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Revelations - the team

By Karin

"Do they think we're blind or what?"

Nick and Catherine startled at Warrick's remark. They were sitting in the lounge, taking a long, very long break. The last couple of days had been extremely hectic. First a multiple homicide, then a rape case. The press had pounced on it like hungry dogs on a bone and the mayor had put extra pressure on them to solve the rape case as quickly as possible. As usual there were political motives involved. The rape victim was the daughter of an important and wealthy citizen of Las Vegas.

Fortunately that was all over now. The murderer – the neighbor – had committed suicide before they could arrest him, and the rapist – a so-called friend of the family – had been put safely behind bars. So it was time for a little relaxation. No big case was waiting, at least for them. Sara and Grissom were called away for a suicide. They expected to be back soon, because it seemed to be a foregone conclusion. Then again, knowing Grissom…

And so it was just the three of them. The table was covered with cups of coffee, newspapers and magazines, mostly scientific/forensic ones.

Warrick and Nick both had a piece of cake in front of them. It was Mandy's birthday, and although there were times she couldn't stand them for their irritating arrogance, she had treated them to a very big piece. Catherine had declined. She had a hot date that weekend and she desperately wanted to fit into a smashing black dress she bought some time ago. So, in order to keep her slim figure, for her nothing more than an ordinary biscuit.

Before Warrick made his comment, the room had been veiled in silence. They were all enjoying their coffee and treat. That was why his confusing and strange question came as a surprise to Nick and Catherine.

"Who?" they asked simultaneously.

"Grissom and Sara of course. Or am I the only one to see it?"

No one looked surprised though. A knowing smile tugged at the corners of Catherine's mouth. "I was beginning to doubt myself, that maybe I was imagining things, but apparently I'm not the only one. I'm not crazy."

"Don't say that too soon."

Catherine shot Nick an indignant look. "Funny, Nicky. Very funny."

"Sorry." Nick grinned disarmingly. "But I think you're both right. There's something going on between Grissom and Sara. Something they don't want us to know about."

"Do they honestly think they can hide it?"

"They would certainly make lousy poker players. With their facial expression…" Warrick shook his head. "Man, they would be stripped for all the money they got."

Grinning about the very entertaining picture Warrick had painted of Grissom being stripped in a casino, Catherine said: "Exactly. As if we don't notice the looks they cast at each other."

"Or the way she blushes when Grissom gives her a compliment."

"And what about when Grissom hands out our assignments?" Nick joined in. "Have you noticed the way Sara almost jumps on a case with him." He raised his finger and started to wiggle on his chair. "I want to work with Grissom. Me, me, me!"

They all burst into laughter. Nick had just done the perfect imitation of Sara, from the movement of her body to the sound of her voice. They could imagine her saying the exact same words. It was so obvious how much she loved working with Grissom.

"How long do you think they've known each other?" Nick asked. "Catherine, did Grissom ever talk about Sara before she joined our team?"

"Not that I can remember. The first time I heard about her was when Grissom announced that he was bringing in a friend to help us."

"A friend, my ass." Warrick's remark was blunt but honest.

"Maybe, maybe not," Catherine said vaguely. She had been wondering about Grissom and Sara's past herself, especially the how and when. Whether she had been just his student or maybe even more. And if…

She startled out of her thoughts when Warrick said: "Cath, you're a woman."

"Thank you for noticing, Warrick."

Ignoring her sarcastic tone of voice he continued: "From the perspective of a woman, what do you think of Grissom?"

Catherine shrugged. "He's good-looking, intelligent, thoughtful…" She picked up the meaningful look Warrick and Nick exchanged. "Oh no, don't even go there guys. Grissom is not my type."

"And that is?" Nick teased.

Catherine raised her well-shaped eyebrows.

Nick lifted his hand as to ward off an attack. "Just being curious here!"

"Whatever you say Nick."

"C'mon, tell us Catherine," Warrick sided with his colleague. "Why is Grissom not your type?"

With a sigh – a little frustrated for being drawn out – she explained: "Alright then, my type. First, I love my work. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than putting the scum of the world behind bars, but it's not my world. Lindsey is and, in case I'll ever find one, my future 'love of my life' will be. I don't need someone like Grissom. He is a good man, but he can never be the man for me. He's too good, too soft, too serious and way too addicted to his job. He's my friend. He's a wonderful and intriguing man despite his flaws and inability's. And again, he's good-looking. I can't deny that."

"Sara is not so ugly herself either," Nick mentioned casually, as if he was saying that the eggs were on special offer. "They would look very good together."

"She's very attractive," Warrick fully endorsed, a twinkle in his dark brown eyes. "Not beautiful, but…"

Catherine gave a snort.


She shook her head. "God, you men are all the same. You have created an image of the perfect woman. And if someone doesn't fulfil your non-realistic expectations, demands even, then she's not worth your attention."

"And what's wrong with that?" Nick rounded.

"Maybe because only 1 of the entire female population looks that way?"

