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Well, this is a bright time. This is my FIRST sequel. Due to the popularity of my first story, which if you haven't read yet I recommend reading now, I have been thinking and came up with a plausible sequel. I hope everyone likes it. The pairings will be: Beast Boy/Raven Robin/Starfire Bumblebee/Cyborg.

None of those have changed. Also, warning, this chapter contains some disturbing descriptions. If you are perturbed by such things, do not read this chapter. Or those parts. It is quite brutal.

So without further ado, I present Teen Titans: Two + One= Together. Bad name, I know. But names aren't everything. There are to be NO FLAMES!

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Sweat was dripping off a darkened figure. He were panting hard, trying to catch something. Or get away from something.

"Run, run, run as fast as you can. You can't escape me, I'm hunting you man! Ahahaha!" A maniacal laugh echoed down the alleyway in which the figure fled to. His muscles cried in agony, having no time to rest. His eyes eyes darted back and forth trying to spot anything usual. His ears constantly alert, picking out the sounds of dripping water. It had begun to rain, and this would assist the figure.

He listened as puddles formed, for if the 'hunter' stepped in one, he'd hear it immediately.

Suddenly, a different scent caught the runners attention. This wasn't in the alley before... His eyes widened as he focused heavily, trying once more to do something that had been rendered useless. His pupils dilated, however, nothing happened. He felt the familiar surge of energy from within, something trying to claw its way out.

But he couldn't let it out. Not just for his sake, but everyone's in the city.

The Beast could not be allowed freedom. For the citizens. The Titans. And Raven.

"Don't worry Rae. I know he's fine."

"As do I. But that can change."

A car sped down the road, multiple sensors constantly scanning the perimeter. Nothing came back, at least, nothing they were looking for.

"So. You know he's okay?"

"Yes, when we first started our relationship, he allowed me to put a spell on him. One that allows both of us to know how each other is doing. If I'm hurt, he will know where and why. He'll feel a tingling feeling in the area of my wound. And then, if he allows it, he can see a flash of my body and where the injury is. Just how severe it is."

"Ah." The half-metal, robot known as Cyborg who was driving the car only nodded in half apprehensiveness. He understood what she meant, but not all of it. Some parts he lacked understanding in. He was more scientific, but far from believing magic was fake. He'd seen it almost everyday.

"So then, can you tell where he is?"

A women wearing a dark purple cape, and a belt with multiple sphere's on it, the one known as Raven, or 'Rae' as her boyfriend, and close friends preferred to call her for some unknown reason, only sighed. Didn't she just explain his to him?

"No. I can only get flashes of his wounds. Not his location."

"Well, doesn't look like your gonna have to. I've got him on radar, and boy is he moving fast now."

"Where was he, and where is he heading?" Raven held fear from her voice. Just a few seconds ago, her entire body tingled fiercely and she instantly became worried.

"From the alleyway over a street." He looked over at her, and noticed an attitude change. Fear was evident in her eyes. Something rare. Something that meant really bad news. "Why? What's wrong with him?"

Her eyes snapped over, amazed that he'd guessed so quickly. Guess she didn't mask the fear that well. She'd need to start practicing again. She was turning more into Beast Boy.

"I don't know. My entire body tingled a moment ago." Cyborg swore lightly under his breath. He swerved and gunned the motor towards the alleyway.

The man cracked a whip again. It crackled with electricity. Oh, how Beast Boy hated those whips. He snapped it towards the downed jade-skinned teen again.

Despite missing, the hairs on Beast Boy's arms stood up, his instincts being alert. He was doing his best to dodge, and so far, he'd been successful.

"Kid, your something special. Even without your animal powers, you still escaped. Not many people can do that. But your mistake, was getting out. If your lucky, I might just put you back in your cage. But right now, I'm thinking of putting you on a pelt."

"Sicko." Beast Boy growled at him. Being able to transform into many hunted animals, he knew how cruel it was for them to be killed and hung. He hated hunters, and this one especially.

"Call me what you like. I really don't care."

"Why are you chasing me?"

"'Cause you're special. I hunt everything special. I love finding rare animals, and hanging up. I get paid to hunt, so I hunt. Simple."

