Over on deviantart, I decided to write a little fic for each day of December, leading up to Christmas. So... it's like an advent calender, but with fanfics!

December 1, 2010
Title: Warmth
Characters/Pairings: Russia/America + Russicat and Americat

A little sliver of light filtered into the room through a gap in the blinds, falling across the bed and illuminating the two figures lying there. Neither of them were disturbed by the light, too far in dreamland to notice.

The smaller of the two scooted closer to the other, trying his best to stay asleep, even though his mind was tugging at him to get up and start the day. Well, there was no way he was going to do that unless he had to! And so far, nothing except his warm bed was demanding his attention. That is, until two heavy fur balls hopped on the bed and settled themselves on him.

The cats began nuzzling him and mewling, trying to get him to wake up. He groaned and rolled onto his stomach, which simply prompted the large, gray cat to settle itself on his back. It purred contently, while the brown and white cat nudged his owner's face before trying to climb onto his head.

"Fine! I'll get up!" The disgruntled blonde sat up and was about to go get Texas off the nightstand when he was pulled back down onto the bed, a large Russian curling around him.

"Ivan, the cats are hungry."

The only response Alfred received was a grunt and the tightening of his lover's arms. Try as he might, he could not squirm out of those arms. Damn, there had to be some way out of this!

"I have to piss."


"I'm hungry."

Still nothing.

"The house is on fire!"

God, was Ivan deaf or something? Searching blindly for one of the cats, he pulled it close and then dumped it on his lover's head.

There was a hiss and then a scrambling before Ivan sat up in bed, cursing in Russian and Americat fled the room, his fur poofed out defensively. Alfred, who had still been in the Russian's arms, was suddenly jerked into a sitting position as well. He squinted up at Ivan, noticing three big scratches on his face from where their cat had panicked.

There was silence for a few seconds before Alfred burst out laughing, earning him a sleepy frown from a disgruntled Ivan.

"Not funny."

"Aw c'mon. It was a little funny."


Alfred sighed, really wondering if the Russian had a sense of humor at all. "Well, it's your fault. You wouldn't let me get up to feed them!"

"I would have missed your warmth."

Well, that stopped about any argument he had been forming. "What?"

"You are warm, da? I like it."

"Oh. Um… thanks?" What the hell was he supposed to say to that? He felt his cheeks heat up slightly and he wriggled out of Ivan's arms, grabbing Texas and putting them back on his face. There. He could see clearly again.

Ivan's large cat was staring up at them, having gotten rudely knocked off of Alfred's back when Ivan had sat them both up. The cat mewed and hopped of the bed, waddling out the door.

"…Your cat is really fat."

"Nyet. He is big boned. A strong, Russian cat. Your cat is the fat one, da?"

"No way! He's just fluffy!"

The two of them frowned at each other, before Alfred burst into laughter once more and Ivan's lips twitched up into a smile.

"Good morning, Ivan."

"Good morning, sunflower."

"Don't call me that!"

"But it is cute!"

"No! It's embarrassing!"

Ivan quieted any more protests Alfred may have had with a soft kiss, smiling as the American shut up instantly. "Now we sleep more, da?" With that, he pulled Alfred back down to the bed and pulled the younger nation close to his chest.

"Fine. Just a bit longer." Alfred yawned and removed his glasses once more before falling into a light sleep.

Meanwhile, two fluffy, big boned cats sat in front of their empty food dishes, not at all happy that their owner's were ignoring them in favor of each other.