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I'm really feeling this story. I even wrote a outline and everything. I've noticed some things about Fanfics and in my upcoming one's I'm going to go against those FF cliches. Here's one of my main problems. As a black girl, I think it would be nice to read about something other then Blue hair,Blond eyes all the time. I've only found 1 ff out of all of them that use's a Mexican character. Another problem is that there's barely any Bella/OC and Bella/OC FEMMESLASH doesn't even exist. So I decided to make the main pairing Bella/OC that's femmeslash with a BLACK woman love interest. I've also decided to make Bella a hermaphrodite. There ARE real hermaphrodite's out there and I think people should give them a little more respect in stories. Also it's practice for an original book I'm planning to write. PLEASE PLEASE review! I would really like to know what you think.

Hello,everyone. My name is Isabella "Plaid" Swan and I'm a freak. The first time that I knew I was different was in second grade.

Bella, Age 8, Second grade

"Bathroom break! Everyone line up!" Mrs. Acken my teacher called to the class. I jumped out of my chair and to my feet, eager to do anything other than stupid math. The rest of the class must've felt the same way because I was being pushed around and I didn't like it.

Ms. Acken split the class up by boys and girls. I got in line and impatiently waited for my turn. I didn't usually use the bathroom at school because it's gross and nasty but I really had to go. Mrs. Acken was letting us go in 4 at a time when there was only 3 stalls. I rushed in when it was my turn because I didn't want to wait. I closed the stall door and dumbly looked down at the toilet seat. There was no way that I was going to touch that. How did all the other girls pee?

I reached over and got a lot of toilet paper and thoroughly covered my hands and lifted up the toilet seat."Ugh!" I muttered disgustedly under my breath while I threw the tissue in the toilet. I unzipped my pants just enough to allow enough room for I could reach my thing. I looked at a doodle that some big kid must of drew while I felt a slight pressure and then the release of warm liquid.

I flicked my thing 2 times like uncle Jack taught me and zipped up my pants. I looked around the stall at all the nasty trash and pee around there was no way that I was risking touching that seat again. I stretched foot up as high as it would go and flushed.

I walked out and ran into Drussila LeStrange,who had to wait for a stall to open. "S-s-s-sor-ry Drussila." I said quietly. I looked at the floor, too shy to look up at her.

"It's okay." Drussila said with a weird pattern to her voice. No one in class really liked to play with her because her eyes always looked scrunched like she ate a sour pickle and because she was darker then everyone else. I personally thought she was really nice and pretty.

I moved out of the way to let her through and walked over to the sink. I barely had enough time to turn on the sink before I heard Drussila calling out from behind me,"Um,Bella?" I turned around and she was staring at her feet."Can you come look at this?"

I walked over to her to see what was wrong. I mean, I was doing her a favor by not forcing her to touch that nasty seat."What's the matter?" I asked her.

"The seat being up is a bit of a problem." She said this with a tone that implied I was supposed to know what she meant.

" I-I thought I was h-help-ping. Now nobody else has to t-touch it." I said. I really had no idea what she was talking about.

"Well all of us girls actually need the seat. I mean how do you use it?" She asked me. Did she mean that everyone else sits down to pee. Momma never told me anything about me being different? "Never mind. I'll just pu-" Drussila started to walk towards the seat.

"Let me. I left it up." I politely cut her off. Some sort of instinct in me didn't like for girls to have to do something bad and I couldn't be mean to them;even if I tried. I lightly shoved Drussila out of the was for I could be in front of her. Then I got some toilet tissue and tapped the seat down and flushed the paper.

"Thanks." Drussila told me while walking to the sink."But why did you have it up anyway?" I looked down at her long black hair that was really shiny and squished eyes. All I saw was a nice girl that I could actually become friends with.

I walked over to the next sink and rinsed my hands off too." I r-really don't know." I murmured honestly. I really didn't. If I was different from everyone else wouldn't momma tell me? I think that's something I should know.

I wiped my hands off and did the polite thing by waiting for Drussila."D-d you want t-to s-s-s-sit with me at lunch?" I asked her hopefully. I probably just lost my only chance at a friend. "I-i mean y-you don't have to. I just thought you m-might want to s-sit with someone." Drussila was looking at me strangely and walked closer to the door. Stupid Bella, now you've scared her off.

"It would be nice to sit with someone at lunch for once. Come on,Mrs. Acken is probably having a fit."

