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Bonnie is...

Entrancing green eyes. Absolutely flawless caramel skin.

And a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts.

Jeremy is...

Way too kissable lips. A body to die for.

And disarming chocolate brown eyes you could lose yourself in.



The pairing that is way too adorable, way too intriguing, and way to hot to deny!

(Here's my shot at this awesome pairing! Enjoy!)

Third Times the Charm

Chapter 1: First Time

Dark brown eyes stare longingly at a white expanse.

Jeremy Gilbert. Staring at the door that leads into his sister's bedroom.

Ears listen closely to the voices emanating from within the wooden barrier.

Elena's voice...her voice...

Jeremy's heart hammers within his chest at the very sound of it. And he huffs frustratedly, glaring at the door that separates him from it.


Much like her heart was. Closed off to him.

His right hand clenches into a fist as he listens to her speak, not comprehending a word she's saying. Only fuming because she's so stubborn, so blind, so stupid, so maddening...

And he's pretty sure he's in love with her. In love with a woman who's older than him, who's best friend happens to be his sister, and who refuses to allow herself to love him.

So who's really the stupid one?

Dark brown eyes stare longingly at a white expanse, before the owner rips them away and storms off.


It's been so long since she's been in this room. Lately when in this house she's been in his room...

"Bonnie, if you ever do something so reckless again, so help me God!"

The little witch sighs heavily from her spot on the pink bedspread of her best friend.

"Don't you think it's rather hypocritical to lay in on me for my crazy actions when you committed a ludicrous one yourself?" she questions the angrily fuming brunette standing before her.

Silence. Later on followed by continuous sputtering that the caramel skinned woman doesn't even notice because he's less than 50 feet away from her. Less than 50 feet...

"That's not the point, Bonnie! I don't want you putting yourself in danger over me!" the beautiful brown eyed girl finally exclaims defensively.

"And I don't want you putting yourself in danger over me, Elena!" the curly haired supernatural echoes.

Another moment of silence. A long moment of silence.

Elena glares agitatedly at Bonnie, and the green-eyed woman in turn fixes her with a stern, pointed look, staring right back into her dark brown eyes.

So much like his...

The witch rips her gaze away from her best friend's, at the sudden thought, and runs a hand through her soft curls, berating herself for continuously thinking of the infuriating boy.

"You could've died that night, Bonnie...that's not an option. I can't lose you."

Elena's soft words interrupt the witch's buzzing thoughts, causing her heart to speed. He'd told her nearly the exact thing only two nights ago...

"And if you think losing you is an option, you're sadly mistaken." the green-eyed woman forces herself to reply over the pressure of her suddenly rapid heart.

Elena is quiet for a moment and Bonnie bites down on her lower lip, inwardly wondering why she'd agreed to meet at the house in the first place. Every thing here seems to remind her of him. Of their almost kiss nights ago. Of the words he'd spoken to her, the way he'd stared at her, the way he'd touched her...

"Okay...Well how about we promise? I won't make any rash decisions and neither will you, without notifying the other." the brunette's words interrupt the witch's wandering thoughts and she is all to happy for the distraction.

"Sounds like a plan." she agrees breathlessly, and the two pinky promise on it.

"No rash decisions without notification." Elena declares just as her phone begins to ring.

It's an important call from Damon that she must take, and Bonnie's not complaining because she was honestly ready to leave the suffocating environment minutes ago.

Every thing here seems to remind her of him.

She hugs Elena goodbye, and the brunette holds on tightly, fiercely, because she'd nearly lost her. And Bonnie holds on just as tightly, giving her best friend a reassuring smile before leaving her room and coming to stand in the empty hallway.

It's nearing 4 o'clock and she'd promised she'd catch up with Caroline at this time. She needs to leave. She wants to leave.

She finds herself staring at the closed door adjacent her friend's, heart pounding thickly in her chest.

Before she can even think or register what she's doing, she's pressed against the hardwood, listening intently.

He's gone.

The realization relieves the witch, but at the same time depresses her for reasons she doesn't care to contemplate.

