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Third Times the Charm

Chapter 2: Second Time

Jeremy's POV

It'd been intense. I've never had such an intense conversation before.

I was so worked up. And she was so worked up, and so beautiful, and her eyes were so green, and I. I wanted to kiss her. I needed to kiss her.

So I did.

I'm not gonna lie, it felt good. It felt incredible.

I stole it. I took what wasn't mine, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'd kiss her just the same.

Her lips were soft, just like I knew they'd be. And her body felt incredible against mine, like she was created by God himself, just for me, fitting me like a perfect puzzle.

And I didn't want to let her go, God I didn't want to let her go. But she'd kissed me back for a moment! And that made our abrupt end all worth it. She'd kissed me back!

I was on top of the world!

Now I'm damn near Hades.

I'm at the Grill, seated at the bar, pretending to munch on a burger.

And she's here. With him. Luka. Not even a full 24 hours after our kiss!

I've never been the violent type, but I swear I want to kill him.

With his stupid smug grin, his stupid shameless flirting, his stupid arm around my Bonnie's shoulder, and his stupid body pressed too close to hers!

I want to kill him.

And when she giggles at something he says, bright smile adorning her beautiful features as she takes a sip from her drink; I want to kill her too.

Not literally. Not physically any ways. I want to kill her emotionally. Like she's killing me.


"Leukemia" leaves their cozy booth to play some jukebox music.

I'm seated across from Bonnie so quickly it's almost like I have vampire speed.

"He really listens to Broadway Music?" I immediately demand, stealing a fry from her plate for good measure.

Did I eavesdrop their conversation. Yes, yes I did. And quite shamelessly at that.

"I think it's cute." she replies defensively, not even batting an eyelash at my sudden presence, as if she'd known I was here all along. Probably did, damn witch...

"You would, would." I try to keep the bitterness out of my voice. Try.

"Do you have a reason for being here, party pooper?"

The slightly playful smile on her face makes me want to strangle her a little. I think she's making me crazy...

"Whatever it is, I'm sure it's way better than any crappy explanation you have for falling all over yourself for some guy you just met." I swiftly reply. And her eyes narrow.

I've made her angry. Good. Because I'm fuckin angry too!

"If you're gonna be an asshole, you can leave. Luka and I have something; you wouldn't understand."

The hell I wouldn't!

"Try me" I challenge, jaw clenching meaningfully.

"We have a lot in common."

"I thought we did too." I cover up the hurt in my voice with least I try to. Try and fail seems to be the pattern for today...

"Drop it, Jere. You and I wouldn't work. For so many reasons." she says fiercely, green eyes intense and stern as they lock onto my brown. And I'm just about sick to death of her telling me what would and wouldn't work!

"No we would work for so many reasons! Bonnie, you drop it! Drop the bull shit!"

"Jeremy!" she exclaims, seemingly appalled by my words, but I don't give a shit!

"Just go!" she tells me. The sudden water in her eyes is the only thing that keeps me from antagonizing her. "Go! Luka is coming back, please. Just go."

"I'm already out the door." I bite out fiercely, eyes dark as I glare at her. "Just don't expect me to come knocking again after this."

I'm out of that place as quickly as my feet can carry me.

I hate her.

She's breaking my heart by being with him and she doesn't even seem to care! I hate her so damn much.

So I'm gonna break her heart.

Third person

The next time the two see each other is two days later, an important meeting at the Salvatore Manor; and the atmosphere between them is electric.

He's pissed at her, so he doesn't even look at her. He acts as if she doesn't exist; which infuriates her, because with all his frustrating actions she still can't seem to force herself to stay angry with him.

Even with him crashing her date, eavesdropping on her conversation, and picking an argument with her. She can't seem to manage an angry demeanor, because it all warms her heart. His jealous behavior, his unwavering determination to be with her. She finds it all endearing.

She's crazy, she knows it.

And he's ignoring her. And it's pissing her off. Though she supposes she should be happy. If he hates her, he'll stop pursuing her maybe...

The thought should relieve her. But the relief can't seem to get through her steamed aura.

The meeting drags on, and Bonnie puts in her opinion and txts Luka, during her down time, to distract herself.

And she swears she feels Jeremy's eyes burning into her when she giggles aloud at a particularly funny txt the warlock sends.

