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The Ethan St. Cloud Chronicles – Book One

Ethan St. Cloud and the Divine Locket

Disclaimer: I don't own Greek mythology. In fact, if anyone in this world did, they would be old and mushy. Anyway, enjoy!

IT'S FUNNY, HOW YOUR LIFE CANchange so quickly, so rapidly.

For instance, when you go to a birthday party, expecting it to be as normal as it could be when weird things go on in your life, and then having to be whisked away to a school for so-called special kids? I mean, seriously.

Let me just make three things clear.

One: Being different isn't a sin.

Two: Your life can change more quickly than you think.

and Three: Be on the lookout in case you're one of us. Recognizing yourself in the pages of these books is bad. You'll be able to know if you're one of us by reading this. If you think you are, make sure you ultimately protect yourself from them.

My name is Ethan. Ethan Alexander St. Cloud.

My twin sister and I have been thirteen for a couple of months now, attending Maplewood Middle School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Every school needs the fatherless twins, right? Well, I guess that's me and Ellie.

It was quite interesting; most of my friends, and even some of my enemies, had lived with only half of their parentage. Some of them had no mothers, some of them, vice versa, without any fathers.

Anyway, I was telling you about how quickly my life changed just by attending a birthday party, right? Well, I guess I should get into that.

The birthday party was for my best friend, and Ellie's fatherless boyfriend, Hunter Rivera. They were dating for about five and a half weeks before the party.

As I told you earlier, mostly all of my friends, and some of my enemies, only knew or have only half of their parentage.

The majority of us had no fathers, but some of us had no mothers, such as my girlfriend of four months, Rosa VanCleaven, who goes by Rose, as well as the other final couple of the group, Dmitri Gardner and Olivia Johnson.

The rest of us: Benjamin Rich, Andrea Martin, Melanie Green, Brianna and Hunter Rivera, Ellie and I didn't have fathers.

Brianna is Hunter's little sister. It was pretty obvious they were siblings, too, because they looked incredibly alike, with the same black hair and bright blue eyes their father must've had. They are fully related, but Hunter doesn't have any memory of his father, so she must have been born, at the most, a little over a year after Hunter's birth.

My story begins with me sitting in English class…

I sighed and twiddled with my thumbs as I sat in that desk in English that one day. The past few weeks were a breeze for me since we were learning about Greek mythology. I already knew all of the information. Not only was I reading it ever since I was practically old enough to read, but my mother, Piper St. Cloud, always told Ellie and I the stories when we were younger, and found Greek mythology an important thing for us to learn. I grinned over at my best friend, Hunter Rivera, who was only slightly less bored than I. He smiled and nodded to my desk. I found a slip of paper there. I quickly snatched it and opened it up, even though my English teacher didn't really care if we passed notes. It read:

'It is gonna be my birthday in a couple of weeks. My mom is finally letting me have a birthday party again, after what happened last time… Anyway, do you and Ellie wanna come?' I grinned ear to ear, and slightly chuckled at the whole 'after what happened last time…' thing. The last time he had a birthday party; there was a power outage in his house because of all the lights and electronics being used simultaneously. I scribbled a quick reply.

'I'm sure we'll be able to go! And I doubt that there will be a power outage this time. Do you have the details for the party yet?'

'Sort of. My mom and I are probably going to have it at my house, but we don't know how long the party runs through. My birthday's on a weekend, so it might be a sleepover, but we're not sure. I also think I know who I'm inviting.'

'Who are you thinking of inviting?'

'You and Ellie, of course, Rose, for you (HA), Ben, Melanie, Andrea, Olivia and Dmitri.'

'Coolio.' I tossed the note back onto Hunter's desk as the bell rang, signaling us to leave the classroom, and before anyone left, our teacher shouted, to make sure everyone could hear her,

"Don't forget to start your first draft paragraph on the Greek Olympian you were given!" I sighed. I had completely forgotten about the assignment, despite it being only told to us on Monday, when it was Wednesday.

Among the group of our friends, Hunter, Melanie and I were the only ones in the same English class. I was assigned to write a paragraph on Demeter, Melanie has to write about Hera, and Hunter had to write about Ares.

I was glad summer would be soon arriving. Ellie and I often get summer fever several months before school ends. I could almost feel the rest of school fading away from me, finally giving me time away from that torture chamber that Olivia actually enjoys.

Again, I had nothing really against school. I knew there were tons of other kids out in the world who wished they had the opportunity to go to school. If I didn't have school, then I'd probably be illiterate, and for all we know, a guy could come to my house with a contract for me to sign that would end up being something I would regret.

Also, most of my social life comes from school. If there wasn't any school, I probably wouldn't have my friends, Ben Rich, Dmitri Gardner, Melanie Green, Hunter Rivera, and Andrea Martin. I probably wouldn't even be dating Rosa.