"S-so someone's paying you? To hunt me?"

"Wow, you catch on quick." He said with sarcasm. "They didn't mention their name, all they said was they wanted you dead. I thought it woulda been smart to keep you living, but I see I was wrong."

Beast Boy rubbed his shoulder. The serum that the Hunter injected him with was still in effect.

"Yeah. I think you've finally figured out what my little needle did. No changing for you!"

Obviously this guy had gotten some inside knowledge from his supporter. Speaking of which, who was the supporter? If he made it out of this, he'd need to find out. And fast.

"Right now, I'm thinking I might spare you. It's a small part of me of course. The other very large, and persuading part says to kill you now."

"But whatever I do with you, I have another prize. After your done, I think I need some... companionship. I heard of a nice young women who loves animals. She doesn't exactly talk much, but that's no problem. Rumor has it, she's dating someone, but from what I've heard, she had to dump him because he mysteriously vanished. Like he was being hunted and finally got caught. I think her name was Crow? Eagle? Raven?" He said her real name slowly and grinned widely as he said it to spark a rage within Beast Boy.

And he made a fatal mistake.

He sparked his rage. And the Beast.

Before Beast Boy changed, he grunted out a threat.

"D-do you know why... they call me B-Beast Boy?" The hunter put a puzzled look on, like talking to a toddler making no sense.

"No." He bopped him on the nose, and laughed. Beast Boy felt a roar form in his throat.

"T-t-this is why." An inhuman roar cracked the buildings next to him. The hunter's eyes opened wide as the once tired and helpless teen rose, and began a painful transformation.

Claws shot through his nails, bones crumbled and re-formed being longer and harder then his human bones, muscles ripped and shred becoming thicker and leaner. Fur spouted from his skin, covering up the now extremely thick skin. And a scar from the last time.

Fangs dripped with saliva, and he roared again, throwing the hunters whip and hat off. He backed up, and slipped in a puddle. He tried to scramble backwards, absolutely terrified of the creature in front.

"I-I'm sorry! I d-didn't mean a-any of it. AUGHHHHHH!" He screamed, and another roar was heard. Then, a slight ripping noise, finished by a satisfied growl. He leap from the alleyway, leaving a mess behind that would scare anyone senseless.

Raven stared in horror at the scene in front of her. She looked away, and swallowed the bile that accumulated in her mouth. She shuddered, but didn't take much notice. She walked back to the car, and climbed back inside slowly, not looking at the horrible, mangled person that was covering the alleyway.

Cyborg got in as well, and looked considerably paler.

"That was the..."

"Beast," He finished for her. He didn't even start the car. The scene in front had disturbed him too much. Now, he was thinking what they could do.

"We can't tell Robin." Cyborg looked at Raven if she went crazy.

"What? We have to!"

"We can't. If we do, he'll take Beast Boy away."

Cyborg was silent. Raven was completely right about Beast Boy being taken away. And he didn't deserve it. But after that... what did he deserve?

"Then what do we do?"

Raven closed her eyes and the mangled mess in front of her disappeared.

"I sent it away. To the sun's surface. It'll disintegrate there. If you want, I can try and remove that memory." Cyborg shook his head.

"No, I want to remember it. If Beast Boy does, then I don't want him to suffer alone. Not to mention I can't taunt him for not having the guts to do something."

Raven nodded and closed her eyes again, but not using her powers. She sighed, and knew when he woke up, he'd feel horrible.

"Well, let's go and find the litt- er, big, grass stain."

"No, we can't. If we find him, there'll be nothing we can do."

"But doesn't he recognize you?"

"Yes, the Beast does. That's why it'd be even worse if he saw us. Due to me and Beast Boy being in a relationship, it'd cause the Beast to do what it wants. And I quite honestly, DON'T want to know what it wants."

Cyborg grimaced, but nodded.

"Fine... let's get back to the tower..." He said, being beaten in an argument twice.

They began the drive back to the Tower, and Raven thought to herself.

'How could Beast Boy, the lovable, carefree, joking Beast Boy do something like that? He was scared to tell the team about our relationship...'

