they would all wear dresses, if Shego would wear black and green, and if Kane and her uncle James would walk their daughters down the aisle. If that were the case, would Bonnie have to wait at the altar like a groom? She doubted Bonnie would do that. She doubted Shego and Kim would let Bonnie do that.

She could only wonder how the trio would set up their wedding. But, she figured they would work it out. After all, she had wondered how they worked as a trio instead of a couple, but they had figured out how to work that out. They figured it out well.

Joss had thought they would be creepy or at least strange when she first showed up to help, but they were extremely normal, even with Kim being banged up. No one seemed to get more attention or affection than any other. They all seemed to be equal to each other and Joss felt that was how relationships should be. She was not sure how they managed it, but they did, and she felt oddly proud of them.

She was able to finish up some work for the online courses that she was taking in lieu of physical classes before the guests begin to file out. Joss waved to them and was about to get started on lunch, but Shego came in and started doing that without an explanation. Joss shrugged it off and went to hang out with her cousin again.

"So, how's the wedding planning? Is it going to be super awesome?" the college student inquired.

Kim shrugged. "We didn't get that far. We found a bunch of venues for them to have it." She then leaned over, only slightly, obviously wanting to share a secret. "I saw the most generous place for a wedding if me, Shego, and Bonnie do get to it."

Joss grinned. "You have to show me!"

"Get your laptop."

Joss nodded and rushed off to retrieve her computer from the office desk. Kim typed in the web address and the place appeared on screen. Joss' mouth dropped open.

"Oh, my god, Kim, it's beautiful," Joss whispered.

"I know, right? Couldn't you see us all there?" the hero asked with a smile and her cousin could only nod. The simple gesture made Kim's smile grow. "Hey, Joss, I know we never really talked about it, but thank you for being so cool with this."

Scoffing, Joss waved her off. "It's no big, cousin. I support you no matter what, just like you'd do me. Besides, you three work. Sure, it's not conventional, but, hell, our family has never been conventional. Plus, I like Bonnie and Shego. They take care of you and make you happy, like a partner should."

Another smile tugged at Kim's lips. Her cousin was amazing. "They do."

"Now, if there was something wrong here, I definitely would've said something to you because we do have to look out for each other, but y'all are fine." Joss then looked at her cousin. "Well, relatively speaking anyway. I'm happy you have such a good family, Kim."

Kim's chest swelled with happiness and pride. "I hope you find this type of happiness one day, Joss. You're a good person."

Joss grinned and the conversation was cut short as Shego announced that lunch was done. Joss made sure to close her laptop, so Shego did not accidentally see the venue that Kim wanted for a wedding that they had not even agreed on. The cousins shared a secret smile.


Bonnie sat at her desk, not even thinking about lunch. She had finished up her work for the most part and now the only thing on her mind was the topic of the day thanks to Ron and Yori — marriage. All she wanted to do was look at rings now, find the perfect pair, and image slipping them as her lovers' fingers.

"So many to choose from," Bonnie mumbled to herself, jotting down notes and emailing links to herself. After all, it would be inappropriate to bookmark such things on her work computer.

She wanted to find a set, so Kim and Shego would have matching rings. So, she needed to find rings that would suit both of them. She felt like that would not be too hard as Shego was like Kim, but with much less ambition and a little less self-righteous. Of course, the colors that represented both of them as far as they were concerned were rather far off from each other.

"But, there's no rule that says I have to go by their colors. There has to be something that represents all of us, what we have, what we feel, and what we're about," she assured herself.

She was not sure what she was going to do if she did find the perfect set of rings. Well, except buy them. Doesn't hurt to be prepared. If only Shego would just let go, she could propose the second the rings came into her possession.

"I wonder if Isabel and Ann could work whatever magic they used on Kim with Shego?" She shook her head to that. "If Isabel ever told Shego to marry us, it'd be a death sentence to that happening."

She could already hear the yelling from Shego. She supposed she could live a hundred years and she would never understand Shego's relationship with Isabel. At least Ann and Kim made prefect mother-daughter sense to her.

