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Adam will always remember all the he suffered at Brackus's hands. Ever tear-filled night, every bloody cut and every insult that was hurled towards him. All though he is no longer in Brackus's reach, every time he closes his eyes, he feels the terror of those painful nights come back with full force. This is why Adam will never sleep for longer than couple of hours each night.



Kara would never admit it, but she has never been able to fully accept that she will never walk again. Though, everyone tells her that her boots make no difference to them; they do to her. She will always be different. Always weak. Always unable.



Erik stared intently at the parts laying across his bed, absently putting them together. That is all he had been doing for the past while; because he knew that he would mess up at everything else. He had been the only one who had failed the small physical test Alnar had administered, the only one who had messed up thecampingexercise they had done last week; and the only one who didn't successfully destroy the practice droid two days ago. Erik couldn't do anything right. So, as a few tears ran down his face, he proceeded to lose himself to his work.



Rion knew that when he got angry, the more violent side of him would come out. The one that made him lose control to anger and become a servant to his own hate. So, Rion tried his hardest to not get upset; because he feared that one day, this hostility would turn into regret.



Mel had never feared her wizard powers before. But, ever since that event...A shudder ran though her body. She had beenexperimentingwith the extent of her powers, but had become quickly overwhelmed. She nearly destroyed all of Arboth with the amount of power she unleashed. It was in ruins and some lay, sprawled in their own blood; dead. Erik had been able to restore the land, but not its people. She had killed them. And Mel had never used powers since, because every time, she would see the faces all those who lay motionless; hear the scream of the injured and feel the blood that she had spilled.



Seth had never really paid much attention as to how he looked; but when Kragus had merged with him, that was all he could think about. At times, he couldn't stand the stares that people would give him when the defenders stayed in different towns; the hushed whispers that carried insults between the inhabitants of that area. His friends had told him to ignore them, that it didn't matter what anyone else said. Seth would give a nod of understanding for the time being; but when he would be alone, he would stare at his reflection; trying to find something else, other than the imperfections that his mind soon began to believe. All he could find was freak.