I walked over and stood on my tippy toes for I could hold the door open for Drussila." My mom made PB&J sandwich. We could trade?" I offered and closed the door behind us.


I was waiting with Mrs. Acken in the front of the school where the parents are supposed to pick their kids up. I saw my mamma's old convertible putt around the curb and stop. I got up and wearily walked towards the car. I had a lot of questions that I wanted answered.

I got in the backseat and was quiet,which wasn't unusual so Ma didn't think anything was going on."Ma," I said to get her attention. She turned around and raised an eyebrow in question."Am I different? Like from other girls?" I was looking at closely at Ma and I could clearly see her freeze.

"What makes you think that sweetie? Did something happen at school today?" Ma asked with a quiver in her voice. I didn't really feel like going into details so I just gave her the summarized version of the bathroom incident. Ma was silent for most of the rest of the ride until we were close to our house. "Bella, you're special. God gave you a gift and don't be ashamed or embarrassed about it. It's who you are."

"But Ma," I whined. "What am I?" It's not normal for girls to have a thing so clearly I'm not a girl but what am I?" I can't be a girl since all the other girls doesn't have a thing."

"You are a girl. Just extra. The doctor's call you a hermaphrodite but I call you my baby girl." I don't even think I could say that word.

"Her-Herma-phro-phrodite." I sounded out the word like Mrs. Ackens had taught me. " What does that mean?"

"It means your a little bit of both and some lot more complex stuff that you can't understand right now. I'll explain it to you when you get older. Now go and do your homework." I looked around and was a little freaked to see that we where at the house already. I got out of car to do as told.

The first time I realized I was gay, I was in seventh grade.

Bella Swan, Age 13, Seventh Grade

As soon as I got home I turned on my laptop. I went to Bing and typed 'How do you know if you're gay?' into the search box. Millions of links showed up so I clicked on the first couple of them. "The most common way to find out is to masturbate." I read aloud."First think of a guy. Don't let him be totally disgusting, just cute and then think of a girl. See which one gives you the most pleasure and you have your answer." So basically I need to jerk-off and see if a chick or a guy gets me off the most.

Earlier today I had a sudden moment of clarity and realized I liked and noticed things about girls far more than I should. I mean shouldn't I be in that boy-crazy stage right now. Seriously,my body is running on teenage hormones. The main thing's that are on my mind are: tits, South of Nowhere reruns, Drussila, and tits. The main reason I think I'm gay is whenever I see Drussila changing in gym class, I get a huge fucking boner that's almost impossible to hide.

Drussila also knows about my about my extra part A.K.A. my dick. If it wasn't for that faithful meeting in the bathroom I would never have as good of a friend as Dru. Truthfully, she's my only friend and I'm hers in turn. Sure we're loners but we've got each other and that's what matters.

I leaned back in my desk chair and pushed in the little pull-out from the desk to give me more space. I quietly pulled down my boxers and black school pants. They were the perfect fit,not tight enough to bust your balls but not trash bag loose either. A cute boy? I don't think I know any. I never really thought of any guy as being cute. Sure there was the appreciation of a really handsome guy but none that really stuck out.

I guess the cutest guy I know is Zack Brown from down the street. I started to lightly stroke my unhardened cock and thought of Zack's face. I looked at my cock, nothing going on there. Next I tried thinking of Zack's body which all the girls at school seem to think it was a gift from god. That especially didn't help me get a hard on. It gave me a even bigger hard off then I was already sporting. Zack's body was just to angular for me. It was all sharp cuts and rough skin. I wanted something more softer and smooth to feel, not a irregular rock. The conclusion: Guys=No boner.

The first girl that came to my mind was Drussila. I started thinking about her skin that was a thin shade lighter than milk chocolate. My hand gripped my dick tighter and started stroking. I recalled how perky and naturally round her breasts were when I saw them in gym. My hand started moving faster against my rock hard dick with my hips moving a little to meet the thrusts. It was during gym when I had seen Dru and she was taking a quick shower before the class. I remembered how the water slid down in a path that curved and contorted to the perfect shape of Dru and how badly I wanted to lick that path. My hand was going so fast that I could hear smack! resounding around the room. I brought my other hand around and used my thumb to play with the head of my cock. In my fantasy world Dru was crawling over to me from the other side of the wash room. She came and straddled me then leaned down to kiss me. Her lips were so soft that they made me think of Cotton candy from the fair and just as sweet. My hand was moving rapidly now and my hips were bucking in time with it. I felt something start to build and build inside of me. Like a volcano that was waiting for it's time to erupt.

