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Bath Time

Raoul stood in the steaming shower, waiting for Yui to undress. He regretted nothing. He didn't think they were going too fast. He was the sort of person to think that, as long as they were going to end up together, what matter what order they took their physical journey? (Xian was the type of person that couldn't resist Juthian's sudden whims, and Heiku was the type of person to be suddenly aware of Yousi's jealousy).

Raoul heard the shower door slide open and felt the gust of cold air before it abruptly shut off as the door closed. His erection was more than ready for anything to come its way.

He's masturbated plenty of times before, watched pornography, even had a few crushes (Iason one of them), but nothing prepared him for the all-out lust and desire he felt for Yui. All the drawing, the fantasizing (not about sex, just daydreaming), and even more drawing of the past month all led up to this day, where he would get his magic, this moment, where he will lose himself in a passion that he couldn't have even dreamed of a week ago.

"Raoul? Can I get in the water's path?"

Raoul moved off to the side of the shower; there was enough room for three big Blondies like Raoul, who looked at Yui's small feet. Slowly, he brought up his eyes, tracing ankles, calves, buttocks, back blocked by lovely long hair, shoulders- and then Yui turned around, and he was staring into Yui's face. There was a smile there.

"My heart is beating so fast," Yui whispered.

"You've… done this before, haven't you?" Raoul asked, not accusingly.

"Yes. Many times."

"Then what makes this any different?"

Yui's smile became something majestically paintable.

"Because… I like you. And… You like me. Right?"

"Yes." Raoul let his arms reach around Yui's small frame, and he pulled them together. Hot, wet flesh met each other, and the aforementioned erection was stuck against Yui's stomach. Raoul shuddered in pleasure, closing his eyes. When he opened them, he conjured up nerves of steel.

"Can we kiss?" Raoul asked.

"Of course. I'm so much shorter than you though, maybe you should-"

Raoul picked Yui up flush against him, and they kissed. Raoul didn't really know how to, so Yui took the reins, sucking hard on his tongue.

Raoul really thought that the kiss would be something unpleasant. It was swapping spit after all. But Yui kind of tasted like Xeronese dessert and, well, spit. And Raoul figured that he must like the taste, for he kept kissing. All the while, his dick raged on, now painful. But Raoul didn't know how to progress from here.

"Yui," he gruffed out. "I feel like I'm about to burst."

"To you want me to do fellatio?"

Raoul was at first surprised that Yui knew what fellatio meant, but then remembered that he was smarter than the average mongrel (not like Raoul would ever use that word for him, though). His heart leapt into his throat as he nodded a yes to the suggestion.

He put Yui down, but then there was a dilemma. (It was actually kind of funny, because Omaki was then wrong) Yui was too tall to perform standing, but was too short to kneel.

"There's a tub," Yui proffered, opening the shower door leading to the rest of the bathroom. There was a separate bathtub that he directed Raoul to sit on the edge of. He kneeled down between Raoul's legs as soon as he got comfortable. He pushed the knees a little more far apart, which sent a surge of carnal desire through Raoul. Looking up at Raoul, Yui descended on his member, giving it a kiss, then a nice, long lick.

"Yui!" Raoul was already close to spilling his seed, and so he grabbed Yui's head and tried to calm himself down. He thought of the monsters, and that cooled him down enough. But when he looked down at Yui's waiting face, he was sprung again.

"It's okay, Raoul. You'll be up again in no time." And Yui boldly grabbed him at his base- his blood boiled! Taking his head into his mouth and quickly moving his hand up and down Raoul's shaft proved fatal. Raoul came down Yui's waiting throat. He didn't want it to happen so bad, that the orgasm was rather short.

But Yui was right. He still had an erection after just five minutes of rest. By then, they were back in the shower, and Yui was showing how to finger him.

"Just put your first finger in, okay? We have to take this slow because… You're rather large, Raoul. I have taken in few that were as big as you."

Raoul didn't like the idea that Yui had taken in more than one other, but he didn't think about that too much. Instead he focused on moving his slick finger in and out of Yui's passage. It was so incredibly tight and hot that Raoul thought that he could just come from the feeling around his finger. But that would be super embarrassing.

Another thought ran through his head. It was of hesitation. With the act of sex, he was practically throwing away his Blondiehood. Again, he pushed this thought away, and pushed in two fingers as Yui commanded.

