AN: New story, new story, new story, YEAH! This FF takes place after Carlisle was turned, and after he lived with the Volturi, but he does live in Italy, where he meets Bella. Takes place (obviously) far in the past. Not 100% sure what year, but probably sometime in the 1800s? I love me some Doctor Dreamy Cullen ;) Rated M to be safe, maybe some lemonary…in future chapters. No Edward, Esme, maybe Rosalie and Emmett will come, Alice will show up eventually, but Jasper will be in it sooner. Carlisle, Jasper, and Alice (when she pops up) are vampires. This story is in Bella's POV unless it says otherwise. AND Bella's thoughts would be Italian, but since I don't speak too much Italian, and would rather this story be in English, some words will be in Italian. I promise to translate at the end (or beginning) of each chapter. Enjoy!

The Fabulous Doctor Cullen

Chapter 1: First Encounter

I felt my corset digging into my chest as I raced through the streets in an effort to get home. It was going to start raining soon, and I didn't want to ruin my dress again. My mother would be upset with me if our maid had to clean it again because of mud stains, or if we needed to get rid of this dress altogether. I felt raindrops hit my head, and I wished I had worn some hat, or had brought an umbrella with me.

I kept my head down, watching where my feet were going. I didn't want to fall into the wet roadway. Not after last week.

Why had I not asked my father to come and get me? It would not have been a problem for him to get into the carriage and have our driver come and pick me up.

"Mi scusi, signorina?" a male's voice asked. He had a slight Italian accent. My goodness, that voice was absolutely breathtaking.

"Si, signore?" I asked, looking up at his face. Oh wow, he was stunning. His light blonde locks framed his face beautifully; his features were something you would find in a painting. Perfect.

"Parli inglese?" he asked. The Italian rolling off his tongue was beautiful.

"Yes." I said carefully, thankful my mother had taught it to me. "Anche se, non perfettamente."

"Are you cold?" he asked slow enough for me to understand.

I shook my head. "No, signore, I am just trying to get home before the rain falls harder."

"Do you have and umbrella?" I blinked at the word. "Un ombrello" he supplied.

I shook my head. "No, signore, I do not."

"Would you like to use mine?" he offered.

"Oh, no, signore! I live very close to here. I will be home very soon. Grazie, comunque." I said.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

I nodded. "Grazie signore."

"Let me walk you home." He said. "I would like to make sure you get there okay."

"Thank you, signore." I said.

He opened his umbrella and walked with me to my house.

"I have realized I don't know your name." he said. I blinked at how fast he had spoken, so he repeated it in Italian for me. "Ho capito che non conosco il tuo nome."

I smiled. "My name is Isabella Swan. What is yours?"

"My name is Carlisle Cullen."

"Well, Signor Cullen, I hope to see you around." I said quietly.

"I hope the same for you, Isabella." He said. The way he said my name made my legs wobble beneath me.

"Ciao signor Cullen." I said.

"Ciao bella." He said.

I felt heat rise to my cheeks. He had called me beautiful. Slowly, wanting to relish every single moment of the night with Mr. Cullen, I walked into my massive house.

"Isabella!" my mother called. "Where have you been?"

She was talking quickly, too quickly for me to understand. She wanted me to leave Italy when I got older and explore the world, and apparently I would need to know English to do that.

She sighed. "Dove sei stato?"

"I have been marcia around." I said carefully. "I did not mean to be this late, ma le cose sono successe. It was not piove when I left the house."

"Your dress." She gasped.

"There is no fango o sporcizia on it." I said in defense. "Just acqua piovana."

She sighed. "Go get changed for dinner."

"Dinner?" I asked, the word foreign to me.

"Cena." She supplied.

I nodded and went up to my chamber to change out of my wet clothes. As I stripped off my soaking dress, I thought back to Mr. Cullen. Who was he? The only thing I knew about him was his name, and that he could speak both Italian and English extremely well.

He had looked merely twenty-four years old. Not much older than my age of seventeen.

My mother had intended on me being married by now, with children, but that was not what I wanted. I had never been attracted to any men.

Until now. Until Carlisle.

Oh, the name itself sent tingles through my body.

Was I in love? Could I have fallen in love with that god-like man at first sight? Was that even possible?

I pulled my hair out of the tight bun it had been curled into, letting the soft curls fall around my shoulders.

If he was as old as he looked, he would certainly be married by now, wouldn't he?

That sent my heart crashing into the ground.

"Isabella!" my father called. "Cena!"

I sighed, got into my evening dress and went downstairs to sit through a dinner without my love.


Mi scusi, signorina: Excuse me, miss.

Si, signore?: Yes sir?

Parli inglese?: Do you speak English?

Anche se, non perfettamente: Although, not perfectly.

Ombrello: Umbrella

Singnore: Sir

Grazie, comunque: Thanks, anyway.

Grazie signore: Thank you sir

Ho capito che non conosco il tuo nome: I have realized I don't know your name

Ciao signor Cullen: Bye, Mr. Cullen.

Ciao bella: Bye, beautiful

Dove sei stato?: Where have you been?

Marcia: Walking

Ma la cose sono successe: But things happened

Piove: Raining

Fango o sporcizia: Mud or dirt

Acqua piovana: Rainwater

Cena: Dinner(time)

AN: Well? What'd you think? Would you rather have the translations at the beginning or the end of the chapter? Sorry if the Italian gets a bit annoying, her English will get better as the story progresses.