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Now this chapter is a special dedication for one of my favorite Kpop groups U-Kiss. Today. April 30th, 2011, is the Korean Music Festival in LA. I can't go because I live in Texas… Stupid Texas… (I don't really mean that…it's the sadness talking) So I'm going to miss seeing U-Kiss perform live in the US for the very first time. (I HATE MY LIFE! DX *sinks into deeper depression*) So there will be mentions of them in here. To the disclaimers!

Jenna: change-of-hearts does not own Harry Potter, Kpop, Man Man Ha Ni, 0330, Korean Music Festival, U-Kiss or Kevin Woo.

Amelia: If she did, Fred would still be alive, there would be more Kpop groups coming to the US to perform more often (ESPECIALLY IN TEXAS!), Man Man Ha Ni and 0330 would be on the radio for all to hear, the Korean Music Festival would be held in Texas, she would watch the boys of U-Kiss practice and treat them to ice cream afterwards and she and Kevin would have an epic DDR battle that would be so epically super special awesomely epic that it would have to be aired on TV nationwide for all to see.

*sighs* I can only dream….

*Earlier that day*

Jenna was relaxing in her room and playing the ukulele. She had just finished organizing the letters and it was now Jenna time. Suddenly, her door flew open with a bang and the cause of that happening was obvious.

"Jenna! Jenna! Jenna! Jenna! JENNAAAAA!" Amelia exclaimed.

"What! What! What! What! WHAAAAAT!" she asked, mimicking her friend.

"Do you know what today is?'

Jenna looked at her calendar and then back at the hyper teen. "It's the 30th. Why?'

"Today's the Korean Music Festival! Can we reschedule the show so I can go? Can we? Can we? Pleeeeeaaaaase~!"

"You know we can't do that! The viewers will kill us!"

"But Je~nna~! U-Kiss will be there! I want to see Kevin, Dongho, Hoon, AJ, Eli, Kiseop and Soohyun!"

"I'm sorry, but we can't!"

Amelia began to pout until an idea was born in the crazy she calls a mind. "Then I get to decide on what we do for the entrance!" she exclaimed running away.

Jenna just sat there and blinked. "I wonder if I should be afraid or excited…"

*End of flashback. Now… TO THE FUTURE- I MEAN… PRESENT!*

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Malfoy were silently waiting in the TDHSSAE Room. They were pretty used to the crazy of the show by now so they weren't as scared magic less as before. Don't get them wrong… They were still frightened and hated it with a burning fiery passion of ten suns, two active volcanoes and a plate of wasabi, but at least they were a little used to it.

The introductions are too long! Welcome everybody! There! Here are your hosts and guys who aren't hosts, but might as well be Jenna, Amelia, Fred and George! I don't get paid enough for this…

Suddenly the song Man Man Ha Ni by U-Kiss(1) started to play. Smoke machines went off, confetti canons were fired and the hosts Jenna and Amelia and guys who aren't hosts, but might as well be, Fred and George descended from the ceiling.

"I'm Jenna, the ukulele playing one-"

"I'm Amelia, the Kpop loving ninja one"

"And this is TDHSSAE!"

The room, now somehow back to normal, was silent. A tumble weed in the shape of Dobby rolled by.

"What was that?" Hermione finally asked.

"That was my dedication to U-Kiss!" Amelia answered happily.

"What the bloody hell is a U-Kiss?(2)" Malfoy asked.

"They are a Kpop group. They are one of Amelia's favorite Kpop groups to be exact." Jenna explained.

"Yup! Since today is the Korean Music Festival- which I can't go to because Jenna's afraid we'd get killed- and this is their first time performing in the US, I decided to do a dedication for them since it is my job-no my duty to support them in any way I can as a loyal KissMe(3)!" the self proclaimed ninja added, smiling happily.

"Now before any of you even get the chance to ask another question, I'm going to let Amelia read the firs letter." Jenna stated calmly.

"Ok! Our first letter is from The Girl with the Lake Eyes! The Girl with the Lake Eyes writes…

'Hilarious! :) I dare Harry to get in a bunny suite and kiss Hermione.'"

"Do I have to…." Harry asked.

"Wear the bunny suite-" Fred began.

"Or kiss Hermione?" George finished.


"Why don't you want to wear the bunny suite!" Amelia exclaimed.

"Why don't you want to kiss me!" Hermione shouted, felling a bit insulted.

"Nice work Harry! You got to girls angry in ten seconds! That's a new record!" Jenna congratulated.