"I'm the last person who should be judging how daughters get along with their mothers," she pouted. Her relationship with her own mother had died long ago, even though her mother did not know it. But, her mother was purposely obtuse, which was an obvious way to survive the Rockwaller clan.

She shook that thought away, knowing that path led to depression and madness. Instead, she went back to looking it rings and imagining a wedding with her two beautiful and wonderful girlfriends. It'll be glorious when it happens. And, considering Shego's surprising shift that morning, she had some hope it would actually happen. She just was not sure how long it would take.

She checked the time and saw it was time for Kim to start her physical therapy. She decided to call, just find out how it was going. She was not surprised Joss answered the phone.

"Hey, Joss. How's the patient and her next step?" Bonnie inquired.

"The physical therapist just got here. She's setting up in the living room," Joss replied.

"Kimmie's ready for this?"

"Yeah, she seems hyped and ready to go. She wants to get back to normal. I think they're about to get started."

"Okay, tell Kim I wish her luck."

"You know I will."

"Thank you, Joss."


Joss disconnected the call with Bonnie a peeked in on Kim with her physical therapist and deliver Bonnie's message. Shego was there, too, for support and just in case. Shego could not stick around for the whole time, having classes to teach, but she wanted to see what the physical therapist was all about. She wanted to see some basic exercises, so she could help Kim with later on.

"Take notes for me, Joss, and make sure Cali keeps her fat ass out of that living room and away from Kim while she's working," Shego ordered when she had to go.

Joss nodded, knowing that was all that the older woman needed. Shego was gone before Joss' head stopped moving. Joss glanced in the living room to see Kim grimacing through her exercises and Cali pacing around not too far away. She went and picked up the cat.

"Let's get you some cream and out of the way," Joss said, earning a hiss from the overprotective feline. Joss gave Cali an incredulous look. "You don't want cream? That's a surprise."

Cali only hissed again. Joss held onto the cat and poured her some cream, as promised. She also fed Cali some beef cubes, which they recently discovered Cali loved. The trio supposed that was the dog in Cali. Despite the treats, Cali was still very interested in what was going on in the living room.

Joss was curious because of Cali's nosiness. The college student peeked into the living room and thought all was normal. The physical therapist was a cute woman, all smiles that made her warm brown eyes shine, and completely encouraging. Joss was ready to dismiss the scene and just call Cali paranoid, but the cat might have been onto something.

The physical therapist's touch seemed to linger for too long. Her lashes seemed to bat a little too much. Joss shook her head. I'm probably seeing things, hanging around too many women or something. But, just to be sure that her eyes were playing tricks on her, she took another gander into the living room.

"Cali, does that look right to you?" Joss asked.

Cali shook her head and abandoned her snack. She went to the living room entrance, but did not go in. She sat down and stared at the newcomer. It was the first time that Joss saw a cat glare.


"So, how was physical therapy? Do you like the therapist?" Bonnie asked Kim as the whole household gathered in the living room to relax and watch a movie. Cali hissed as soon as the woman was mentioned, which earned her a look from Bonnie and Shego.

"What happened?" Shego demanded, eyes on Kim.

Kim threw her hands up in surrender, making her wince. "Nothing happened! It was a regular session as far as I know. Maybe because it was intense and I made a lot of noise and Cali thought she was hurting me."

Shego turned to the cat. "Cali, was that it?" Cali shook her head and Shego's attention went back to Kim. "Try again, Princess."

"I don't know what Cali's problem is. Maybe she just didn't like having a stranger in the house." Kim shrugged and then turned to the feline. "Cali, what's the problem?"

Cali's little kitty face twisted and she had to roll over from the couch onto the floor to change into her humanoid form. "I didn't like the way she touched Kimmie."

"Aw, Cali," the hero cooed. "She wasn't purposely hurting me. It just hurts because I'm still healing and my body isn't used to the movement anymore."

"That wasn't it," Cali protested and she pouted. Staring at the floor briefly, she was clearing trying to figure out how to explain herself. "She was touching you… like petting. She was petting you and the smell wasn't right." That earned her puzzled looks from Bonnie and Shego.

"What do you mean the smell wasn't right?" Bonnie managed to ask.