Rosa's father, Miguel VanCleaven, is a famous actor that everybody in school knew. A lot of people in school were all over her because of that. All of the guys seemed to want to date her, while the girls tried getting her associated with their group to gain popularity or something like that. Maybe they wanted to be actors and actresses or something.

As for me, I don't date Rosa for who her father is; all of us were friends with Rosa before we figured out her father was a famous actor. Ever since all of us kids in the middle school began to have comprehension of popularity and fame, everyone suddenly thought that they were Rosa's best friend.

Alas, Rosa promised us that she wouldn't leave us for the popular people, which made us happy, especially with people we hated in school. The thing is; Rosa and her father were almost complete opposites: her father was a famous actor that everyone paid attention to. Rosa didn't want to be an actress; in fact, she didn't like drawing any type of people who want her to become popular or attention to herself, which resulted in us having to move our original lunch table to the back of the cafeteria, having to sit in the farthest corners in the classroom, et cetera.

What I found interesting was that Rosa wasn't of any type of Spanish descent. Apparently, her father liked Spanish names, as did his mother and grandfather before, so he decided to give her the name Rosa. However, Rosa doesn't like the name though; however, she does like the English equivalent, Rose, and so she makes us call her by that name. Though I like the name Rosa, so whenever I'm not with her, I call her by that name.

If there's anybody within our group that I feel bad for most, it's Ben. Not only did he have to live life without his father, but when he was seven, his mother was driven insane with the fear of death. Her name was Valeria Rich, and she was a waitress at a restaurant near our school called The 99 Restaurant.

Ben lives with his step-father. Luckily, he isn't one of the step-fathers that hurts or abuses their new wife's kid. His step-father, Professor Drake Morris, loved Ben and treated him with care, though I'm not exactly sure if Ben feels the same way about him. Ben doesn't actually call him anything but the name, Drake. He doesn't call him father. He doesn't call him step-father. He would only call him by the name Drake.

The only thing that really keeps Ben in a mood that isn't gloomy is his friends, or Andrea, whom he is dating.

Rosa was the one that actually set them up together. She thought they both were feeling lonely, since Ben isn't always in a happy mood, and Andrea felt like no boys actually liked her. Turns out, they both really liked each other, and one thing that tied them together deeply was the fact that they were both mischievous and had a lot of things in common.

I'm sure I've been boring you for a long amount of time now, so I guess I should better get into the story now.

Ellie and I stepped out of my mother's van and walked up the steps to Hunter's house. We didn't really know what to get him for a present, and not many kids our age really wanted any presents for a birthday party, so we each have a card with twenty dollars for him.

I knocked on the door. No soon after did Hunter open the door. I recognized some of the faces of those who had already arrived─Olivia, Benjamin, Dmitri.

Out of our entire group, Olivia was definitely the smartest. She had grey eyes, with lush, black hair, which she never really bothered to brush or straighten unless on a special occasion: I guess she considered this a special occasion, since her hair was actually combed.

Ben was sort of anti-social. He had dark hair and dark eyes, with pale skin and lots of freckles, and even though he wasn't exactly gothic, he was automatically labeled as exactly that in our school, and even though we've tried convincing them in the past, they should know by now that he's just loud when around us and isn't exactly comfortable around strangers. People always think he's an antisocial Goth.

Dmitri was a true-tree-hugger. He recycles everything considered "recyclable", and pretty much lives off of: fruits, vegetables, organic food and wheat pasta. He has dark hair and eyes like Ben, but olive colored skin with no freckles.

Ellie and I entered, and Hunter said we could put our cards on the dining room table. He kissed Ellie on the cheek before she followed me. I giggled. We had been to Hunter's house in the past, so luckily we knew where we were going. I looked at Ellie right after we put our cards on the dining room table, and she was blushing. I laughed, and she punched me in the gut.

Anyway, after that was over with, I noticed some more people were beginning to arrive, even though I couldn't hear their cars outside or their knocking on the door of Hunter's house. Hunter opened the door to reveal Rosa and Melanie, the two best friends who car-pooled together. Brianna quickly ran over to them and hugged them, which made them giggle. Despite being a year younger than us, Brianna was still a great friend of ours.

Rosa walked over to me and hugged me, which made a people make the "Awww," sound that sounds like their cooing over a newborn baby.

I could tell Rosa had at least tried to look good for the party.

Not that she was ugly or anything. In fact, she was quite pretty. But with the fact that some people try becoming her friend just to be somewhat popular or something like that, she tries not looking like she could be a child actress and pursue her father's career.

Her chocolate brown hair was straightened, and I could tell she was wearing contacts today, because her eyes weren't changing color like they usually do. Typically they change from blue, to green, to brown, to even hazel or grey, but one day, somebody commented that they thought something was wrong with her eyes because it was a mix of colors to make an ugly shade of brown, and she's been wearing contacts frequently since.