"One, I don't trust you…At all!" Harry began, pointing at Amelia who looked a bit confused. Why would he not trust her? All she did was put him through torture and embarrassment, stole his wand, and took some incriminating photos and videos. "Two, Ron will kill me-In. My. Sleep.- with a baseball bat if I kiss Hermione!"

The room fell silent again. Everyone immediately looked at Ron.

"Why would you kill Harry is he kissed Hermione Ron?" Jenna asked mischievously.

"Um…Uh…Just do the dare Harry!" Ron shouted blushing.

"Alright! Alright! Stupid show!" Harry shouted, angrily storming out of the room.

"Geez…Somebody has a case of Wizard Angst…" Amelia stated thinking that Harry's shouting was a bit uncalled for.

Jenna picked up the next letter and scanned it over. "Fred can you give the bag on the table to Harry?"

Fred shrugged. "Ok." With that, he was gone.

"Isn't Amelia usually the one to distribute costumes?" Ginny asked.

"I have my reasons…Next one is from Sxcsami. Sxcsami writes…

'ROFL! Dying...of...laughter! Don't worry,, I won't sue you though! haha :)

This is totally 100% HILARIOUS!

I love Jenna, Amelia, Fred & George! I want to meeeeeet them! lol

Okay so I dare... Amelia to punch Fred without any warning! Malfoy to give CPR to a ferret andddddd a truth for Ginny, have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear? from the age 12+

Update soon! Please? For the sake of my sanity *hopeful face*(4)'"

"Yay! No law suit!" Amelia exclaimed.

"Since Fred is busy, we'll do Malfoy's dare first."

"I got the ferret! His name is Good Malfoy The Super Special Awesome Ninja Ferret!" In Amelia's arms was a white ferret.

"Why did you name it that!" Malfoy shouted angrily.

"because you're both ferrets…except he's cooler, nicer, more super special awesome and… A ninja!"

"Why you little-"

"Swim Good Malfoy The Super Special Awesome Ninja Ferret! Swim!"

Amelia placed Good Malfoy The Super Special Awesome Ninja Ferret into a kiddy pool. Sadly, Good Malfoy The Super Special Awesome Ninja Ferret still couldn't swim without the help of floaties so…

"He's drowning! Save him Malfoy! You're his only hope!(5)"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…."

Malfoy walked over to the kiddy pool and pulled Good Malfoy The Super Special Awesome Ninja Ferret out of the water. He laid him on the floor and just stared at him.

"Don't just stand there!" Jenna shouted.

"Give him CPR!" George chimed in.

"No! I will not give a rodent CPR!" he argued.

"traitor! You're a traitor to your own kind! You.. You… Ferret Killer!" Amelia exclaimed dramatically.

"I'm not a-"

"Ferret Killer!"

"I will no-"

"Ferret Killer!"

"Will you st-"


"Ok! Ok! I'll give the stupid rodent CPR!"

He pumped the little ferret's chest and gave him mouth to mouth three times (All which was recorded of course). Just then the ferret came to life and ran away.

"Where's he going?" Ron asked.

"I can't believe I just gave mouth to mouth to a ferret…" Malfoy muttered.

"He went to…wait for it… The Ferret Cave!" Jenna exclaimed.

"Duhna, Duhna, Duhna, Duhna Ferret Cave! Ferret Cave!" Amelia sang.

George turned to Ginny. "So Ginny…"

"What?" she asked.

"have you ever went commando?" Jenna asked.

"Yes." Ginny stated calmly without hesitation.

The room was silent yet again. For some reason they had a feeling today would be full of awkward silences.



"Why?" Amelia asked curiously.

"I was out of clean underwear."

"Ooooh~…" everyone said in unison.

Just then, Fred and Harry returned to the room. Harry was in a pink Usa-chan(6) suit. Fred returned to his spot next to George.

"Naw~! Isn't that the cutest little thing you've ever seen!" Amelia cooed.

"Shut up! You now I look ridiculous!" Harry said annoyed.

"We all know that." Fred commented.

"Now kiss Hermione!" George added.

"Fine…" Harry walked over to Hermione and gave her a quick peck on the lips. "There happy?'

"Mmm…. Not really…" Jenna admitted.

"Can I go change now?"


"Let's read the next letter. This one's from-" Fred began.

"NINJA PUNCH!" Amelia exclaimed punching Fred square in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for!" Fred shouted rubbing his now hurting arm.

"Sorry! It was a dare!"

"Why did you hit me so hard!"