Cali paused again, eyes on the floor again. "Hmm… she smelled different when she touched Kimmie than when she came in. It was… spicy."

An ebony eyebrow arched and Shego's gaze went back to Kim. "Spicy? What the hell happened after I left?"

"Nothing! I don't know what Cali's talking about. While this was my first time in physical therapy, I don't think anything strange went on and both of our mothers recommended her!" Kim defended herself.

"Why are you believing my mother?" Shego practically screamed.

Bonnie turned to Joss. "What do you think, Joss? Was something funny going on with the physical therapist?"

Joss scratched her head. "I'm not sure. She seemed mighty friendly, but that could just be her personality. I mean, Kim didn't say anything, so maybe that was just how she was."

"I didn't notice anything, but I was too busy feeling like I was being broken for the second time," Kim conceded.

Her lovers frowned almost simultaneously, but they did not dispute Kim's words. They turned their attention back to the movie while Cali returned to her more comfortable feline form and settled next to Joss on the sofa again. The atmosphere relaxed, but Kim knew that was not the end of it. Not for Shego or Bonnie.


Bonnie and Shego met up for lunch at one of their favorite cafes. Bonnie plopped several papers in front of Shego, which the older woman immediately flipped through. Bonnie, meanwhile, ordered their lunch.

"Everything checks out with her?" Shego asked incredulously.

"According to Wade, she's totally legit. Your mom and Ann wouldn't recommend any idiot," Bonnie pointed out.

Shego made a sour face, her pale features twisting, and kept looking through the papers, as if her gaze would make the words change. Bonnie did not say anything about the stressful behavior. She wondered if they worrying for nothing.

"What if Joss is right? What if she's just friendly?" the lawyer said.

Shego sighed, as if in surrender. "I hope you're right, Duchess. We haven't been able to touch Kim in months, I'll be damned if the first sexual attention she gets comes from some touchy-feely physical therapist who she doesn't realize is getting off on feeling her up."

Bonnie laughed a bit. "I think you might just be frustrated, sexually frustrated mostly."

"I'm not sexually frustrated," Shego argued with a bit of a glare. Of course, their sex lives had slowed to a crawl with Kim's injuries, but they had not really been thinking about sex for the same reason.

"You're longing for Kimmie's touch. You don't have to deny it. It's not like it'll insult or upset me. I know how you feel, after all," Bonnie pointed out.

"Of course, I miss her touch. We work as a trio, so when it's just you and me, it doesn't seem right. I mean, I love you and love being with you—" Shego stopped taking when she felt Bonnie's hand covering her own.

"Love, you know I'm the last person you have to explain this to. I know exactly how you feel. I just think it might be because we're so off balance right now, we might be overreacting with the physical therapist. She looks perfect on paper and Kim needs and deserves perfect."

"Perfect on paper doesn't equal perfect," Shego grumbled.

"Well, until Mary Poppins decides to show up, let's give her a chance," Bonnie remarked, giving Shego's hand a squeeze.

Shego frowned, but she went along with that reasoning for the moment. They ate lunch and Shego kept the file that Bonnie had Wade draw up for them. It did not escape Bonnie's attention, but she left it alone. While she could calm Shego down, she could not stop her from being paranoid. She just hoped nothing too crazy happened.


Shego was supposed to be at lunch, but she had no one to have lunch with. Bonnie had a meeting with a client and Kim was with her physical therapist. She figured she could go grab a bite and then do some practicing. And, it would give her an excuse to see the physical therapist and how she touched Kim.

Shego eased into the apartment, purposely being quiet. Cali noticed her immediately, turning from the entrance of the living room. The cat seemed to light up as Shego stepped over. Emerald eyes peered into the living room and a scowl sliced its way onto her face. Cali pawed at her pants' leg as if trying to push her into action. Shego watched until Kim spotted her.

"Shego, come to help?" Kim asked with a sparkle in her eyes, but her mouth was turned down as if to keep in a wince.

"Actually, I came to see what the hell was going on here and to fire this unprofessional bitch," Shego replied calmly, like that was a normal thing to say.

