Author notes: After so long, I've decided that chapter 3 will never be completed but there have been a few people asking for the small part of this chapter that I have wrote so here it is. It is unfinished and may cut off at an odd place but I hope this brings some closure to those who want me to continue. Thank you for all the reviews, faves and watches, it's so great to have feedback on stories that took you hours and hours to write!

Unnamed Chapter

Chapter Three


The first rays of golden light snuck through the blinds, the gentle morning breeze sauntered in; uninvited but welcomed. Crisp freshness swarmed the room, softly rustling violet petals. With the new day evident, a round figure of pink complexion began her chores.

Sasha's paw twitched. Her ears bent round; pestered by sound. Blonde lids gave way to vibrant eyes; fluttering to adjust. Looking up, she caught sight of the Chansey. It smiled before hurrying out of the room; giggling. Sasha's brow furrowed in question. A lingering smell tugged her awareness. Glancing down at Sam she realised. Gasping at the still moist pool atop his back; rushing heat met her cheeks in blush. Remnants of her dream flooded back. A mischievous smile broke out as she frolicked in the thoughts, again. Snap out of it! He could wake up at any second! She looked over him once more, then promptly but carefully shifted round to his side where she leant down and began lapping at his once, silky fur. It proved a lot thicker than it looked. With each stroke she raised a wall of moist fur, jutting out. With subtle grace, Sam's hind leg stretched, grazing against her left paw. She froze instantly; her tongue, still embedded in his coat. Please don't wake up!

After deep exhalation, his leg began to retract without further movement. She took it as a sign to continue; although, she wouldn't have long now. Her grooming resumed, reaching the end of the moist darkness on his side. Brushing with her paw, she smoothed out the standing patches. It looked just as dim but at least it was clean.

"What are you doing?"

She flinched at his voice, flailing backwards. She cooed sharply as her hind slipped off the beds edge and instinctively, she grabbed the blanket with her front, dragging it and its content down with her. Her back hit the floor hard. She was quickly sheeted by the blanket before a sleepy-eyed Flareon joined her; crashing into her torso.

His eyes shot open, "Wha...Sasha?!" He couldn't see her anywhere.

She started laughing beneath him. Three cream tails poking out from under him told the story. Rolling off of her, he pawed the blanket, slipping under. Now nose to nose with the still snickering fox, he smiled, "Are you okay?"

The giggling eased to a gentle hum. "Don't worry Sam, I'm fine" A harmonious peace fell over the two, neither breaking eye contact. "What're you looking at?" she said; playfully flicking his muzzle with a tail.

"You, you're beautiful" he smiled, quoting the same response from their second day.

She remembered; this was the part where she licked him for the compliment. Hesitance followed a pause. The potent aftertaste still framed her maw. Instead, she swatted his face once more and stood. "Help me get this back on the bed" she said, taking a corner of the blanket in her mouth.

Sam grabbed the other corner and leapt onto the bed, watching as his vixen did the same. The blanket sat neatly and evenly spread at his side until a tug from the opposite end left his bedding uncovered. A perplexed hum let Sasha know she just messed up his side and with playful force he dragged it back, almost pulling her with it.

Augmented eyes met his gaze, "Let's see what you've got!" her voice, muffled through the fabric. Tightening her grip, she yanked hard; smiling as Sam slid rebelliously closer to her; his forepaws swiping back against the sheets.

Pulling back, Sam's claws gripped the bedding as he snarled sportingly.

"Don't you growl at me!" she laughed, almost losing her grasp.

Like stretching a rubber band, Sam realised the physics in-play and tactfully waited for the right moment. He could see it coming as she widened her stance, ready to tug; full force. Just as she did so, he let go of the sheet; grinning as she flew backwards, stumbling over her own array of tails. Once again, she barrelled off the side of the bed; landing insipidly on her rear. He hadn't planned that, but found humour in it nonetheless. Obliged to check on her, he pawed to the side and peered over. No fox...

Biting her lip she contained her laughter. Having gone under the bed and through to the other side, she watched vengefully as his tail wagged furiously in front of her face; puzzled by her disappearance. With sleekit precision, she encased him in psychic energy; lifting him from the bed.

Unable to move; his expression bellowed his fear. "Sasha?!" His heart began pounding against his chest as he rose higher. "Sasha!"

She could feel him struggling against her hold, something she'd never came across before; then again, every other psychic attack was used to constrict her opponents. They had no strength to resist. Almost losing her concentration from giggling, she decided to take him round the room, sure that the concept of flight would be exciting for him; regrettably mistaken.

"What are you doing!" he howled "Put me down!" his pulse rocketed, panting heavily; he closed his eyes as she toured him slowly round the ceiling.

Her brow rose in confusion "Are you okay?"

Adrenaline tore through his body; overrun with fear. Every muscle tightened, every nerve braced for a harsh impact. "Don't drop me Sasha" he pleaded.

Awww. "Sam, it's okay. Just open your eyes."

Hesitantly peeking through tensed eyelids he scanned his surroundings, slowly drifting past him from a whole new perspective. He glanced at Sasha, sat confidently on her haunches, smiling. His pulse settled as she brought him down, weaving past lamps and the flower vase until he hovered just in front of her.

Then, just a few inches from the floor she watched his eyes focusing on the ground, just waiting to be released.

He gave her a 'are you putting me down now?' look and smiled.