Amelia had a dead serious look on her face. "I can't control the power of my punches Fred"

"I'll say…"

"Read the letter and I'll make it up to you…somehow…"

"Ok. This one is from MishaySahila. MishaySahila writes…

'Lol .. would love to see Harry and Draco down to underwear and Draco giving Harry an all over body rub …'"

Cue the awkward silence.

"I'm not doing that…" Malfoy stated.

"Me either.. I'd wear the bunny suit for the rest of my life…" Harry stated as well.

"You have no choice so…" Amelia began before turning on some sexy music. "STRIP! OR I'LL HAND YOU OVER TO THE MARY-SUES!"

Harry and Malfoy's clothes were off at the speed of light.

"Haha! Malfoy wears tidy whities!" Jenna laughed.

"Shut up!"

"Fine! Fine! Now give Harry an all over body rub!"

"Or else!" Amelia added for dramatic effect.

Malfoy grumbled, walked over to Harry and commenced giving him a body rub.

*We are sorry, but this scene is so awkward and mind scarring that we can't show it or our show will be canceled. Please enjoy this MV from U-Kiss's Bran New Kiss album 0330(7)*

Malfoy and Harry were now fully clothed and sitting as far away as possible from each other.

"We never speak of this again…" Malfoy stated.

"Agreed…" Harry replied.

"I won't be able ton un-see that…" Jenna said in a state of shock.

"No Jenna….None of us will…" Amelia corrected.

"Let's… Just read the next letter…" George said awkwardly. "this on is from Lilac Rose6. Lilac Rose6 writes…

'YAY FOR PLATONIC LOVE! What does platonic mean? lol... OMFG, Ryou is SOOOOOOO cute and sweet!~! U=I loves him- he ish my favorite character! *huggles Ryou plushie* and the creepy music? You'll never know where it comes from. MWAHAHAH! *Creepy music* and YAY, Freddie and Georgie doing the awesomest dance ever! *evil smile* Harry's unconcous, yeeees. *crosses that off my bucket list* maim or severly injure- fave line from ALL the HP movies. gee, that was long and rambling. ON TO THE DARES/TRUTHS!

Ron- who DO you have a crush on? HA, now it's been asked.

Everybody- will you give me a huuug?

everybody- I dare you to give me a hug!

everybody- I dare you to have a group hug!

Fred and George- I dare you to hug each other!

Amelia- I dare you to hug the pockey!

Draco- I dare you to hug the... chair! yes, the chair.

Ron- HUG THE LEPERCHAUN! And then Hermione.

Harry- hug the bertie bot's earwax jellybeans!

Ginny- hug the wall.

That's all! Update soon!

~Lady Lilac~'"

"Platonic love- Loving someone, but not like the love you'd have for a lover. It's best friend love. Oh and I want that plushie!" Amelia stated.

"Do I have to say?" Ron whined.

"Yup!" Amelia, Jenna, Fred and George all replied in unison.

"… Hermione…"

"I knew it!" Amelia exclaimed.

"We all knew that Amelia…" Ginny commented.

"Well… Except for Hermione…" Jenna said waving a hand in front of Hermione's, who is now in a state of shock, face.

"Now to answer your question… Yes I'd give you a hug." Fred answered.

"Me too." George agreed.

"Same here." was Jenna's response.

"I love hugs so… Yes!" Amelia chimed in.

"Sure." Ginny replied.

Hermione, still in shock, just nods.

"Sure why not" Harry commented.

"I guess" Ron said still a bit embarrassed from having to confess who he liked.

"No…" Malfoy stated bluntly.

Everyone just looked at Malfoy. It was strange that he was the only one to say no… Ok it wasn't strange at all. Everyone would be surprised if he did say yes.

"What? I don't want to hug some stranger who is responsible for my misery."

Amelia ran up to him and punched him in the stomach. "Jerk face! How dare you deny the sacred tradition that is the hug! It has been passed down by my family for generations!(8)"

Malfoy doubled over in pain. "You're mental!"

"And you're a ferrety jerk face who can't take a punch!"

"Besides, we've been dared to hug her so you have no choice." Jenna interjected.

"Ha! In your face ferret!" Amelia exclaimed.

"I swear, if you call me ferret one more time, I'm going to-"

"To the Teleportation Chamber!"

Amelia ran over to the teleportation Chamber that came from god knows where and started to press buttons.

"If I can get the coordinates right and calibrate the dematerialization and rematerialization(9) correctly, Lilac Rose6 should teleport here in one piece…"

Everyone, but Jenna looked at her in surprise.

"Done!" she exclaimed, pressing a big red button.

Many blinding flashing lights later, Lilac Rose6 appeared. The loyal and super special awesome viewer stepped out of the Teleportation Chamber and looked around.