Bonnie downs the stairs of the Gilbert house, mind in a disarray of dizzying thoughts that melt and meld until they barely make any sense at all, til they have her freezing. Stopping at the bottom of the staircase, because something just doesn't feel right.

She feels discontent, anxious, like there's something she needs to do. And she can't leave until she does it.

The curly haired teen stands in the middle of the foyer, contemplating the reasons for her barrier, and secretly knowing all the while; when he enters the front door.

Chocolate brown eyes meet dark green for a fraction of a second; and her heart races at the sight of him, before he quickly rips his gaze away from her and retreats into the kitchen.

She stays put for a few moments, trying to figure out what the heck just happened, before she's swiftly moving into the lit room herself.

"You really just gonna ignore me?"

It sounds like a demand, and frankly it is a demand. She hasn't seen Jeremy in two days and when she finally does, he acts as if she doesn't exist?

Hands pause their sandwich-making and the owner of them looks up and stares long and hard at the petite woman, before sighing heavily.

"I thought that was what you wanted."

Defeated. He sounds defeated. And that angers Bonnie for reasons she can't even begin to understand.

"Why would I want that?"

"Do you even know what you want?" he shoots back instantly.

"Of course you do, you know every thing." he mutters under his breath before moving towards the refrigerator, biting down on the inside of his right cheek.

"I want us to be friends."

It's a stab in the heart to Jeremy. No matter how charged the atmosphere. No matter how obviously the two were drawn to one another. She refused him. She would always refuse him.

"Well I don't think I can do that, Bonnie. I don't have friendly feelings for you."

"You'll get over -

A look of despair adorns her beautiful features as she moves closer towards him.

"I'll get over you?" he finishes for her, moving himself to meet her half way and end the distance between them. "Sure, if you say so! I mean you say every thing else!" he goads, chest heaving as he glares down into her emerald eyes. "I can't feel this way about you; you can't be with me!" he mocks. "I'll get over you? Sure, why not?...But I'm not now."

"So I think it's best I stay away from you."

Her heart breaks a little when he says this, and she finds it a little hard to breathe as she looks into his deep brown pools so full of resolve, so determined to appear strong.

"I don't want to lose you, Jeremy."

Her voice sounds small even to herself; and she prays that he hears. That he'll retract his previous words, because she's suddenly feeling very weak at the sound of them.

"It hurts me to be around you, Bonnie." he finally says, after a few lingering moments, looking down into the witch's eyes with solemn ones of his own. And her heart sinks into the pit of her stomach.

There's a long pregnant silence after Jeremy's words where she simply stares at him. The boy who's just a little too young for her, a little too closely related to her best friend, and a little closer to her heart than he should be.

"I'm sorry." she finally says. "I'll leave."

She doesn't want to hurt him. If being around her hurt him, she'd leave. And she'd stay away from him.

She takes a step towards the door, feeling a piece of herself die at the action, before she's abruptly turning back and placing a soft hand on his cheek.

Dark brown eyes move up from the ground to land on hers and she smiles sadly before kissing him softly on the cheek opposite her caressing hand.

"Bye Jeremy."

She moves to get away from him, but soft, full lips crash into hers as he claims her, stealing a kiss, his right hand wrapping around her waist possessively and pulling her into him. And she doesn't move away.

They kiss for the first time, and Bonnie is so shocked by the sudden action that she doesn't all. At first. But then she accidentally kisses him back for a couple of moments, before coming back to her senses.

She jerks away, bringing a terrified hand up to her tingling lips as she stares at the dazed looking boy before her with shocked eyes.

"That...that can't ever happen again!" she tells him, breath shaky as she swears she can still feel his soft lips claiming hers.

"Sorry. Just had to see how it felt." he tells her breathlessly, not appearing the least bit sorry with the goofy grin on his face.

She runs out of his house, much like she'd done nights ago.

And it doesn't happen again. They don't kiss again.

Until he starts dating that is...

He's just a little too young. A little too closely related to her best friend. And a little closer to her heart than he should be...

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