Snickering, she released her hold.

With a sigh of relief he felt the comforting solidity of the floor under his paws again. "I thought you were going to drop me."

"Hey! I'm pretty good with my psychic move now, don't you worry" she said in a cocky nature. "So how does it feel?" she wondered, having never experienced it herself.

"It's a weird feeling. All I could move were my eyes and mouth and it was really tight."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to squeeze you. I just wanted a good grip so I didn't drop you, I'll loosen it next time" she sympathised.

"Next time?" he joked "next time you better tell me before" a bold statement had he not been shaking profusely.

"Okay, okay" she said, grinning dismissively. Many quadrupeds would give anything to fly, including her. To be one with the wind, to see all at once a summarised frame of nature's glory. Oh well, how many pokemon can conjure vicious torrents of fire at will? I can! Sam too, kind of.

He noticed his tail beside him, vibrating across the floors surface. Whilst casually looking towards the ceiling he slid the bulk of fluff under his hind leg, putting a stop to the fear-fuelled blighter. A quick glance to the fox in front confirmed she saw nothing. In fact, she was just staring into space, lost in thought. Trying to follow her line of sight, he scooted and backed up to her side. From the corner of his eye he saw her blink rapidly, bemused at how a Flareon, five seconds ago stood opposite her now sat at her side.

Opening her maw to speak, something new caught her attention; a spicy, warm fragrance. Raising her muzzle she sniffed, finding the path. It was close, very close.

Sam saw and copied, with no result. "What is it?" No reply either. He sat, still trying to pick up the scent while she sprung onto the bed. Nine hazel tips draping over the edge vanished as she spun round with breakfast in her grips. Stray biscuits scattered over the floor and bed sheets on the dismount.

Upon seeing the bag of treats, the tired memory of the talk with Alex the night before returned to him, leaving him with wide eyes and a broad grin. If Sasha hasn't been focused on the tangy scent she'd have seen it, the ticket to their journey, sat patiently on the nightstand.

"What are you so happy about?" she said, spraying at least a whole biscuit worth of crumbs in his direction.

He snickered at the sight of her. "Give me some and I'll tell you" A cluster of crumbs were embedded in her muzzle fur and the same amount lined the floor by her paws. Hungry are we?! At that moment, a biscuit drifted from the contours of the bag, swivelling towards him and landing conveniently on his nose. It sat with perfect balance as the blue-ish casing disappeared and Sasha resumed her voracious attack on the remainder of the contents. Showoff. Cross-eyed, he let the biscuit roll into his mouth, effortlessly savouring its unique essence.

With one final crunch she finished the whole bag, even going to the extent of licking the foil. The crumbs framing her maw were next, along with the stray biscuits on the bed.

Vaulting up to join her on the bed, he took a seat and watched as the last smidgens of the treats were consumed. His tail started fidgeting again as he visualised telling her.

"Done. They were brilliant!" She sat with a voluptuous glow. "What's the secret then?"

He glanced to the ball on the side, then back to her with assuming features; seeing her repeat his motion without result. "Alex wants you to come with us."

Her heart jumped "Really?" She spoke softly, almost with disbelief.

He nodded, his broad smile peaking once again.

"This, this is great! Whe- How?" Openly grinning, she took it in.

"He came in last night and told me, you were asleep. He left the ball, see?" He stood, pawing the ball to roll it onto the bed.

The Pokeball spun to a stop and Sam placed his paw atop it. Without warning, he saw her take a deep breath and lunge at the capsule. He recoiled as the ball burst open. Raw energy engorged her form. Sleek, golden fur dissolved into scarlet light before the device swallowed her, whole. His tail stood at attention, eyes flared and maw hanging. As the sphere dithered to a halt he realised with cautious manner, he was alone. It was obvious; she hadn't thought this through. Try as he might, there was no way of opening the prison with paws. Scouring his options, he chose to bring the ball to Alex, easier thought than done. Evidently, a Pokeball is too large in diameter to fit safely in a Flareon's mouth. Rolling it is all well and good but getting it from the bed to the ground in one piece proved a challenge. With baby nudges, he nosed the ball towards the edge and stopped it. Content with its position, he stretched off of the bed, paw by paw; never leaving it out of sight. The slightest of vibrations made him whimper and freeze. In what seemed like an eternity, he'd descended successfully.

Emptiness. No dark, no light, no matter, just her. Weightless limbo. Mortal needs were eradicated here; even oxygen. She didn't need it. No desire to breathe, to eat, to sleep. She saw her form and only that. Her paws mashed the non-existent air; swimming. She tried to speak, feeling the vibration along her throat with no effect. No sound whatsoever. Her stomach churned heat itself as she bellowed a flame. Nothing but embers were released, they flashed for a second before dissolving into the void.

Aligned with her sphere, he lay on his back; his tail pressed against the mattress, just below his target. "Just a little more" his tip pushed the edge downwards and the roll began. His heart paused as he followed the ball down his fluffy ramp. It smacked the valley above the rear and below his sac before his shivering tail clamped down, encasing it in safety. Turning slowly onto his side, he loosened his vice-grip and the ball tapped the floor. The seemingly hard part was over, next was the delivery.

Through a combination of nose-nudging and three-pawed walking he steered it to the door. If I remember right, this thing opened when they pushed it. With that in mind, he stood on his hind legs and pressed against the silver barrier.