"Whoa… It's bigger in person…!"

"And now…" Fred began.

"We hug!" George completed.

Everyone gather around Lilac Rose6 and gave her an epically epic group hug.

"Yay hug!" she said happily.

"Now everyone… We need to do this perfectly for Lilac Rose6... Commence operation Hug what we're supposed to!" Amelia exclaimed.

Everyone ran over to the object of their hugging. The twins hugged each other, Amelia hugged the pocky… and then ate it…, Malfoy emotionlessly hugged a chair, Ron chased the leprechaun around before finally tackling it to the floor and hugging it, then he hugged Hermione who returned said hug and Ginny awkwardly attempted to hug the wall. While all of this was happening, Jenna and Lilac Rose6 were sharing a plate of cookies.

"Sorry I left you out of the hugging spree."

"Don't worry about it, I get to eat cookies instead."

Everyone stopped hugging and returned to their seats. Lilac Rose6 let out a sad sigh. She didn't want to leave just yet. It was so much fun here. And they had cookies!

"I guess I have to leave now…"

"Yes, but don't worry! We can have an epic super special awesome party!" Amelia said trying to cheer her up.


Everyone said their goodbyes and Lilac Rose6 left happily knowing that there will be an epic super special awesome party later.

"That was fun" Jenna commented.

"Hugs are like drugs you can't get enough!" Amelia stated happily.


"Ok! Our next letter is from the hawk. Ooo~! Epic name! You must be a secret agent or something! the hawk writes…

'dare Harry to make out with some one of his choice in the room *cough**cough*ginny*cough*'"

"So I'm guessing you want me to make out with Ginny…" Harry commented.

"Pretty much… Now start with the making out!" Jenna replied.

Harry and Ginny both shrugged and started to make out. It was starting to get a little to fiery so Amelia decided to put out the flames with a bucket of water. Now the two are soaking wet.

"Hey!" they both shouted.

"Don't you 'Hey!' me young man and young lady! This isn't a porno! I will not have you deflowering her on our show! Now both of you.. Time out! Harry you stand in that corner and Ginny you stand in that other corner!" Amelia scolded.

"Oooo~!" Fred said.

"You guys are in trouble~" George chimed in.

"While Harry and Ginny finish their time out, I'll read our last letter. This one's from Trem. Trem writes…

'Jenna and Amelia share who it is they like!-truth

Put ickle ronniekins through "the talk" by Fred George Jenna and Amelia!- dare

Make harry and the ferret slow dance together!-dare

Love ur show guy! to funny i couldnt stop laughing! Put them through torture guys especally the ferret! Mwuahahahahahaha!'"

"Finally!" Harry exclaimed..

"Justice!" Ron chimed in.

"Serves you both right!" Malfoy said smugly.

Jenna and Amelia looked at each other and then at everyone else.

"Fred." Jenna stated simply.

"Kevin Woo.(10)" Amelia answered.

Everyone, but Jenna and the twins looked at Amelia in surprise.

"What?" she asked.

"It's nothing… It's just…. We expected Jenna's answer, but…" Hermione began trailing off.

"We thought you liked George." Ginny finished.

"Oh she does." George stated.

"What?" Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Malfoy asked utterly confused.

"Let me explain…" Amelia began. "I like George… I really, really, really, really, really like him. But, since he already knows that- I mean who doesn't? It is pretty obvious that he's my Wizard crush- so I figured why not say the name of the guy who I like the most out of all my Kpop guy favorites. Kevin's also a special favorite because he's the only one of my favorites who isn't the maknae of their group."

"The what?" Ginny asked.

"The youngest member of the group."

"Ok! Now we must give 'the talk' to ickle ronniekins!" Fred and George said in unison.

"Oo! Oo! Can I do it? I have the perfect way to explain it!" Amelia asked.

Jenna shrugged. "Sure."

"Why not." Fred answered.

"It's fine by me." George answered.

"Yes!" she exclaimed happily.

"Oh dear lord I'm gong to be scarred for life…" Ron said terrified.

"Oh quit your whining and come here." she said pulling him over to a chair before sitting in her own. "Ok Ron I'm about to give you "the talk". It's ok if you become uncomfortable. All virgins are uncomfortable when they get the talk for the first time. It's your first before your first-"

"I've already had "the talk"! And don't say I'm a virgin on national television!"

"Hush! Now where was I.. Oh yeah! Ok Ron, you're a teenager and while you become a teenager you might just get this funny feeling in your pants-"

"Please make her stop talking!"

