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Never Let Go.

T.K began coughing violently again.

"T.K, are you alright?" I asked, worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just my cold." T.K answered, giving me a small smile.

T.K had been sick like this for a few days, and it had been getting worse. We were in drama, and we were trying to create a small play on friendship. I was with T.K, Davis (damn), Yolei and one of my other friends, Miya. Davis wanted to be my boyfriend in the play, but I simply refused. Yolei wanted to have a boyfriend, so I joked that she should go with Davis. She looked totally revolted at the idea of Davis being her boyfriend. My other friend, Miya, really didn't care what part she played, and just hung around, listening to Davis plead with me to be my boyfriend. T.K just sat there, in the corner, leaning back with his eyes closed. I was worried about him. Davis interrupted my thoughts by asking for any suggestions. I swear, I could punch that jerks face in…

Finally, we worked out a play. Davis stopped bugging me, and T.K finally stood up. He wobbled a bit, looking queasy, and I grew more worried about him. We were the second group to perform. The first group were good. Next, were us. We set up the stage, and T.K just leaned against the wall, and held his head in his hands. Soon, the room fell silent, signalling for us to start. Davis and Yolei sat in the background, watching T.K and I walking into the middle of the stage. T.K's balance was getting worse, and I grabbed his hand. I distinctly heard Davis growl in the background. T.K smiled at me. He began to speak.

"This is a typical friendly greeting."

He continued, "Hi Kari. How are you?"

"I'm fine thanks, and you?" I replied.

"I'm…I'm…" he began. He started to lose his balance.

"T.K?" I asked, holding onto him. His eyes closed and he fell to the floor.

"T.K!" I said, panic in my voice as I dropped to his side. Everyone else came and crowded around. I held his hand firmly. I felt so scared for T.K. The teacher pushed through the crowd and dropped next to T.K.

"OK," she ordered, "Someone, Yolei, run down to the nurse's office and alert the nurse what has happened. Kids, could you please move back to let T.K get some air."

Everybody moved back. I began to shiver. He was just lying there, white as a ghost. Miya came and knelt by my side, and put her arms around me. She knew how much I loved him. I heard Davis grunt. Obviously this is the thing he wanted, so now he thinks he can get with me. That's it. I've had it with that bastard. I got up, parted through the crowd, and found Davis leaning against the wall, arms folded.

"Spit it out jerk." I spat at him

"What?" said Davis, staring back blankly.

"You selfish little prat…" I said, evilly, before I lunged at him, and began wrestling him to the ground. The whole class looked on, as I began strangling Davis. The teacher, looking over from T.K, saw us wrestling, and began shouting at us. But then, the nurse came up, with a couple of male P.E teachers. Yolei, along with Miya and a couple of Davis' friends (only a couple) split us up. The P.E teachers then lifted T.K onto a stretcher, and took him downstairs. I began to chase after them, and Yolei and Miya soon joined me.

Sirens. People coming to the sick bay, transporting the immobile form of a young boy from a bed to a stretcher, and carrying it all the way down to where the ambulance was parked. I followed them down, but the van drove away, without me. The last I saw of the young boy was his face- white, and sad.

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