In my mind, Drussila was trailing kisses down my body. One at the few stray hairs on my chin, one on my prominent yet feminine abs, and one right on the hair below my belly button. She looked at my cock and then slowly leaned in and placed the lightest of all barely there kisses to the tip of it.

You remember that volcano I was telling you about earlier? Well it just erupted. It was like electric sparks were going through my head and short circuiting my brain. I couldn't think straight because every nerve, tissue,bone and muscle was focused on this amazing sensation that flooding through my body.

Once it was over I opened my eyes which had fallen shut through the pleasure. I grimly looked down at the white milky substance that was scattered on my leg.'cum' my brain supplied me with that piece of knowledge that I learned from the grotesque comments on YouTube. I got some paper napkins that I had set on my desk in case this happened and wiped off my legs and the surrounding area for good measure. I got up and threw the dirty napkins into the trash bin that was by my door. I walked and fell onto my black and orange plaid comforter. The conclusion=I'm totally gay.

The most important moment of my life so far has to do with Drussila. But then again, everything does.

Bella "Plaid" Swan, Age 16, Grade 10


"Five more minutes Ma." I mumbled. I nuzzled my face into my pillow trying to get comfortable again. I finally found that spot and I let my eyes droop close ready to get some sle-

Tap!, Tap!, Tap!

I grogilly turned my head to the left and looked at my clock on the nightstand. 3:17 was blinking back at me in furious red numbers. The tapping was getting more insistent and was grinding right the fuck on my nerves. The only person who ever in my room at night is Dru and never this late.

I reached over to my lamp and turned it on. It gave the room a dull yellow glow but enough light to see. I got up and stumbled over to the window that faced the side of the house and there was Dru leaning and beating on the glass with her fist. I caught my breath, not because she was beautiful even though she definitely was in the extreme, but because she was beautifully broken.

Her black mascara was running down her face like black tears, her eyes were swollen red that drasticly contrasted with her normally pale ice-blue color which was now dulled in tears. Her beautiful smile that I loved so was twisted into a grotesque grimace and I was willing to do anything in my power to get her to smile.

I leaned back a little to allow enough room for Dru to get through and opened the window. The unmistakable foul stench of alcohol and pot drifted in along with her. I shut the window down with an angry snap. "What happened?" I demanded as soon as I turned around.

Dru ignored me and headed straight for the bathroom that I was lucky enough to have in my room. I followed her and made it just in time to see her drop to her knees and start retching into my toilet. I looked into the mirror a bit wary of what I was supposed to do and feeling extremely self-conscious.I was in my room, alone with my best friend who I also have a massive crush on and dressed in my plaid boxers and undershirt.

I got the cup that I keep in my bathroom for rinsing and filled it with water from the sink. I didn't have to worry about it being clean because I always clean once I'm done. I hesitantly crouched over Dru and held back her black hair that was in complete disarray.

I sat there holding her beautiful hair and listening to her disgusting retching. It sounded like a cat choking up a hairball times 10. What the hell was going on? and why did she smell like drugs. Drussila wouldn't be that dumb to get involved in that type of stuff. At least I hope she wasn't . With her grades and over-achiever attitude she had everything going for her.

When Dru's gagging subsided she leaned back against the tub and tried to catch her breath. I leaned back on my calf's to reach the cup and gave it to her. She immediately drowned it in one gulp and sat it down. I looked straight at her and she continually looked downward;never meeting my eyes. It was quiet for a while and she didn't appear like she was going to say something so I gently cupped her chin and forced her to look into my eyes.

"What happened?" I repeated my earlier sentiment.

Dru let out a long sigh. "I was at this party with James. You know tho-"

"What the hell were you thinking? James is not a good kid and he just wants to get in your pants." I whisper-shouted. James Geiner is a real shady character. Hes a born and bred pure fucking redneck and has a swastika to prove it. That rat has been after Dru ever since he came to Phoenix High and I didn't like it one bit. With his washed out blue eyes and slight frame I guess he could be considered handsome but I just considered him a creeper.

"He's really a nice guy Plaid. You just need to give him a chance. As I was saying, I was at one of Noels Nelson's parties and drunk a little beer." I looked up at her sharply. She knows she's not supposed to drink at parties unless I or someone else who's responsible is there with her. I know I might sound a little overprotective but dammit, that's my best friend and no one is going to hurt her.

