A Preview Of:

Ethan St. Cloud & the Voyage of the Sunset Eclipse:


Perseus contacted my friends and I the week before the Institute of Demigods was suppose to open.

According to him, he found three new demigods─a girl and two boys. Supposedly, they were children of minor gods, because their scent wasn't as powerful as ours.

He did his research, and using a demigod tracker─a device used to, well, track demigods, obviously─he discovered that they were supposed to be rollerblading at the local skating center. He gave me and my friends the demigod tracker so we could find them easier. School for us had ended several days before.

Perseus postponed the opening of the Institute due to the fact that monsters are having demimonster children using the Spectral Eye, which we discovered last summer. We also figured out on the quest we had a year ago that the monsters on Ouranos' army acquired the Divine Locket, which gives the wielder immortality.

You're probably confused by all my words of the Institute of Demigods, Spectral Eye, Divine Locket, demigod tracker, et cetera. So, I'll make this quick; the legendary beings of Greek mythology, like the monsters, heroes, and gods have always existed and still do. You'll discover more about it as you read through this book. Last summer, I discovered this information for the first time, when I was thirteen. Now, I'm fourteen, and I have to save three demigods from most likely being attacked by monsters.

I chuckled as I remembered last year's quest─I had discovered my father was an Olympian god, attended a school with my half-brothers and sisters, as well as the other children of the gods, and was sent on a quest. My friend had died, I went back in time to save her, I made a monster jump off a cliff, discovered a threat in south Colorado and traveled to Olympus in less than a week.

I picked up my other demigod friends before my girlfriend, Rosa VanCleaven, sweet-talked a bus driver into driving us to the local rollerblading place. She's a demigod daughter of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. She has powers that relates to persuasion, love and beauty.

The bus driver dropped us off at the rollerblading place and we paid money for our admission inside

"Okay," said my friend, Benjamin, a son of Hades. "I guess we're going to be rollerblading for a little bit."

It was kind of difficult to use the demigod tracker to find the three demigods in this place, because of that fact that everyone was skating around. Most of the time, we were sitting at one of the tables where you can sit and order food, or where most parents sat and read a newspaper or something.

"How exactly are we going to persuade them to leave this place once we find them?" Olivia asked.

She's a daughter of Athena. Her black hair and grey eyes make her look a lot like her mother. At least, that's what Athena looked like from the few minutes I had seen her. Dmitri Gardner, a son of Demeter and Olivia's boyfriend, sat next to her, holding her hand under the table, probably.

"I don't know," my twin sister Ellie told her. She has the same physical features as me─black hair, sky blue eyes, and a Mediterranean skin tone. The whole 'sky blue eyes' thing probably gives away who our father is. But just in case you didn't get it, me and Ellie's father is Zeus, the king of the gods, and god of the sky.

"Let's just focus on getting the demigods out first," Rosa said as she sat down next to me. Her brown hair was tied into a ponytail, which she didn't do a lot. Her eyes were changing color as they always did. I looked into her eyes and looked at all the different colors they changed, counting how many different times it changed─blue, brown, green, hazel, grey─they changed at least five times.

Andrea Martin, another one of my demigod friends, walked over to the table from across the room in a matter of seconds. She had a pizza in her hands.

Her father is the Greek god, Hermes, and from him she gets a lot of her features. The elfish ears, the mischievous smile that told you she shouldn't be trusted with sharp objects and money. She had freckles across her nose and under her eyes, with dirty blonde hair. Because of the fact Hermes is her father, she can run incredibly fast, and is often the messenger of the group if two people are in a fight.

"Pizza's here," said Andrea. We quickly opened the box and began to eat. I looked over the half-wall that divides the eating room and the skating area. I saw one of my female enemies from school. She's my ex-girlfriend, and her name is Gwendolyn Shapiro.

"Ew," I said distastefully as I sat back down.

"What is it?" inquired my friend Brianna Rivera. She's the younger sister of my best friend Hunter, and she is the daughter of Poseidon. She's one year younger than me, and is thirteen years old.

"I just saw Gwen," I told them.

"Shapiro?" Rosa asked in a disgusting tone. I nodded.

Rosa and Gwendolyn used to be great friends. They were still friends while Gwen and I were dating, but when I began to like Rosa and we started dating, Gwen became…different. Rosa and I were still friends with her for a bit, but then she called Rosa a slutty whore, and we instantly hated her. Rosa went to the Guidance Counselor on her, and now they're not even allowed within ten feet of each other.

"If anything," Rosa said, "I hope she's not the female demigod we're looking for."

"If she were the female demigod, I'd say she's the daughter of the worst minor god ever." Rosa smiled and rested her head on my shoulder.

My friend, Melanie Green, a daughter of Apollo, picked up the demigod tracker and skated out of her seat.

"I'm gonna try finding these demigods," she said. She skated out of the eating area, her black hair flowing behind her.

"I think we should go with her," Hunter, Brianna's older brother, suggested. All of us looked at each other.

"Okay," I agreed.

We all sat up, and rollerblading out of the dining area.