"Stop doing that! Don't worry. It's perfectly natural. All boys your age gets that feeling. Now when you're old enough, are with the person you sincerely love- or you know…your drunk or under the influence of certain drugs that I'll tell you about later- and the both of you are ready, you two will do something that has populated the Earth for generations and generations. But remember to wear protection. If you don't, you might make a baby when you put your piddler into that girl's woohoo(11). There all done. Now was that so hard?"

"I was right… I'm officially scarred for life…" he said walking away.

"Oh don't be such a drama queen Ron! She kept it clean and even used substitute words! It's not like she gave you the dirty details!" Jenna commented.

"Right! Now to the last dare!" Amelia said before playing a slow song. How does she do that with going to a stereo? She'll never tell. "Harry! Ferret! Dance!"

The two boys begrudgingly obeyed the command and began to slow dance. Malfoy's hands were on Harry's waist and Harry's arms were around Malfoy's shoulders. Why did they do it that way you ask? Because if they didn't, Jenna and Amelia would have forced them to do it anyway and they just wanted to get this over with. The song came to an end and as soon as it did, Harry and Malfoy were sitting as far away from each other as possible again.

"That's all the letters for today! So I guess that ends today's episode!" Amelia exclaimed.

"Wait Amelia. It's not over just yet…" Jenna stated.

She looked at her friend confused. "It's not?"


"You see… Since we couldn't let Amelia go to the Korean Music Festival-" Fred began.

"We've decided to let her say a few words to U-Kiss before we end the show." George finished the explanation.

"Really!" she asked surprised, her eyes growing wide with happiness.

"Yup! So go on and say something Amelia!" Jenna replied happily.

Amelia looked at the camera with a happy smile. "Annyoung hashinmnika!" she said waving at the camera. "I know you guys will mostly likely not see this, but I just want to say congratulations on doing your first performance in the US. I know you guys have worked really hard and even thought I'm not able to see you guys, I will be cheering for you from here. I hope to see you guys perform one day. Stay happy, healthy, keep doing what you love and don't ever change. We love you just the way you are. U-Kiss Fighting!"

Jenna patted her friend on the back. "That was a very nice thing to say to them Amelia."

"Thanks! Now let's wrap this thing up! I'm craving chocolate chip cookie doe ice cream!"

"Right! Thanks to everyone one who sent us letters. We love them and you!"

"We want more of them too!"

"So send us your truths and dares." Fred said.

"We know they'll be brilliant!" George stated.

"We'll see you then!" Everyone exclaimed together.

Aaaaand done! I'm a teensy bit upset about this chapter. I don't know why, but I think it's lacking the hilarity and energy of the other ones jus a bit. Maybe I'm just thinking to much into it.

1) This was when U-Kiss was made up of Kevin, Dongho, Kiseop, Eli, Soohyun, Alexander and Kibum. I decided to put this in because to me there aren't seven members of U-Kiss. There's nine.

2) I've been asked this, though not with the bloody hell, twice. Once about U-Kiss and once about SHINee.

3)This is what fans of U-Kiss are called.

4) I'm so sorry if I ruined your sanity! DX

5)A cookie for whoever can guess this reference. XD

6)When I saw that dare I immediately pictured Harry in the Usa-chan bunny suit that Haruhi wore in Ouran. Haha

7)This song is, like it says in the story, a part of U-Kiss's Bran New Kiss album. This is when U-Kiss is made up of Kevin, Dongho, Kiseop, Hoon, AJ, Eli and Soohyun.

8)Another reference! Who can guess where it's from? =D

9)Just wanted to say this. According to my computer, dematerialization is a word, but rematerialization isn't. Weird right?

10)Weren't expecting that now were you? =3 Kevin actually is my U-Kiss bias. I think it's his personality, great singing voice and the fact that he can dance the girl group dances better than most girls. XD Him being very good looking is seriously just a bonus because I base my favorites on what' on the inside. Also if they make me laugh/smile a lot. Oh! And fun fact: Kevin actually is the only person on my bias list that isn't the maknae of their group. Which makes him special. Yay for being special! X3

11) This is a Demyx Time reference. This is when they went to Disney World/Land (can't remember which it is *sweat drop*) and Demyx taught sex ed. He told them "You put the piddler in the woohoo and out comes a Heartless"

I'd like to say one last thing before I finish this…. U-Kiss = Super Special Awesomely Epic and I meant every word that Amelia said before the show ended. They most likely won't see this, but I don't mind because got to do a special dedication to them in the chapter. U-Kiss Fighting!

Ok my fan girl moment is over so… Please review! I really do love your truths and dares. I promise to update this real soon!