Third Person:

Two Months Later

"Rose stir the greens!" Sarah shouted, as she checked on the turkey in the oven.

Sarah wanted to throw an official dinner now that the Hales and Cullens are friends again. Emmett sat in the living room with Carlisle, Jasper, William, Edward, Maria, Abigail and the twins.

"I'm taking the pie out of the oven." Esme announced, pulling the oven mitts over her hands.

"I'll take the drinks to the table." Alice informed, going into the fridge.

"I'm right behind you with the plastic plates, cups and utensils." Bella added, waiting for Alice to lead the way.

"The greens are done." Rose informed, walking towards the mashed potatoes, "And so are the mashed potatoes."

"The turkey needs about twenty more minutes." Sarah sighed, closing the oven.

They headed into the living room to hang out with everyone else, while the food continued cooking. Rose sat on the floor and crawled towards her babies and Emmett. Alice sat on Jasper's lap as Abigail and Maria played dolls. Bella, William, Edward and Sarah were in deep conversation about a business venture as Carlisle and Esme sat stiff on the couch staring at Mason and Aubrey.

Aubrey stood on two feet and walked towards Esme. Esme smiled and bent over to pick up the little girl. Emmett laughed as he watched his mom tickle his daughter. Carlisle watched as if he was a stranger who didn't belong.

"Can I hold her?" Carlisle whispered, as Rose stood up with Mason in her arms.

"No." Emmett answered, taking his daughter from his mother.

"Emmett I'm sorry. The money has been getting to my head. I've been losing my family and the money is the only thing keeping me sane. I never meant anything I said about Rose or those babies. The anger I had for one person, "Carlisle said, averting his eyes to Jasper then back to Emmett, "caused me to feel angry towards who ever was related to that said person."

Emmett stared down at Aubrey who looked at him confused. "Hand her to Carlisle." Rose whispered, assuring, while rubbing Emmett's back as Mason sat on her side hip.

Emmett inhaled a deep breath as he handed over his daughter to his father. Rose passes Mason to Esme to give her hip and arms a break. Mason stood on Esme's lap bouncing up and down, clapping his hands, as Esme's hands rested on his back to make sure he didn't fall. Carlisle held the little girl tightly in his arms, as if his life depended on it. He hummed melodies in her ear as he rocked her.

"Mason looks just like Emmett," Carlisle stated, before glancing towards Aubrey, "but, she looks like Rose."

"Esme, Rose, Bella, and Alice please help me. I'm in dire need of more available hands." Sarah laughed, directing the women to the kitchen.

Esme sat Mason beside Carlisle, and stood up to follow the other women. Emmett took his mother's seat and pulled his son onto his lap.

"You do forgive me, don't you?" Carlisle asked, making funny faces at Aubrey.

Aubrey's giggling is what pushed Emmett towards forgiveness. She adores Carlisle already. That has to say something.

"I can't stay mad at you," Emmett sighed, passing Mason to Carlisle, "even though sometimes I want to."

Carlisle struggled as both toddlers wanted to play while sitting on his lap. He slid them off and sat them between him and Emmett.

"Everyone the food is ready!" Sarah announced, leading everyone into the dining room.

"Can you take him? It's a seat in there for him." Emmett wondered, scooping Aubrey into his arms.

Carlisle agreed and picked the little boy up. He followed Emmett and like Emmett said there was a seat in there for Mason. He sat Mason in the seat beside Aubrey. Emmett sat down in the seat beside his son, saving the seat beside Aubrey for Rose.

"You know I watched the news and they said the world's going to end in 2012!" Bella laughed, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Oh please! They can't even predict the weather, how are they going to predict the end of the entire world?" Rose sarcastically replied, rolling her eyes.

"They have a logical reason behind it. It will end." Edward muttered, making his and Abigail's plate.

"If the world ends in 2012, how come my Sprite expires in 2013. Huh? Explain that to me!" Alice remarked, crossing her arms, waiting for an excuse.

Edward shook his head in laughter as everyone continued making their plates.

"Have you guys ever wondered how long it would take a giraffe to throw up?" Rose asked, handing Aubrey a small piece of turkey.

"That's a good question actually…Hmmm." Esme added, thinking to herself, causing Carlisle to laugh.

Jasper and Edward made Maria and Abigail's plate before allowing them to eat by themselves. Emmett fed Mason and Rosalie fed Aubrey.

"Why can't you walk around in a bra and panties, but you can walk around in a bikini?" Sarah wondered, quirking an eyebrow as everyone thought to themselves.

When everyone finished eating, they took the conversation into the living room.

"Go get your coat Maria. Your mom should be on her way." Jasper ordered, watching his daughter skip away.

"I don't want to leave." she whispered, walking back into the living room while putting her coat on.

"Maria!" Mariah called out, entering the house.

Maria dragged her feet towards her mother.

"She doesn't want to leave. Do you think we can drop her off when we leave?" Alice asked, approaching Maria.

"No. She will not be getting into a car that you're in. I don't want you around my daughter! I don't want you touching her! Thinking about her! Saying her name! Nothing!" Mariah growled, grabbing onto Maria's hand.

"What gives you the right to do that?" Esme shouted, pulling Alice towards her.

"I am her mother!" Mariah exclaimed, picking Maria up in her arms.

"And Jasper's her father!" Rose remarked, approaching her, before Emmett pulled her back.

"I'm just trying to protect my daughter." Mariah informed, pecking Maria's cheek, "I'm a good mother."

"You can't keep me from seeing her Mariah. She's Jasper's daughter! I'm Jasper's girlfriend!" Alice bellowed, watching Maria bury her head into the crook of her mother's neck.

"I had her! I birthed her! I'm her mother! I'm a good mother!"

"Just because you can make babies, doesn't make you a good mother. I've looked through a microscope before, does that make me a damn scientist!" Rose spat, glaring daggers at the woman.

"It's okay Rose. I can take care of it." Alice whispered, pushing Rose towards Emmett.

"You cannot take care of it Alice. I know for a fact you can't. You would never be enough for Jasper. He'll always need more." she laughed, winking at me.

"You're trying me!" Alice exclaimed, glaring at her as she rocked Maria in her arms.

"You need Rose to fight your battles, just like Jasper does." she added, looking Alice up and down, before averting her eyes towards Jasper.

"Just try me Mariah!" Alice growled, clenching her fists.

"Calm down…" Jasper whispered, rubbing Alice's back, soothingly.

"Don't argue with an idiot, Alice. She will drag you down to her level and beat you with experience." Rose asserted, pulling Alice towards the couch.

"He wants me Mariah! Get over it!" Alice yelled, flopping down onto the couch.

"We'll see if Jasper still wants to be with you when Maria starts to hate you." Mariah commented, laughing as she turned to head to the door.

"Maria." Mariah whispered, pecking her daughter's forehead.

"Hmm?" Maria asked, adjusting her head position on her mother's shoulder.

"Alice is such a slut." Mariah laughed, securing her hold on her daughter.

"Mommy, what's a slut?" Maria wondered, staring up into her mother's brown eyes.

Mariah looked back at Jasper and Alice and grinned before walking out of the door.


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