"Excuse me!" the physical therapist gasped.

"I've been watching you! You're feeling her up while she's concentrating on whatever painful move you've got her doing! She's more focused on the stuff that hurts than the fact that your hand has been on her tit for five minutes!" Shego said while marching over. Cali followed right behind her.

"I'm not feeling her up! I'm doing my job!" The woman had the nerve to look offended, even though Shego just saw the whole thing.

"Your job isn't to feel Kimmie up!" Shego barked. "You're fucking fired!" She pointed to the door.

"You can't fire me!"

"I just did! You're fired, so get the fuck out! Believe me when I tell you that you don't want me to throw you out," Shego promised, folding her arms across her chest and glaring down at the woman.

"You should go," Kim told her.

The physical therapist's mouth dropped open. "You're letting her fire me?"

"Well, considering the fact that she pays your salary and I have to live with her," Kim replied with a shrug… well, the closest she could come to a shrug.

"Yeah, so don't let the door hit you on the way out," Shego said, pointing to the door one more time, just in case the woman had no idea where it was.

The physical therapist wisely decided to not argue. She gathered her things, gave Kim a quick glance before giving Shego the dirtiest look ever, and left the apartment, slamming the door on the way out. Shego released a snort as she took a seat on the couch.

"So, you didn't think it was weird that she touched your boob for, like, five minutes, seriously?" Shego inquired with an arched eyebrow.

Kim shook her head. "I thought she was trying to brace me while we went through the exercises. Besides, like you said, I'm concentrating on the exercises. I don't keep track of how long she touches me or where."

Shego sighed and rubbed her forehead. "We gotta get you a new physical therapist."

"I'll talk to our moms again. Maybe I should go out for treatment, if only to avoid being felt up. Besides, I haven't been outside in months. It would be nice to get some fresh air," Kim pointed out.

Shego gave her a long look. "You think you're ready for outside?"

The hero nodded. "I'd like to go out."

"I think you're right. We need to talk to the Duchess about this before we decide anything."

"Of course."

They were silent for a while before Shego broke it. "Where's Joss?"

"Shower. She worked for a while and wanted to freshen up. What're you doing up here?"

"I didn't have anything to eat for lunch. Have you had lunch?" Shego asked.

Kim shook her head. "I had a snack. I usually eat more after a physical therapy session. You'll make something?"

Shego nodded and went to work. Cali followed her out of the living room, even though she knew that she would be underfoot and annoy Shego. Surprisingly enough, the pale woman did not yell at Cali once.

"You know, even though you're a fat, whiny brat, you do good some time. What do you want — fish, chicken, or beef?" Shego asked as she looked through the refrigerator for lunch.

Cali jumped up to have a look herself. She pointed at some chicken with her paw and tapped the milk. Shego smiled and gave the cat just what she wanted. She fixed a couple of sandwiches for her, Kim, and Joss. Lunch was a quiet affair.


"So, you fired her?" Bonnie asked to be sure. She was with her lovers in their living room. Joss was giving them some privacy by chilling in her room.

"Hell, yeah, I fired her! She was feeling Kimmie up," Shego repeated for what seemed like the millionth time.

Bonnie nodded. "So, what now?" She turned to Kim. "You need a physical therapist to help you get better. I know you can do anything, but I think you need a professional to help you."

"You're right, I do. I'm going to ask Mom and Isabel for someone new and I want to go out for treatment. I'm ready to go out," the redhead replied.

Bonnie sighed, thinking it over. She knew Shego and Kim had already talked it over. Reaching out, she took Kim's hand as gently as possible, but she did not look into those deep olive eyes.

"I'm scared for you going out," the lawyer admitted in a low voice.

"I know you are. I know how much I scare you, baby. I wish I didn't," Kim said.

A sorrowful laugh escaped Bonnie. "You wouldn't be you if you didn't do stuff that scares me half to death. I fell in love with you because you're brave, kindhearted, and extremely reckless at the best of times and people take advantage of you sometimes. Even that slightly naïve part of you is cute and makes me love you all the more. I worry about more of those people finding you. But, I can't chain you to the couch. Hell, we can't even keep the cat in the house."

