So basically these will be short, unrelated oneshots about Seddie. Enjoy!


He used to think that Carly was the master of manipulating him. Back in the eighth grade, all she had to do in order to get something out of him was smile at him and sweetly say "Please, for me?"

But then he started dating Sam, and he found out that manipulation was one of her best weapons.

"Sam, I do not want to go to the Meats of the World Exhibit for our one-year anniversary," Freddie told Sam firmly.

"But it will be so cool!" she insisted.

"Why can't we do something we both want to do?" he questioned. "Like going to the beach or something."

"Seeing foreign meat is way more fun! Besides," she said with a small grin. "If we don't go, this will never happen again."

She leaned towards him a kissed him passionately on his lips, pulling away after nearly two minutes, leaving Freddie completely dazed.

"So," Sam said. "Are we down for the meat exhibit?"

"Uh-huh," Freddie said, speechless.