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The soft morning rays of sunlight shone through the library's window and onto the array of books that were cluttered about. Steam rose from the hot cup of cocoa that Koneko held in her cold hands. She studied with a passion looking through every book for what seemed to be a very elusive subject.

"Shigure…" it was a faint whisper that came from the opposite corner of the vast library. Koneko sighed; it was yet another love confession for the same person. She wondered what kind of person he was to have so many admirers. Maybe he was one of those extreme manga characters… like an aloof yet cool boy sporting the lone wolf image or those energetic sporty types that were more like a playful dog. She barely held back her laughter as she pictured a poor girl confessing to a dog…

"I-I'm in love with you! From the first time I saw you, I knew it could only be you who could be my first love! The way you greet each day with a smile brightens my day and the way you held out your hand to help me when I fell was so kind. I love you." Koneko bit her lip, she had heard many confessions but this one was so… funny. She knew that she shouldn't laugh but maybe because of all the books and manga she read with school romances she could only look at the real thing with amusement.

"I'm sorry." Koneko stopped, the voice sounded robotic, like an actor who was told to say written lines… a bad actor at that. There was no feeling and no regret, she felt sorry for the girl.

"Oh…" Koneko knew this was the part where the girl would start to cry and run away. Sure enough, she was right.

"Well," She heard the sounds of someone writing, "Hanatsuki-chan... used the direct way for confession… and she is the 23rd girl to confess to me."

Koneko frowned in annoyance, so it was one of those types of guys that all the girls were confessing to.

"There's still some time before school starts… maybe I'll just take a nap here." Koneko grimaced, now she would have to be quiet as not to wake him. Then her chocolate-colored eyes brightened and she gave a mischievous grin.

She silently tumbled, leaped, and cart-wheeled to the table where Shigure had foolishly taken a nap. She pick-pocketed him with an ease that comes only from learned thieves, she looked at him with a slight interest when she realized that he was in the same class as her.

Using the same ninja skills that brought her to his table, she gracefully and speedily went to hers. She skimmed the contents of the small notebook.

"You're an interesting person." She chuckled, grinning like a cat who just cornered a fat mouse.

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