Raven began to remember the time. Back when it was the time for Raven and Beast Boy to reveal their relationship.

"Rae, are you sure you wanna tell them?" It was 2 weeks since their moonlight kiss.

Since Beast Boy revealed his feelings and his past.

"We have to tell them eventually." She said, not worrying near as much as he was.

"Not true. I haven't told you guys that I have been writing on the ceiling. And nobody has found out yet."

"Except for me, who you just told. Anyways, that's easier to hide. A relationship? Not so easy. Just come on, and follow my lead."

He mumbled something but as she held out her hand, he accepted and walked with her out to the commons.

They arrived and Raven motioned for Beast Boy to draw everyone's attention.

"What?" He whispered.

"Get their attention." She whispered fiercely back. Was he that stupid?


"I don't know. Be creative."

He nodded. Then smiled.

"Hey everyone!" Wow, how creative. The team turned, and looked at him.

'Now to get their attention.'

He looked at Raven, who was not amused at his attempt to get everyone's attention. So, to fully grab everyone's attention, he made a rash move.

He kissed Raven.

She was so shocked, that she kissed back. They broke apart, and he smiled at her.

"How was that?"

"A good kiss, but dumb idea."

"But I got everyone's attention. See?" He turned her to see the rest of the team. Robin's jaw was open and he was sub-consciously giving Cyborg 10 bucks. Cyborg was grinning, and giving the thumbs-up to BB. Starfire was squealing and jumping up and down. Bee was just nodded, as if she too expected this to happen eventually.

Beast Boy then asked another stupid question.

"So... should I tell them, or you?"

That day, everyone in the Tower officially was in a relationship. Robin was fine with it because if he wasn't, they would have brought up the Robin-Starfire fiasco. The awkwardness had settled down in a few days, and everything was back to normal. Except, Robin made the rule that there was to be no sleeping in the others room.

Beast Boy had been first to object, first to break it, and first to reveal Robin was breaking it too. Of course, he didn't admit he was breaking it too. Shocking to see Cyborg being the good boy.

She remember that day well.

He had even taken her out on a few dates. Places where they served both food and tofu. She had to admit, he was trying hard to keep the relationship going. And by her watch, she wasn't going to end it anytime soon. Another memory surfaced. This one, she pushed away. It was of her and an injured Beast Boy.

He was in the Med. Bay after a fight with . She was healing his injuries, when he 'accidentally' pulled her on top of him. Into a very awkward position. Then kissed her. Passionately. One thing lead to another and pretty soon, clothes were everywhere.

It ended with two very pleased individuals, and one who ran to his room to erase his cybernetic memory when he walked in to check up on Beast Boy's condition. He just turned, and walked back out, then ran to his room for his dear life.

That's when the second rule was made. Raven was not allowed to heal Beast Boy without someone else being in the room.

Of course, once again, Beast Boy was first to object.

But surprisingly, Raven was first to break it.

And once more, Cyborg was forced to erase his memory. Now, he always knocks before entering.

Now, Raven just feared for Beast Boy.

He could be injured, or worse. Or still stuck in his Beast form.

One question ran through her mind.

Beast Boy, where are you?

"Urgh... w-where am I?" Beast Boy slowly opened his eyes to sun-light flooding his room. He was laying on the floor.

'Since when did I have a huge window?'

Then, he looked behind him, towards the wall and his eyes opened wide. Where the wall once was, a large hole remained.

"Did anyone get the number of that truck?"

His head was pounding, and he put both hands on the sides of his head. He struggled to remember what happened and the a flood of memories came swarming back, and Beast Boy stammered over to the hole to throw up. He emptied his stomach, and held his head in shock. He saw what he'd ate.

Not just meat.

Human flesh.

"N-no. NO! I-I couldn't have! I didn't!" He took his hands off his head in horror. He looked at them, and stumbled backwards.

He couldn't believe what he'd done. Why did he let the Beast take control?

"Are you okay?" The familiar voice of his girlfriend pulled him out of his shocked state.