Kim chuckled. "I'll be careful."

"Yeah, and I'm having Mommy walk you into this physical therapist and sit there the whole time," Shego proclaimed.

Kim opened her mouth to protest, but decided against it. She knew it would make them feel better if she had a bodyguard/babysitter. Shego had to be extremely nervous if she was proposing that Isabel do something for them.

"So, I can call our moms?" Kim asked with a bright smile.

"Don't let my mother hand you another bullshit person either. We want someone legit who isn't looking into their own happy ending," Shego ordered.

Kim only laughed. She would get in touch with their mothers as soon as possible and hopefully the second time would be the charm. She hated to consider what would happen if she needed a third time.


"Are you sure it's safe to let her go out on her own?" Bonnie asked Shego. They were sitting down at their café for lunch.

Shego scoffed. "She'll be fine." It would have been easier to believe her if she had not glanced away.

"But, all of those people out there… her enemies and stuff. They'll see her and know she's not a full strength. They'll know she's vulnerable. They already tried to go crazy when she disappeared from the public," Bonnie said, breathing increasing as she thought of all of the people that wanted to harm their lover.

Emerald eyes rolled. "I had that covered. Well, me, Ron, Yori, Wade, and both sets of the twins had it covered." One never really appreciated how much the woman that could do anything did until trying to pick up where she left off. She was exhausted just remembering it.

"Well, what if someone who doesn't like her sees her while she's like this?" Bonnie pointed out, close to hyperventilating. Her girlfriend reached over and clutched her hand.

"Calm down before I have to pull you into my lap in public and cradle you like a baby. Do you want to risk someone from work seeing the legal rottweiler in my lap like a baby?"

Bonnie frowned, but she managed to relax her breathing. "She could get hurt."

"Nah, that's why I sent her with my mom and Joss. Joss put Cali in a bag and took her, too. I think Kim's safe." Someone would probably have to simply bomb the block if they wanted to harm Kim with all of the help she had.

Bonnie actually nodded. That was three lines of defense for Kim and none of them would go gently into that good night. Hell, Kim would probably be able to pull off a miracle if push came to shove. She squeezed Shego's hand.

"Thank you," Bonnie whispered.

Shego smiled. "I look after my girls. I'm not going let anything happen to either of you."

"We're lucky to have you."

"We're lucky to have each other. Now, we just need to keep each other."

Bonnie smiled and nodded. They finished their lunch and then went back to work. When they got home, they both wanted to ask the same thing. They had the patience to wait until they were all together to ask.

"So, how was physical therapy?" Bonnie finally blurted out.

"It was great. We practically made an event of it. Cali loved it," Kim beamed as she spoke.

Bonnie turned to Joss. "You let Cali out?"

Joss shrugged. "They allow pets. Apparently, it's good for the healing process. Everybody wanted to pet and cuddle her. She was in heaven." She looked down at the cat, who wiggled around on her lap.

"Okay, so, fatty had a good time, but how'd it go for you, Princess?" Shego asked.

"I loved it! It hurt after not using these muscles and bones for so long, but Cole, that's my physical therapist, was patient and encouraging. Plus, our moms helped, too. It was so wonderful," Kim answered with a grin.

Shego could not help laughing. "I hope it's always like that for you, Princess, and you get back to yourself quickly."

"She will. Kim's been super determined," Joss declared proudly.

"Then keep on doing it, baby," Bonnie said before leaning over and kissing Kim's forehead. The redhead grinned even more.


Joss whistled. "Cali, come on! We're leaving!" She stood with Isabel and Ann. Kim was sitting in a wheelchair, even though she could actually stand and walk on her own now. She just could not do it for long periods of time, especially after an intense session of physical therapy.

Cali charged out and usually she jumped on one of them to be carried to the car, but she stopped at the door. Isabel glanced around as did Kim. For a moment, Joss was lost and then she figured it out.

"Ann, please take Kim back inside," Isabel requested as she cracked her knuckles.

Ann knew about the danger her daughter might be in, so she did not ask questions. Kim did not protest as her mother wheeled her back inside. Isabel turned to Joss.

