Chapter 21: Happily Ever After


We were back in forks. After several decades, we were back in Forks, Washington. It felt good to be back here.

We had gone to numerous countries over the years, but there was just something about Forks that made me feel comfortable here. We had gone back to Italy, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Russia, china, japan, Canada, India, Hungary, México, Chile, Australia, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Vietnam, and even more countries, but there was just something about Forks that pulled me back. Whenever we had been deciding on where to go next, I had always said Forks. I had always wanted to come back here, but they had always said no, it was too soon.

Carlisle had told me numerous times that he felt bad, but I had always told him it was fine. I knew that we would return to Forks one day, it was just a matter of time before that happened. I had always known, deep down, that we would return to Forks, and now we had.

Over the years, two more vampires had joined our coven. There was Rosalie, a beautiful blonde who had been raped and left for dead by her fiancée, and Emmett, her mate who had been attacked by a bear. They fit in with our family perfectly. Our public story was that Rosalie and Jasper were twins, and Alice and Emmett were siblings, and we had adopted the four of them, and they all just clicked. I'm pretty sure most citizens thought that we were absolutely insane, but they didn't bother to ask. Humans, by instinct, knew that there was something different about us, so they tended to just stay away from us. Once in a while a curious human would approach us, but they never correctly guessed what we were.

And, even if they did, we were good liars. We knew how to convince humans to believe us, no matter what we were saying.

I stared around our house in wonder. It was in the same place the last house here had been, but it had been completely remodelled. It was absolutely stunning.

"Do you like it, mio amore?" Carlisle whispered, arms circling around my waist from behind.

"I love it." I said.

"I did this just for you." He said. "I had it all remodelled, just for you."

I turned so I was facing him. "Thank you…it's beautiful."

He smiled. "I hoped you would like it."

"I absolutely adore it." I said with a smile.

He led me up to the stairs, and led us into what I knew would be our bedroom. I stared around and gasped.

He chuckled. "Remind you of anything?"

It was the same. The exact same.

He had had our bedroom furnished the same way it had been last time we were in the town. Everything was the same, right down to the very last detail.

"I thought that you would like how the rest of the house was furnished, but I figured you'd like a little bit of an old twist to the house…this is our place…our personal heaven."

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and without saying a word, I kissed him as if it would be the last time I would ever kiss him. He kissed me back with enough force to drown me, and my legs instinctively went around his waist. He carried me to the bed and dropped me onto it, with his body following soon afterwards.

He tore away at my clothing at a super human speed, and I tore off his clothes. It was so much easier now, the farther ahead into the future we went, the fewer amount of clothes we had to worry about.

I could feel how ready he was for me, and I knew how ready I was for him. I would never get tired of this, of being with Carlisle this way. He effortlessly slid into my throbbing centre, and we both moaned in pure ecstasy. Feeling Carlisle inside of me was the best feeling in the world. There was nothing that could ever take the place of this feeling. Nothing could amount to the feelings Carlisle gave me. There was absolutely nothing I would ever want more than I wanted this. There was absolutely nothing I could ever need more than I needed this.

Carlisle and u would always be together. It was our destiny. We were mates, if our hearts actually did beat, they would beat for one another. Every breath I took was for Carlisle, every step I took was for him, and every second I was on this earth was for him. I was tied to him forever…and I would never want it any other way.

As we both reached our climax, I cried out and held onto him. Whenever I was with Carlisle I felt like I was flying and it felt amazing. I loved Carlisle with all my heart and soul.

We would be together.


The End