Finding Dasha

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Chapter One

Zenon walked quickly down the corridor, thumbing through pages of her z-book on her zap-pad, going over the things she'd highlighted. Eventually, she made it to class, only to find she was early, but nonetheless, she took her seat. Within the next few minutes, the rest of the class filed in, and at eight on the dot, Professor Jameson passed out the unit test, which was on a chip meant to be inserted into a zap-pad, and the class fell silent except for the clicks of chips into their slots and the beeps of people answering questions.

On average, the test took about an hour, but the more methodical students, or those who didn't study and consequently found the test challenging, took the whole hour and a half to complete the test, and when the last of them finished, the class was dismissed. The students erupted in chatter again as they filed out of the classroom, mostly complaining about how hard the test was, and Margie walked up to Zenon and asked, "Where's Proto Zoa been?"

"Recluse mode extreme, most likely," Zenon replied. "I think I know where, though."

Margie lowered her voice, even though she stood no risk of being heard over all the chatter in the corridor. "Nova Linda?"


"You know he only gets like that when he thinks his muse abandons him."

"Yeah, well, I'm clear minor about muses. That's why I'm taking Mythology this year."

"I bet you do know a thing or two about muses. After all, we all know he has a crush major on you."



"Had a crush major on me, then he decided to go out with that girl from Of All The Worlds."

Zenon sped up, her mind squarely on her destination, and Margie sped up just to catch up to her. "What girl? The one that plays the alien chick?"


"Well, I don't blame him. You had a crush major on Zoa and went and kissed Sage instead, and before that you went out with that Earth guy, and I know you thought about going with Orion."

Zenon stopped in her tracks and spun around one hundred eighty degrees. "For the record, Marge, the Earth guy, Greg, dumped me, Orion made it clear he wasn't interested ten years ago and still isn't, and Sage, don't get me started about Sage. Just don't." She made a second one hundred eighty degree turn and walked off.

"Okay, then," Margie said, walking into a classroom and taking her seat.

Zenon walked into a separate classroom and took a seat, fully prepared to take notes and equally prepared for the much-hoped-for mind-numbing movie. The latter turned out to be Professor Anisten's choice, and much of the class fell asleep during the documentary on the pantheon of Greek gods. Zenon found herself listening very closely to the section on the muses, however, which were said to inspire works of art and science.

She found herself surprised that the Greek moon goddess, who the book called Selene, was called Selena in the film and took the form Zenon barely remembered from seven years prior. Beyond that, however, the film ate up most of the class period uneventfully, and the class was dismissed to go to lunch.

Zenon met Nebula and Margie at their usual table in the space station's cafeteria, and Zenon scanned the crouded room, temporarily locking eyes with Orion before fully redirecting her attention to her tray. "Zee, you look inked out. What's wrong?" Nebula asked.

"It's minor, really," she replied, forking a bite of food with more ferocity than she intended. "College must be stressing me out major."

"Look, we all know college is inky," Margie said, "but this is rudicrous."

"Maybe it is a little rudicrous, but I swear that's it."

"Uh-huh, and I'm the tooth fairy," Nebula said, taking a drink from her glass of grapejuice. "Is it 'cause of Proto Zoa?"

"Hey, he abandoned me, remember?" Zenon snapped before she could stop herself.

"You abandoned him, too," Margie said. "Don't go nuclear on us because we're the voices of reason."

"My point is that it's my fault minor."

"Maybe minor, but definitely there."

"So what'd I do?"

"You kissed Sage," Nebula said. "That's what you did."

"I'm not the only girl he kissed, so I don't see what the problem is, Neb."

"My bet's Zoa saw it all and decided to hide out in Nova Linda, or he found out later somehow," Margie said. "Point is, you kissed Sage."

"The point is he's dating one of the actresses on Of All The Worlds, the one playing the alien girl. That's the point."

"The point is you're both jealous major," Nebula said. "What if we got you two together in a place where you could talk about how jealous major you both really are and where you can work through your issues together."

"That sounds so inky major I'd rather die first."

Nebula shrugged and returned her attention to her lunch. Margie was more reluctant, but she was also speechless. In time, she, too returned her attention to her lunch.