Hello dear readers! Well I have just completely fallen in love with this pairing, so I had to write a story about it. Although I am a bit worried about this pairing's popularity… This story probably won't get many reviews or reads. But I'll keep my hopes up!

So this prologue is actually more of a detailed summary of the story. An intro sort of thing. It's nearly too short to be a prologue, but oh well.

This story is rated M for later sexual situations and perhaps gruesome scenes. Although those won't happen until at least the 3rd chapter; perhaps even later. Most of the Italian words are self-explanatory, and if they aren't, I'll put a translation, like the title.

One last thing: the disclaimer. I don't own any Twilight material or characters! Enjoy! R & R!

La Vita e Bella

(Life is Beautiful)



Word count ~ 303

Written by Illuminate the Shadows

Beta'd by Innocent Sinner in Hell

'So this is how it ends. I've always wondered what it'd be like to die.'

His golden eyes pleaded within their depths for me to revoke my offer, though the damage was already done.

'Dying in the place of someone I love. Certainly a good way to go.'

Although I would have loved to gaze into his eyes forever, I let my eyes move back to Aro's. The vampire sat in his throne, chin in hand, contemplating my sacrifice.

For you to completely understand, I'd have to explain this situation. Edward, the man I loved, had moved away. In an attempt to relive memories of him, I'd gone cliff diving. The thrill usually did it. Edward's sister, Rosalie, had seen me jump. Thinking I was committing suicide, she told Edward. He had no desire to live with the guilt of my death on his shoulders, so he traveled to Italy to get himself killed by the Volturi. Oh, I forgot to mention. Edward's family – they're all vampires. As well as the Volturi.

So now, here we stand in Volterra. I'd gone after Edward with his other sister, Alice. I'd gotten to him in time before he'd convinced the Volturi to kill him, but he'd broken one of their laws. No mortal could know of their existence unless they were changed. It was the Volturi's method of protection; to ensure their survival. Deemed as traitors, Edward and Alice were about to be executed. I had cried out without thinking; the words were fuzzy to me now, but I'd said something along the lines of "take me instead". Now, we waited, Edward and Alice standing with their necks in the hands of Marcus and Caius. We waited for Aro's decision.