He handled his erection with one hand as Yui moaned lowly and twitched around his fingers.

"Yui. I want to put myself inside you."

"After three fingers," Yui promised. "Push harder. Deeper. Yes!"

Yui threw his head back. Raoul let go of himself to hold Yui's hip, pulling it backwards just as he thrust forward with his fingers. He wanted to hear Yui's moans.

He was given this reward as he sank his fingers inside Yui.

"Three fingers," Yui gasped. Raoul followed these orders and earned another long moan that made his cock jump in excitement. Soon, it will have its way inside Yui's tight passage. But at the moment, it had to wait as Raoul stretched Yui almost to his limit.

Raoul asked impatiently, "Now, Yui?"

"Yes, but go slow."

With exciting new anticipation, Raoul aimed himself, nudging just the tip against Yui's twitching entrance. Raoul paused for but a moment, and then shook his head, continuing his quest.

At first, he didn't think he would go on, Yui was so tight, but after a few moments of insistent pushing, the muscles gave way and he was sliding deep into Yui's depths. Raoul held his breath the entire time, wondering dimly how something this vaguely disgusting could feel so good.

"Slow, Raoul, slow," Yui reminded him in a tense whisper.

Raoul already felt like he was going too slowly, but he went even more slowly, not really understanding how Yui felt. (Yui felt like he was being spread too wide, but that should be a given, regarding Raoul's size)

Raoul began pulling out, and Yui twitched hard against him, and his knees went weak. The Blondie suddenly thought that he might fall, but he took Yui's hips in hand, and kept pulling. This went on for some time until Yui rasped out, "Faster."

No sooner than he said this did Raoul's thrust went back in. Yui cried out- in pleasure. After awhile, they were establishing a comfortable rhythm in the shower, pelted by hot water (that would stay hot for a long time, no worries about that).

"Yui, you feel so good!"

"You can go harder- Nnnn!"

Raoul thrusts harder, faster, and he felt himself already ready to reach consummation. It was too soon, but this time he pushed it, wanted it, but most of all, he wanted Yui to feel it too. He took Yui's penis in hand, a substantial member still in proportion to Yui's size, and began to pump. Pump hard with a tight fist he did, and Yui's moans kept on. Raoul himself was groaning into Yui's shoulder, which he kissed and licked in his excitement.

"Oh, Raoul! I'm coming!"

This excited Raoul further; he wanted to feel Yui come around him and hear him. He also wanted to see his face, but it was too late for that. He couldn't pull out and turn Yui around even if Jupiter told him to. In the end, it was enough, for when Yui came, his canal squeezed him exquisitely, and then he was coming too. White hot pleasure fired from his base to the very tips of his toes and fingers, and then a strange thing happened. The pleasure dimmed a little, but Yui moaned a long moan, clutching the wall and Raoul was sure he was coming again. As it happened to be, he was. But that wasn't the best part. When Yui did that wonderful squeezing move, Raoul's hands and the cock buried in Yui's ass burned almost unbearably, and he was moaning the same moan, and he was also coming again.

And back and forth this process went. Raoul's knees eventually did go weak, and by the time it was over, they were both on the floor of the shower, panting.

"What… What was that?" Raoul asked breathlessly.

"That… is what happens…" Yui took a deep gulp of air and leaned back onto Raoul's large chest. "That is what happens when two people with magic have sex. We make a connection with our magic… And it travels between us when we have an orgasm. I felt it when you came before, too."

"I see. I can't believe Blondies have been missing out on this for… centuries!"

"Me neither. But is it such a price to pay when you have the peace and security of being a Blondie?"

They were quiet until Raoul finally answered, "Well, there's no use thinking about that now. I'm not going to be a Blondie."

"You're not?"

"No. No, I'm not. I want to stay with you."

More silence.

"Thank you," Yui said. "You've made me very happy."

"That is all I wish for."

Yui turned around so they can kiss. It was a lazy romantic kiss that didn't reach the passion of before but was good enough. Afterwards, they finished their shower and donned bathrobes. When they got out the bathroom, no one was on the second floor, which was where their bathroom was. The house was eerily quiet, but that was probably just because they had been in the shower for so long. Their shower was loud.

The two went downstairs to see what was up and found Toma, Ru, and Sarius in the kitchen, playing with a (Heiku's) phone. Toma dialed a number, and all that answered back was static.

