Week 31, August

I groaned as I reached over to my alarm clock to stop it. It was Monday morning in just four short hours I had an interview with one of the hottest magazines in Seattle, Bachelor. I had heard rumors that the boss, Edward A. Cullen, also the founder of the magazine, was a real ball buster.

With a small hope in my heart that the sun would be shining outside my bedroom window, I groaned when I saw the rain pouring down. It was just my luck, ok?

The feeling that everything was going to go wrong today stayed with me as I dragged myself to my bathroom and the feeling was only strengthen when I managed to cut myself as I shaved my legs.

Thank God I had shaved my girl parts two days before. It would have ended in a blood bath if I had saved it to this morning.

3 hours and 55 minutes later.

I was just inside the door as a tall woman with strawberry blond hair called my name.

"Isabella Swan?"

"That's me," I answered out of breath. She eyed me up and down before she led me into a very beautiful office with a whole wall of glass, looking over Seattle.

"Mr. Cullen will be here soon." Good, I had time to make myself look a little better.

I knew things were going to go wrong today. After cutting myself as I shaved, I managed to break my coffee cup and as I drove to the interview, my fucking car broke down and I had to walk.

Looking down at myself, I was glad that my trench coat was long enough to cover my skirt. Sighing in relief, I shrugged out of my coat, hanging it on the back of the chair.

I was trying to make my rain wet hair look better when a tall bronze haired man entered the room, eyeing me up and down swiftly before he sat down across from me, laying a file down on the table between us.

"Isabella Swan," he said, opening the file, taking out a few papers before he closed it and looked up at me.

Holding back a gasp, I took in his beauty, his intense green eyes, square yaw and perfectly shaped face. I knew the rumors about him being fucking gorgeous but I never thought that he would be this fucking amazing.

"Your resume is perfect but we have a few other candidates. I want you tell me a little about yourself," what? "I know I have everything I need to know but I want you to tell me."

"Uhm, I was born in Forks, my dad being the Chief of Police in the little town. My parents divorced when I was four and I moved to Phoenix with my mom and lived there till I finished Junior High. At the age of seventeen, I moved back with my dad when my mom died in a car crash. High School was finished and I moved to California, starting at Berkeley. I'm educated editor and I've always wanted to become an author but it's hard and decided to push that idea away and take a chance on something more useful that sitting behind a computer all day, writing for no one else than myself. I'm 24 years old and working for one of the hottest magazines in Seattle would be an honor" An awkward silence grew and I started fiddling with the sleeve of my blouse.

"We'll be in touch when we've decided," was all he said and left.

Wow, that didn't take more than ten minutes and I was pretty sure that that was something wrong.

Week 34, still August

I almost tripped as I ran through the house, searching for the phone that was ringing.

Breathless, I found and answered.

"Hello?" my voice was hoarse and I hoped it was my dad or Jessica, one of my on and off friends.

"Isabella Swan?" Ok, it wasn't someone I knew or they would have used the name I preferred, Bella, not my whole name.

"This is she."

"I'm Tanya Denali, calling from Bachelor for Edward Cullen," I was sure my heart just stopped. "From those who wanted the job, Mr. Cullen found your resume and attitude the best. He wants you to start working as his PA August the 30th, next Monday at nine. An advice, be here at least thirty minutes early."

I thanked and sat down on the nearest chair, going over the conversation I just had.

I got the job. I got the fuckings job! I screamed of joy and jumped up, glad that I had my own house and no need to think of neighbors. Oh the joy.

Week 35, August 30th

As Tanya had advised, I met up at the office thirty minutes before I actually needed. And it was a good idea because Mr. Cullen arrived not even ten minutes later than me. He didn't say anything, just nodded slightly and went into his office.

No one said anything or told me what to do, just walked past me. For a minute, I thought this whole thing was a joke, until a sweet girl named Angela came up to me and told me that Mr. Cullen was ready to see me. She led me to the door and knocked twice.

Mr. Cullen POV

There were two quick rasp on my door and I knew it was Angela with the new girl, Isabella.

"Come in." two quick words, no more needed than that.

Isabella was pushed inside my office, stumbling slightly on her high heels. She was dressed just like the other girls here at the office, not that it was many girls here, but she pulled it in a whole other direction. She looked sexy with the pencil skirt, a simple light grey blouse and black pumps she could barely walk in.

"Take a seat, Isabella." I gestured to the chair in front of my desk.

She murmured something I didn't quiet catch as she sat down, crossing her legs in a very sexy way. Hmm wonder how they would feel wrapped around my torso.

Stop thinking about your new PA like that!

"What?" I asked, wondering what she would be murmuring about, and of course, out of curiosity.

"You can call me Bella," she smiled.

"I'm sorry but I don't like the use of nicknames around the office, what people call outside this building doesn't face me but I prefer that you use your actually name."

Bella POV

He didn't allow the use of nicknames? Seriously?

"I understand; no nicknames used at the office," I lied smoothly, giving him a small smile. Fucker!

"A few other rules I hope you'll be able to follow is no flirting. If you hit off with someone, keep it private; we don't need to see what happens after the dark. The same goes for family. Don't let problems with your family go out on the work here."

"I understand and will do my best to keep family and friends separated from work."

"To do your best is not enough Isabella. You have to give at least 110 % at all time or you won't make it here, as my PA."

He continued talking about rules before he handed me over to Angela again.

I liked Angela; she was just two years older than me, 26, married for three years to her husband Ben. So far they didn't have kids but she wanted them badly.

After getting to know each other a little, she showed me around, where the break room war, where the copy room, where people I needed to know had their offices and so on. Last, she went through all I needed to know about Edward, uhm, Mr. Cullen.

Angela said it was like he had some kind of a radar that told him when people was going to be late so he could meet up before them and catch them, sometimes yell at them. She said I would be crazy if I didn't make a routine of meeting up at least thirty minutes before.

Every morning at nine thirty, he wanted a black coffee to stand on his desk, not a minute to late. Every day at noon, he wanted another black coffee and every day at four, he wanted water or anything without caffeine.

I was to do anything he told me from 24/7. Yes, I had the right to a private life, a life outside Bachelor, but I had to talk to Edward and together we had to set up a plan on when he could call me and which number he would be able to call if there were something important.

Of course, without a boyfriend, a dad who lived three hours away and not so many friends, I didn't have much of a life but he didn't need to know that, did he?

The week went by, Angela helping me through most of what Edward, uhm, Mr. Cullen (I needed to learn to call him Mr. Cullen, not Edward) told me to do for him.

He had a quick talk with after my first day and promised me that he would take it easy the first week or so and gradually pull me into the hectic life as Edward Cullen's PA.

This was going to be an interesting job, I felt it.

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