"I hope your bragging about being a mini-Kim was more truth than an attempt to impress me, Joss," Isabel commented as almost a dozen ninjas came out of nowhere.

"Hey, Kim and Shego vouched for me!" Joss reminded her. They both tucked into their fighting stances as the ninjas came at them.

Cali stayed by the door, the last line of defense in case someone made it past the two martial artists. Isabel and Joss had things well in hand, but one ninja managed to get by them. Cali roared as she changed into her humanoid form and tackled him. He probably did not know what hit him as she used her massive paw to slap him into unconsciousness.

"Good girl," Isabel called as she floored a ninja with a swift kick.

"Remind me to give you extra cream," Joss added as she flipped a ninja over her shoulder.

Cali grinned and then threw her fallen opponent at a ninja creeping up behind Joss. The trio downed all of the ninjas and then rushed back into the building for Kim and Ann. Isabel picked Kim up and Cali took charge of Ann and they rushed to the SUV that Isabel rented just for the trip. Ann had to drive it, though. Kane made it very clear that the closest Isabel was to ever get to driving should be riding shotgun.

"What the heck was that about?" Joss huffed.

"Call Shego and have her get in touch with Wade. He might be able to tell us what that was about," Kim proposed. She had not gotten her Kimmunicator back yet and she doubt she would anytime soon. She was still on a hero timeout.

"I've got it," Isabel volunteered. She knew that a lot of yelling was about to go down. She did not want the yelling to be directed at Joss after such a wonderful show of force.


"Are you okay?" Shego demanded as Kim and the rest of the group came inside. Isabel was carrying Kim and took her to the couch.

"I'm fine. My bodyguards did their thing," Kim replied with a smile. Shego still looked her over, though.

"Well, at least Mommy's good for something," Shego grumbled as she settled down next to Kim.

"Leave your mom alone. Did Wade figure out what that was all about?" the redheaded hero asked.

"He said there's a bounty on your head since people now know you're injured. He's looking into who put the bounty on your head. I had a thought while I was talking to him. Why don't we get him to scan the furball to figure out what's going on with her genes? You used to have him scan stuff all the time."

"We were keeping her a secret once upon a time," Kim reminded her lover.

"Well, he's seen her on the cameras as he was analyzing the attack on you. He wanted to know about her. He's the one that reminded me he could analyze her. He's curious about her, but I told him to focus on finding who put a bounty out on you," Shego said.

"I'll look into, too," Isabel declared, taking out her phone and calling her husband.

"If you find out…" Shego said to her mother, who nodded. She knew her mother might find out things faster than Wade since she had underground connections. It was just that Wade was more likely to report his findings than Isabel was.

"Maybe we should just let Wade handle it," Kim said. She did not mind the fact that Isabel would use underground connections or even illegal methods. Hell, some of what Wade did was not exactly legal. It was just that she did not know what Isabel might do once she found out who it was. At least Wade would contact her and let her know who put a price on her head.

"Wouldn't it be better for more than one person to look into it?" Isabel pointed out.

"Yes, but Wade needs something to do just as much as the rest of us. So, let him handle this, please?" Kim requested. It was true. She knew Wade liked to do what he could.

Isabel sighed, but she did not argue. Eventually, Isabel left with Ann. Shego sighed and gave Kim a weary look. Kim reached out and took a pale hand in hers.

"Hey, I'm okay. It's okay," Kim said.

"No, it's not," Shego sighed again. "We still have to tell Bonnie what happened," she groaned.

Kim made the same noise. "Not it!" she called.

Emerald eyes went wide. "What? No! You can't call 'not it' on this!"

Kim scoffed. "I just did. I'll sit with you when you tell her, but you're telling her."

Shego huffed. "You're lucky I love you."

"I know I am and I love you, but you're still telling her," Kim laughed and then leaned over, kissing Shego's cheek. Despite the weak attempt on her life or maybe because of it, Kim felt truly normal for the first time in a long time, as did Shego. They knew sometime soon everything would be back to normal. Everything would be fine… after they told Bonnie about what happened anyway.


Next time: who put the bounty on Kim's head.