Yui asked them, "What's going on?"

Toma screamed, covering his heart with his hand. "My goodness! Don't scare me like that, Yui!"


Ru answered, "We were waiting for you guys."

"What happened?"

They grinned, and Raoul thought that maybe it wasn't something bad.

"Yousi figured how to make a phone get connection and-"

"It takes a lot of magic out of him, but they ended up calling Yousi's friend Yutaku-"

"And he's in a lot of trouble! He's the only survivor out of his house, and he's hiding in his attic-"

"So the others went to go and save him-"

"And we stayed behind because we thought that you guys might want to come along-"

"But we still have to wait for Xian and Juthian. Juthian is loud. Well, louder than usual."

Raoul listened carefully, and he could hear cries of pleasure, two types. One definitely sounded like something close to Xian. Raoul once, coincidentally, listened outside Xian's room as he jacked off, loudly. He could, since the only room next to his was the common room, and above and below him were the bathrooms. The sounds he made in his room matched the ones coming from the downstairs bathroom. Though his cries were, of course, on a much larger scale. Whatever he and Juthian were doing in there was something spectacular.

"Xian! Xian-Xian!" Juthian cried with a particular desperateness, and Roaul could still hear Xian's moans underneath.

"You guys better go get dressed if you want to see any of the action," Toma advised.

Raoul and Yui followed the advice, getting dressed quickly in more comfortable, appropriate clothes.

"We're probably going to have to take another shower after this," Yui said.

Raoul looked at him, and he was smiling.

"Oh, well," Raoul said in mock sadness.

It wasn't long before Xian and Juthian were out of the bathroom and clued in to what was happening, and they, too, got into better clothes. And then they were out.

At one moment while they walked out of the house, Raoul thought they were leaving Iason, but then realized that Iason wasn't distracted by sex to make his shower any longer than regular.

The first thing he noticed when he looked outside made him, and all of them except the Talk Trio, stop.

The forest had taken over their front yard, so that he no longer could see Yutaku's house just across the street. All he could see were trees on all sides. And that wasn't the end of it; there were monsters everywhere, flying ahead, climbing trees, and walking across the ground. Even more, there were hills that, the one directly in front of them high and steep.

"How in the hell are we supposed to get to Yutaku's house alone? Whose idea was it to go after him?" demanded Raoul.



"Look," Ru spoke again, "Megala said that most of these monsters are harmless- scavengers that wouldn't attack."

"My apologies if I don't quite believe him."

"You can stay."

Raoul immediately set his eyes on Yui for confirmation, but Yui had turned his eyes away.


"I want to make sure my friends are okay."

Raoul crossed his arms, stubbornly, face going red.

"Raoul," Yui whispered, turning towards him. "It'll be alright. I can feel it."

"I hope your feelings are right."

Despite his earlier hesitation, Raoul began walking ahead of them, acting as a huge shield for the rest, which was just what he had in mind. If anyone was going to get hurt, it wasn't about to be Yui. He didn't really want it to be him, but standing out in front was the only way he could be sure. Unless, of course, a monster came from behind.

Raoul slowed down.

They walked up the hill. It was a lot steeper than Raoul bargained it was, maybe because his feet were actually clambering through the dirt and plants. Weird, echoing cries, shouts, and squeals of the animals and monsters sounded throughout their walk. And by the time they had made it to the top of the hill, they had made a tight pack with Raoul in the front and Xian in the back.

"Don't worry," Xian said. "I'll be able to see anything that comes our way."

"I don't care if you can see it. I wanna know if we can handle it," Sarius shot back in a shaking voice.

"You guys here that?" Ru asked.

They stopped and listened.

Faintly, there was the sound of a car wailing its alarm. Raoul listened more carefully. There were several car alarms going off. What was going on?

They all began running down the hill, a much easier task than going up.

Again, they stopped at the sight before them.

There were horrifying demons everywhere. Some were definitely chewing on human carcasses. These monsters paid no heed to the seven walking boys. The other beasts were crowded around the cars noisily making themselves known. The crazy animals angrily beat at the cars, chewing on tires and breaking the glass. There were even some of the beasts with the circular saws. The saws couldn't cut through the car metal, instead it let out a keening squeal that was worse than a thousand nails on chalkboard, and drove the blue beast absolutely batshit. Still, there wasn't much in the brain department for these creatures, so they kept hacking away with their saws.