"It was just a little Plaid,"she reassured me." Just a teensy weensy amount." She held up her thumb and index finger pinching them and leaving a couple of centimeters in between. "No need to fret. I wanted to go home so I went to find James and he was passed out cold. I wasn't going to stay there so I just walked home."

She walked? What the hell is she thinking? Noel's house is about 5 miles from here and it's fucking 3 'o clock in the morning."Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? A 15 year old girl walking around at night,with all of these freaks in a mini skirt. I mean,we don't watch all those History Channel shows for no reason." I looked over at Dru. She was leaning on one knee and was using the edge of the tub to stand. She stumbled lightly,her feet still unsteady so I rushed to grab her waist to keep her from falling. She was pressed up against me and I reveled in the feeling of her luscious skin that I could feel from where her shirt had ridden up."You could have called me. I would've picked you up." I told her softly,looking into her eyes.

"I know,believe me when I say I do. You're like my personal puppy." I didn't really like that comparison because it was so spot-on. Dru was gazing up at me with those haunting eyes which had cleared up to its startling blue."You would do anything for me Plaid. Sometimes I worry about that..." She trailed off.

"W-What do you mean?" Shit, felt the infamous stutter returning. During all this time Dru hadn't backed away from my embrace and In fact seemed to be leaning towards me.

"Oh nothing."She said with a fake smile. I could tell it was fake because it didn't turn my stomach upside-down and inside-out. She leaned up and whispered into my ear,almost conspiratorially."But there is one thing you could do for me?"

Dru liked to play a lot of word games and anything that involved witty remarks."What?" I played along with her.

"You...could..." She leaned in and I could feel her breathe on my jaw."Take me..." She tilted her head and her plump lips lightly grazed my cheek. Oh the different ways I wanted to take her. She would be appalled to know how many times I pictured her bent over my desk. I always had a sneaking suspicion that Dru knew of my feelings for her but If she did,she never said anything. "To the bed!" She jumped out of my arms and rushed to dive onto my bed. She looked up at me and spread her arms into an airplane position. "Take them off." She said in a valley girl accent.

I shaked my head and tried to grudgingly walk over to Dru when I was really bursting with joy inside. Because a bet that I lost,if Dru was ever tired or just didn't feel like it, I now have to take off her clothes. I shimmied my hands up from her waist in order to take offthe shirt. I felt Dru shiver and passed it off as the temperature making her cold. I repeated my actions with her pants and took off her shoes and socks. I walked over to my dresser and took out one of my baseball shirt's from Phil's team and sleeping shorts. I turned around and gave them to Dru and motioned for her to put them on. While she was doing so, I neatly folded up her clothes into a neat square and put the shoes and socks on top. I put them in the spot that I keep all of her stuff. When I turned around Dru was sitting on my bed and my breath caught in my throat .

She was so gorgeous and she was all mine. My heart felt like it literately dropped to the floor and shattered like a glass vase. Sitting there with her midnight hair uncombed and curly providing a halo to the angelic sight. I knew my clothes were going to be to big on her but I never really got how tiny she is compared to me until now. It looked like she had gotten into a fight with the shirt and she lost and was swallowed whole while the shorts looked like Capri's. I felt a sick sense of satisfaction surge through my body. It was like her wearing my clothes marked her as mine. But alas she wasn't, even if she should be.

I got into the right side of the bed which is always mine no matter who's house we're sleeping at and Dru got into the left. I sighed and let myself sink into the fluffy heaven of my bed and pillow. It was a good thing that tomorrow was Saturday because I would never be able to get up. I expected everything to go as normal whenever Dru and I slept in the same bed but this time it was different. The mattress shifted and then a chocolate hand was on my arm."Plaid?" A tentative voice whispered out."C-could you hold me?" My eyes popped open from their closed state. Drussila had never asked me this but I would be an idiot to object. To be able to go to sleep with my biggest flame in my arms would almost PWN my Plaid collection.

I turned around from my position on my back and onto my side. I hesitantly slipped my arms around her thin waist and rested my head on her shoulder. It was awkward at first because I wouldn't dare move and Dru didn't seem likely to either but then I felt the weight of her back pressing against my front. I tightened my arms around her to make her feel safe, pressed myself more fully into her back to let her know she wasn't alone, and silently whispered,"I love you." into her ear because I did.

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