"Then we'll just have to find that 1, won't we?"

Warrick raised his hand and Nick gave him a high five.

Catherine just rolled her eyes. "Men. You're terrible. I'm starting to think that maybe Sara is better off without one. Especially one like you. I feel sorry for your future girlfriends. They…."

"You know, I once thought I loved Sara," Nick suddenly confessed, cutting Catherine's story short. It was completely out of the blue and immediately he had everyone's full attention.

Warrick's eyes widened. "You and Sara?"

Catherine joined her hands under her chin and gave Nick a piercing look. "Thought? So you mean you're not in love with her?"

"At first I thought I was in love with her, but then I met Kristy."

He paused for a moment, still struggling with the feelings and images her name brought about in him. The others fell silent. They knew how hard it had been for Nick after Kristy's death. He'd really cared about her.

Nick let out a deep sigh, pulling himself together, then continued softly: "When I saw Kristy, I immediately felt something. It was unexpected, and definitely unwanted, but all the more real. Kristy made me clear that my feelings for Sara are not of the romantic kind. I just care about her. All I want is to see her happy. She deserves to be happy."

"Of course she does." Catherine pointed to the commotion in the hallway. "And not the kind of happiness she claims to have now. At least we have some sort of a life outside CSI. You have your friends. I have Lindsey. Sara only has her work, and I'm not an expert, but that can't be healthy."

"Exactly, she needs someone in her life, someone who loves her."

Catherine's face crinkled into a smile at the compassion that filled Nick's voice. "That won't be easy, Nicky. First of all because of her character. It's like Sara described herself: a science geek. It's her life, but I seriously doubt whether her job is the ideal topic of conversation in a restaurant or at the movies."

Warrick pensively rubbed his chin. "Sara needs to find someone who will accept her for who she is. An attractive, smart, sometimes stubborn and cranky woman. A cute science geek. And she needs someone who's cool with her job."

"That certainly limits the possibilities. I still haven't found the man who's comfortable with me searching for bodyparts or collecting bugs from decayed corpses."

Nick frowned, going back in thoughts. "Saying that… Do you remember that case Sara and I had a couple of weeks ago? The one with the bag?"

"Yeah, the notorious case. The one I thanked God for not giving it to us." Warrick smirked. "Why? What happened?"

"There was this guy. Sara liked him, and I believe that he was attracted to her as well. They were even flirting over the dead body."

"Sara?!" Warrick and Catherine exclaimed.

"Sara flirting over a dead body." Warrick clicked his tongue. "Man, I would have given anything to see that."

Nick wasn't amused. "I don't think you would have liked seeing the look on her face when he walked away." He shook his head. "Why did they have to meet that day? Why couldn't it have been over a simple shooting or a car crash? Why did it have to be over human soup?"

"So he turned her down because of that case?"

Nick's face clouded. "She was so disappointed, although she did hide it well."

"Poor Sara," Warrick said with sincere sympathy. "That loser, that idiot. You know, Grissom wouldn't have minded. He doesn't care if Sara's clothes are covered in blood or if she stinks like a pig."

"They'd probably think it's sexy, find it attractive in one another." Nick grinned. "God, they need a life."

"Do you think they know about each other's feelings?"

"I have no idea," Catherine answered in all honesty. "I don't even know if Grissom has certain feelings for Sara. And even if… They would never give into it, especially not Grissom."

"Maybe we should help them out a little," Nick suggested cautiously. "Try bringing them together."

"You mean: set them up?" Warrick smiled broadly, definitely liking the idea. "We could draw up a plan to…"

"No you couldn't," Catherine spoke severely. "Stay out of this. This is something between Grissom and Sara. You would probably do more harm than good. If they have feelings for each other then…"

She swallowed the last words when suddenly they heard footsteps behind them. Expecting it to be Sara and Grissom they all jumped up. However, it weren't their topics of conversation. Greg was standing in the doorway instead, a silly grin displayed on his face.

"Someone sure has a guilty conscience in here," Greg said while pouring himself a large cup of his own special coffee. "So, what were you talking about?"

"Greg, we need your advice," Nick blurted out. He ignored the warning look Catherine shot him.

Greg snitched a cookie from the tin standing on the table, stuffed it into his mouth and said with a mouth full: "About what?"

"What do you think of Grissom and Sara?"

The guy looked confused. "Sara and Grissom?"

"Yes, do you think they would make the perfect couple?" Warrick asked this time, his curiosity taking the upper hand. Greg didn't seem too enthusiastic about the idea.

Warrick was right. Lab boy shook his head widely; a deep frown proved his dissatisfaction. "Oh no. No, no, no, no. Grissom no. Greg yes. Sara mine."

With that, plus another cookie from the tin, Greg disappeared again.

Surprise and amusement was written all over their faces and for a few seconds they just sat there. Then their twinkling eyes met. Their laughter formed the end of a discussion that would probably go on forever, at least until Grissom and Sara would finally take the first step…

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