AN: This is a taste of a story that I have been spinning around in my head for a few weeks now but before I actually started the real work on it, I wanted to know if it could be something someone would read. I would like a review or two before I consider sharing it with the world.


"Why the hell should I come with you? Have you forgotten about your roommate? The guy I humiliated in front of the whole campus? I'm pretty sure that he hates me now and if he ever sees e again, he'll kill me with his bare hands."

"You don't have to be so dramatic you know. And Bella, you're coming with me because I'm pretty sure that the guys out there will be the reason for your death."

"If he wants me to leave, Jasper, I'll leave."

"I know Bella but I also know that he won't kick you out after I've talked with him. But you're lucky; he's not coming home before tomorrow night."