The seven huddled together, following Raoul, who saw their friends crowded around Yutaku's house. When Raoul and they were in running distance, they all ran.

"So, what's up? Why is everyone outside?" Toma asked.

"You blind?" Jasmine answered, "Yousi and Iason, and Riki and Guy are inside, trying to get this humongous monster from out of the house. It, like, can hardly fit inside the house, it's so big. It's like a huge crocodile!"

"Why are Yousi and Iason inside?"

"They want to practice with their magic, even though they have so little."

Toma looked inside the house, as did rest that just arrived.

Raoul could see the tail of the monster. It was quite big, taking up the entire width of the stairs and even spilling over the sides, having knocked over the balustrade. It was a big, silver monster. He touched it experimentally; it was cold.

The monster had sharp spikes on his back in the shape of shark teeth, and it had many legs. Raoul counted six that were already visible.

Raoul said, "It looks like it has an impenetrable shell, but I don't see its head, so it is alright."

"Megala said it was harmless except when it is hungry," Gwen informed them. She talked over Raoul's shoulder.

"And, let me guess, it is hungry."

"No, but it's stuck. And it's too big to carry."

"Why don't Guy move it?" Juthian asked, climbing inside the house over the monster's tail (the stairs were right next to the door in this house). The other latecomers followed suit.

"You don't want to go in there," Katze warned.

Raoul stepped over, too late to react. What he saw made him nauseous, and he tripped over the tail trying to back away from the scene of gruesomeness.

What was left of Yutaku's house, as in the people, was on the floor. They made a huge pile of intestines, organs, skin, and bones. The pile was obviously made purposely.

"What could have done this?"

"You mean who," Katze corrected.

"Megala said that it could have been an intelligent monster," Ima corrected back. "And I'd rather go with that than have some person do this."

"True. And to answer your question Juthian, the monsters shell is made of some fancy bone or something, not metal."

"Ah, that explains it." Juthian yelled up the stairs. "Guys? Are you up there?"

"Hot damn!" Riki cried out ecstatically. "Is Raoul with you?"


Raoul looked up the stairs to see Riki over the rim. The stairs in Yutaku's house went up in a row, rather than on either sides of the house like at theirs.

"Dude, you think you can pull this monster out? It's blocking the door to the attic and Yutaku can't get out."

"I'll try," Raoul said. He took one look at the tail and buffed up and out, stretching his already stretchy clothes to their limits, and he took the monster's tail, and began pulling. At first the monster didn't budge, and then it began to slowly move. Raoul turned to the right to get the tail and first two bottom legs through the door. Behind him, he heard the Talk Trio talking to Yui.

"So, was the bonecrusher rough on you?" Ru inquired. "I bet it was something else."

"He was very gentle," Yui whisperd.

"Oh, really? I took him as the impatient type!"

Yui was quiet, then said, "He was, a bit. But he really took the… stretching in stride. I think he will be even better next time."

"Oooo, next time! I bet you can't wait."

Again, silence from Yui.

Raoul thought that he couldn't wait, and he hoped that Yui felt the same and that he was just too shy to say anything. He then started daydreaming about the shower, the feeling of Yui around him, the lusciousness of his skin beneath his fingers. He wanted to do it so badly, right then!

"Raoul, dude, stop! You're breaking the house!" Riki yelled.

Raoul snapped to, stopping his pulling. He walked inside the house and found that, indeed, the house was crumbling where the monster had caught on.

"What am I supposed to do, then?" Raoul barked, shrinking.

"Keep going! Just slower! We'll move the body from the sides. We just need it to go a few feet so we can open the door!"

Raoul, concentrating on the beast now, took the tail and hand and slowly pulled. He was encouraged by those upstairs to keep going or to slow down, or stop completely so that they could rearrange the monster around the curves. The others downstairs helped to pull the legs through the door.

And so they all worked together to get the monster halfway out the house so that Yutaku could escape from the attic. By the time they were finished, Raoul had used enough of his magic to be completely exhausted, but Yui had smiled big at him and said, "Good job," so that he wasn't so tired after all.

Yutaku was escorted out the house. And as soon as he stepped over the monsters sixth leg and outside, he began to scream.