"NO! S-stay away Rae. I... I don't wanna hurt you." He immediately stood up and slowly backed up. He didn't want to leave her. In fact, he desperately wanted to talk to her. Hold her. Forget everything that had happened. But he knew, that wouldn't happen.

"Be- Garfield. Stop. Your not going to hurt me. I know you. You wouldn't hurt anyone without an extremely good reason. Please, let me help you." She stepped forward. She slowly extended her hand, and he accepted it. She smiled slightly at him, but he couldn't manage one back. He just looked in her eyes, and asked. Asked for her help.

"Come with me. We'll get to the bottom of this together. And then... I have to tell you something I saw... in a vision I had."


She took his hand, and walked him to her room. He was a bit hesitant to enter, after all, everyone knew never to enter without her permission. Even with her permission, it still felt odd.

"It's okay. You can come in." He walked in, and she motioned for him to sit down. He did so, and she sat down in front of him.

"Okay. So I can help you, but first I need some answers. If you don't want to tell me, you don't have to. It's your choice. First, what are you feeling right now. All of your emotions, and pains." Beast Boy thought for a few seconds, then answered.

"Well, I have this pulsing in my head. It's throbbing a ton. I feel stiff all over too. That's all the physical pain. Emotional, I feel... confused, and a tad bit angry."

"Why angry?"

"I dunno. I just feel that way." Raven just nodded.

"Okay. Second, what happened? What caused you to transform into the Beast?"

"Well, he said something. Something cruel. It made me angry. Furious. He said that he'd kill me, and then... take you. The Beast just broke free, and I couldn't... or wouldn't stop it. I blacked out, but I remember one thing. I liked it. All of it. The killing... the devouring... and the freedom. I liked it all."

Raven didn't exactly know how to respond. She wasn't going to say, 'you need to try harder to conceal your emotions' because she was similar. She lost control on occasion. She didn't kill, or eat... but she still caused damage and harm.

"I'm a monster..." This quiet statement brought her back to reality.

"Maybe so, but that's not a bad thing. Remember what I told you when you talked to me after you saved my life. Against Adonis."

"Yeah. You said having this thing inside doesn't make me a man. Knowing when to use it does. B-but how does that not make me a monster?"

"Simple. You used it to protect not only yourself, but me too. And countless other possible victims. A monster wouldn't do that."

"But a monster would kill and eat him."

"But I know what a monster would never do. So let me ask you. Beast Boy, do you care for me?"

"Of course. T-that's why I saved you that one time. And protected you last night!" Realization dawned on struggling teen.

"All of us have a monster inside us. Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, me. All of us have monsters. Theirs might not be as powerful as mine. And mine might not be a powerful as yours, but we all have them. The primal parts of us. But even if they break out, that doesn't make us monsters. Only if we submit to their power and continue to act the way we did while out of control. That is what makes you a monster."

Beast Boy was silent. She was completely right. But after seeing what he could really do, he felt... dangerous. Like a time bomb that might go off at any time. And it could harm and possibly kill anyone around him. Which could include his friends.

"Also, one more point. When I approached you, I went slowly. You told me once during your past, that to gains an animals trust, you should move slowly to gain their trust. I did, and you didn't attack. You trusted me. A monster would undoubtedly attack. They don't care about others health in the slightest. So seeing you were still humane, shows your not a monster."

"Thanks Rae. I just... what I did... is horrible. I can't... I just can't feel safe. Because I know, I might attack you by accident and lose myself. I may not be a monster, but I couldn't live with myself if someone on this team got hurt because of me. I-I have to go. For awhile."

"What? You... you can't!"

"I have to! If I don't someone could die because of my inability to handle the Beast. It's best for everyone. Even you."

"It's NOT best for everyone! It's certainly not best for me OR your baby!"

Raven stared at him with a fierce stare. He just looked at her in confusion.

"M-my baby?"

Woah! Shocker! Man, how did I come up with this? Don't worry if somethings don't make sense. It'll all be explained in later chapters. Such as the reaction of both the relationship and the baby to Robin. Hehe, that's gonna be good. And the Beast problem hasn't gone away yet! Just all you wait! It's gonna be a wild ride! Please enjoy! I hope this re-written version is a but more appealing.