"Think we can wrap this up, guys? I've got somewhere to be."

His tense voice suddenly interrupts the Salvatore brother's conversation with purpose; and the witch looks up from her txt message, eying him with wary curiosity.

"Got another date tonight." he announces.

"With Mandy?" Elena inputs, eyes slightly teasing and suggestive as they bore into her brother's.

"Maybe" Jeremy nonchalantly answers, a sudden smirk adorning his face, because suddenly he feels a pair of eye's burning into him.

Bonnie's never been much of the jealous type, but when she finds out Jeremy, her Jeremy, is dating someone...well she discovers she just might be the possessive type.

She's hot on his tail as soon as the meeting ends, following him out of the Salvatore mansion and into the cold night air.

"So you're seeing someone?" she questions, voice as neutral as she can possibly manage to keep it.

"Yeah...Mandy Jenson."

His voice is somewhat challenging, haughty, and Bonnie can't help but feel she's playing right into his hands. But still...

"Mandy Jenson...doesn't seem like your type."

"You know my type?" he scoffs indignantly.

Defensive. He's defensive...well so the fuck is she!

"Just didn't peg you for the type to date sluts."

Her obvious jealousy gives him the most satisfaction he's felt in days! Revenge would be sweet. He's gonna hurt her like she's hurt him.

"Yeah least I know she won't bail on me at the end of the night...she'll stay till morning."

Something snaps inside of the witch at the suggestive words and the way Jeremy looks at her whilst saying them.

"You're not gonna sleep with her." she states firmly, jaw clenched and eyes intense.

"Yeah? Says who?"

He's towering over her within seconds, a smoldering, provoking glare on his handsome features. And Bonnie huffs out in frustration.

"If you sleep with her -

"You'll what? Stop being my friend? Huge lost! In case you forgot, we haven't been friends in a while."

Before she even registers what she's doing, Bonnie's grasping the collar of his shirt and yanking him into her.

She loses it. His threatening words push her over the edge, and she's initiating their second kiss, desperately trying to shut him up because the thought of him with another woman does something indescribable to her. The thought of him sleeping with another woman, makes her downright insane!

So she kisses him.

Her hands grasp the back of his neck, before tangling into his hair. And his strong arms wrap around her immediately, hugging her tightly to him, as their lips meet repeatedly, haphazardly, desperately.

Their kiss is wild, relentless, needy; an shattering release of their built up frustrations. And yes, there's tongue this time. Lots of it.

They swirl and dance, and explore the other's mouth, drawing out moans and whimpers that Jeremy can't get enough of.

"You get on my nerves so badly." the witch breathes into their kiss, before moaning softly.

"Good. Cause you give me a fucking headache." the brunette returns huskily, before wrapping his arms yet even tighter around her lithe form.

He clings to her determinedly, and she clings to him the same way, kiss wild and filled with aggravation and frustration.

"Be with me."

"I can't."

"Yes you can! You just won't let yourself." Jeremy rasps angrily, placing wet kisses down Bonnie's neck, nipping slightly at her skin.

"Don't sleep with her."

Her words are firm as she pulls on his hair, moving him away from her neck. And he glares at her, chest heaving and nostrils flared.

How could she prance around, parading her relationship with Luka in his face, and then act like a jealous, possessive girlfriend when he even tried to move on with another woman?

He claims her lips with a semi-rough kiss, before quickly moving his tongue back into her warm mouth. Because as much as he hates her sometimes, he loves her more than life itself. And as maddening as she is at the moment, he doesn't want this to end. He'll draw it out as long as he possibly can.

"Don't sleep with her." Bonnie repeats, in the midst of their heated battle for dominance; and Jeremy finally answers.

"I'm going out with her. You can't stop me." he breathes firmly, tongue swirling and sucking on hers.

"Don't sleep with her..." the witch states once more, voice breathless and stern. "Or I'll sleep with Luka."

He breaks their kiss immediately, staring incredulously into her fierce, unrelenting green orbs.

"Fine" he finally grunts in reply; and she pecks his unresponsive lips briefly before moving away from him.

She still refuses to be with him, and she's still gonna see Luka. Even after their HOT kiss!

Some damn revenge...

She's the reason he'll be deemed certifiable, he's sure of it.

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