Rosa didn't care much about her looks. She wasn't the type of girl you'd expect to be. Her father is almost a multimillionaire, and her house is practically a mansion. With her father being an actor and having gorgeous features, you'd think she was the kind of girl who cares nothing about her friends and breaks school dress code by wearing spaghetti straps and short shorts─but never, would Rosa go there.

Andrea was the last to show up, which surprised me, because she told me she walked here, and Andrea was a pretty fast runner─walker, whatever.

"Sorry I'm late," Andrea apologized.

"It's okay," Hunter told her. "It was only, like, ten minutes. It's not like an hour." She giggled, and Hunter and Brianna's mom, Michelle Rivera, walked into the living room where all of us were standing.

"Okay, time to go outside." She told us. Some people groaned, not liking the hot weather of today, but I didn't mind it.

We walked outside to Hunter's backyard, which had beautiful lime green grass with a large wooden deck with a tomato garden. There was a tire swing and a small playground off in the distance.

All of us sat at a table in which we sat and talked, with food and drinks being prepared for us. Hunter's mother was cooking cheeseburgers and hot dogs for us, and the smoke coming from the grille gave off a fantastic smell, that I loved.

Andrea began telling us a story about how she was able to steal earrings from a store at the local jewelry store. Of all of us, Andrea was the most mischievous, the most rebellious. She sometimes tried convincing us to do stuff like her, and even Ellie and Melanie had a past of doing bad stuff like that─the difference was, Andrea could get away with it.

Andrea, having told us that she was wearing the earrings at the moment, tucked her dirty blonde hair behind her ear, revealing a cartilage piercing.

"It really brings out your eyes," Brianna noticed randomly. We all burst out in laughter due to her randomness; even though I did see that the emerald green earring really was making her brown eyes pop.

While some people stayed at the table, Rosa, Melanie, Ellie, Hunter and I walked over to the tire swing and deciding to swing in it since we were bored with nothing much to do.

When we were younger, we would always find stuff to do at parties, and it would be incredibly fun, and at that age, we never thought we would actually grow up to go to parties and just walk around and talk. Well that's what we basically did now that we were thirteen, some of us twelve.

Dmitri just seemed sort of in his own world, lying down in the grass and looking up at the aquamarine sky with its clouds like cotton balls. He was the only person in our group who was the extreme protector of nature and loved eating naturally grown food like fruits and vegetables.

Before long, Hunter's mother called us back over to the table. I was a bit afraid to eat, because the last time I was here, I didn't exactly enjoy her tacos. The smell of her cooking always lured me into eating it though, so I tried it this time.

To my surprise, the food actually tasted good. Hunter and Brianna's mother had definitely improved since the last time I ate here, which wasn't too long ago.

After being told that it was time to come inside, the rest of us sat in the living room, while Brianna, Hunter and their mom cleaned up a bit outside. Luckily we hadn't made too much of a mess. Several times you could see them coming in and outside, dumping plastic plates into the trash can.

It was only the moment their mother came inside to throw a plate away, that the so-far amazing day shattered and turned into a nightmare when we heard a faint lion's growl, and the terrified screams of Hunter and Brianna Rivera.

All of us quickly ran outside. There were no signs of jungle cats or lions, but we saw Hunter and Brianna sprawled out in the woods. As fast as humanly possible, we ran over to them. At first, there appeared to be no injuries. We knew they weren't dead, because their chests were moving up and down, and there wasn't blood everywhere. Hunter rolled over. I noticed several scratches on his arm.

"It─it hurts. My arm, it hurts. Lion… spikes and…"

"It's okay," I assured Hunter. Rosa, Melanie and Andrea were already at Brianna's side, helping her with the pain. I helped Hunter sit up. All of quickly rushed the Rivera siblings inside to give them bandages and help heal their wounds. Before his mother sprayed some stuff on his arms to ease the pain, Hunter quickly asked

"Will it hurt?" She laughed.

"It might sting, but it won't hurt that much." She started to spray.

"Wimp," Brianna mumbled. He gave her a glare like I'm going to kill you later.

I was worried about what Hunter said. The words kept repeating in my mind, as if trying to tell me something important: Lion… spikes and… What had he been talking about? What lion? What spikes?

"Tell us what you guys saw," Dmitri demanded of Hunter and Brianna. They looked at each other, the nodded slowly.

"Well," they both suddenly said in unison. They quickly glared at each other.

"Am I telling the story or you?" Brianna asked. Hunter lifted his shoulders in a: I don't know gesture. She sighed.

"I─I don't know what it was. It was─it was, this lion thing. And… the spikes… such… such painful spikes." Brianna suddenly collapsed on the couch in a sleep deprived manner, and Hunter did the same.

Their mother looked at them wide-eyed as if she were looking at Death itself.

I wasn't exactly sure if I should be thinking of the same thing as her or not.

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