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"You're my mush," said Jade, smiling at her boyfriend. She gave his shoulder a soft little punch. She could feel all the muscle beneath his shirt. "You're all mushy inside."

He raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Inside?"

"Yeah," she said, leaning back so they could stare into each other's eyes. His were a deep warm brown that made her heart thunder to a cold dead stop sometimes. "You're so soft on the inside. You're open. Like your locker, you have nothing to hide. Beck, you're practically an open book."

Beck grinned to himself. He pressed his forehead to hers before taking her hand in his. Their fingers interlocked as his other arm found its way around her thin, petite waist. Her eyes were glistening with love for the boy with the raven-colored hair that sat so close to her. "Well, you're my mushy too," he told her with a slight laugh.

"But I'm not mushy," she argued weakly, a bit of shock sweeping across her features as his lips found hers. She sank against his body; his warm arms welcomed her frame like an old frame. She fit perfectly against him. They were like two pieces to a puzzle. Perfect together.

He fought her for dominance, but she quietly fought right back. Her lips would be swollen by the end of it, but she would win. Jade tangled one hand up in his long dark hair, feeling it silky against her fingertips. He was so great for her. It was just hard to fathom.

Beck didn't give up the fight for dominance as his tongue pushed its way inside her mouth. They tangled and tangoed for a little while before Beck surrendered to Jade's superiority. The girl had won, shoving her body up against his and sending his mind elsewhere, making him go crazy over her. He gave up, he surrendered. Jade won once more.

"How am I mushy?" the girl asked, having the upper hand after the duel of their lips.

Her body remained tightly tucked to his. He held her closer than ever. He hated letting her go for even a minute. "You're not mushy on the inside," he said, a smile floating on his face. "You're mushy on the outside." Beck was all muscle and Jade was all attitude. They were both mush, but on different ends of the spectrum.

"I hate you," whispered Jade, resting her head in the crook of his neck.

"Love you too, Jade," he laughed weakly as she nestled into him deeper.

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