"What is that awful noise!" Hermione yelled as everyone covered their ears.

"Haven't you ever heard a fire alarm before?" Ron yelled back.

"SILENCIO!" Remus yelled, being the only one with enough sense to do so. Sirius grinned as the four of them uncovered their ears.

"Looks like it's your turn, Moony." Sirius chirped. Remus raised an eyebrow, obviously confused.

"You're birthday's coming up isn't it?" Remus nodded. "Welll you see, my little cousin loves birthdays. Whenever someolne has one, She likes to make them a cake. Unfortunately, Tonksie is far too clumsy to do something like bake." Sirius said with a sly smile.

A loud crash was heard from the kitchen. Hermione and Ron stiffled their laughs, while Sirius gestures to the door. Remus grimaced, and stepped causiosly in the kitchen.

"Nymphadora?" The kitchen was a mess. Flour and batter covered the floor and counters, while mixing bowls, spoons, and other untensils were spread out everywhere. In the middle of it all, Tonks sat on the floor next to the smoking oven, covered in just as much flour and batter as the rest of the room. Her hair was it's natural color, and tears began to form when she saw Remus.

"I t-tri-tried to-" Tonks sputtered as she stumbled to her feet. She hadn't even yelled at him for using her first name.

She wiped her eyes, and once again began to stutter, "I just w-wanted-". She bit her lip, and the tears started to show again.

Before she could begin to bawl, Remus took her into a hug. He put his arms around her, and she buried her head into his shoulders.

Remus stared at the kitchen once again, keeping his mouth tightly closed. He closed his eyes, and tried his hardest not to laugh, if only for the sake of the girl in his arms.

From the doorway though, three certain heads could not contain their own amusement, and ran off before their laughs were heard.

Again, This was inspired by the song that is stuck in my head, Little Moments by Brad Paisley.