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Chapter 3

Opening the door, I surveyed the meager contents of my closet. It was really quite pathetic. I had 3 sets of my Police Uniform that I would eventually have to give back and a few pants and shirts. My nickname was Plaid after all so of course I had tons of plaid shirts. I selected one of my black and gray plaid canvas shirts and threw it on my bed carelessly. I also grabbed a pair of black jeans.

It had been a day since I've been fired by that ass Yorkie and I was still pissed about it. I spent yesterday basically playing Call Of Duty and screaming at the little fuckers on PS3 to let out some of my anger. I also couldn't help but to worry about how I would pay this month's rent. I didn't really have any savings at all and I would hate to have to ask my ma for money. My apartment wasn't big, it was just a 2 bedroom and 1 bath, but it was really intended for at least 2 people living in it. If I had a roommate things would be much more manageable and I knew that first hand.

My mind wandered back to some very pleasant memories and a grin appeared on my face. I had first rented the apartment with a friend of mine from college, Angela. We never were in an official relationship but did fuck a lot. So we were pretty much friends with benefits and had some good times until she got in a serious relationship with some guy named Ben and moved in with him. We still talked and were friendly but I did miss being able to have sex on a semi-regular basis.

I checked my watch it turned out that it was about to be 10 and I really oughta leave for the club. I quickly threw on the outfit that I had laid out and left the apartment, making sure to check that the door was locked and that I hadn't left anything behind. Pulling out my cell, I texted Emmett 'The party's still on right?'. It took him about a minute to reply 'Yah, don't b late dude!'. I couldn't help but to roll my eyes at his crappy grammar. I then jumped in my truck and was able to make it to Jerome's Place in about 30 minutes.

I parked my truck and locked it up, even though it was so crappy no one would really try and steal it. The bright loud sparkling lights lining the entrance and front of the building almost had an eerie quality to them in the bleak night. I don't know why but I had a feeling that something big was about to happen and it could either be good or bad. Being a cop for some years really taught me to trust my senses and so I was a little, or a lot of, anxious.

"Dude! Yo Plaid, over here!" A loud boisterous voice called. It belonged to the soon to be groom, Emmett. He was towards the front of the line with the group of guys invited to the bachelor party. It seems like I got here right on time and walked over to them.

"What up guys? You all should be more excited!" I pretty much shouted, gradually shifting into more of a party mood but still a knot of anxiousness stayed stuck in my stomach. I really was excited though. Em is the closest friend I've ever had after, ah, she left. I shook my head slightly. Tonight was a night to celebrate and not to dwell on the past.

Our group consisted of about 4 people and most of us worked at the station. There was Emmett, me, Jasper, and Sam. Sam was the oldest of us all, being 27 and definitely the most mature although he could let loose when needed. He didn't drink and was mainly there to make sure we all stayed out of trouble. Jasper was one of Em's long time friends and was Rosalie's brother which is actually how Em and Rosalie got together.

The line was moving decently and we finally were able to get in to the actual building and I automatically dug it. Jerome's Place was a strip club but it didn't give off a sleazy vibe. The place was dark with low red lighting illuminating and giving it an almost smokey haze. It also had a wicked sound system and music was playing loudly throughout. The main stage was the only area that was brightly lit. Lots of booths where located against the walls and there was also chairs and tables lined up and around the stages sort of like a theater. It was already packed and our group went a table in the center of the room.

"Now,"Emmett started."I want drinks! You there," He pointed at one of the waitress-strippers walking around. I never really new what to call the women who worked at strip clubs but didn't strip."Bring us 4 rounds of vodka shots, a bottle of whiskey, and 3 Heineken." He finished his order with a toothy grin, his eyes raking the girls body. It was Emmett's last night and he was going to enjoy it shamelessly.

I'm not even going to lie, the girl looked good but there where a lot of fine women there who looked better then her and she wasn't exactly my type. But hey, I was out to get laid or to at least enjoy the sights. As the girl went to get our drinks, we all pretty much focused on I guess the star stripper who was on the main stage. The extremely skimpy cowgirl outfit she wore allowed us to see how pale her skin was and how it contrasted starkly with her mane of flame red hair. She was very attractive and I was into it.


The waitress-stripper brought all of our drinks and I literally let out a cheer. Once I got some alcohol in me the real party could begin. "Let's get fucked up!" I said, laughing oh so lamely. Emmett and I started lining up our shots of vodka, each taking 4 and arranging them in a little row. "On one...two...three!"

I picked up a shot and knocked it back in one gulp and slammed it back onto the table with bang. Blowing air out of my mouth to try and ease the the subtle warming of my throat that came with drinking alcohol. Em and I kept going down the row, knocking the shots back until we were both done.

I had made the stupid mistake of not eating before going to the party , combined with the fact that I didn't drink often, I already knew that I was about to be momentously fucked up soon and it was already starting to take effect. Looking around, the place was becoming slightly hazy and I was just into it. I figured having a bad hangover was worth it.

"I think," Jasper started to say with a smirk. He had been pretty quiet o far, which wasn't unusual as he was a quiet guy, and had just sat and drunk his beer."That Emmett here needs a lap dance."

Emmett's face lit up and a stupid grin graced his face."Fuck yeah! Gotta celebrate. I want a dance from that hot piece that brought us the liquor." waggling his eyebrows he started to slap his hands on the table in a crude rhythm while shouting slurredly. "More shots! More shots! More shots more shots more shots!"

I wholeheartedly fucking agree and somehow managed to stand up, stumbling a little. My eyesight was a little woozy since the vodka was already starting to have an affect on me. My thinking was becoming less coherent but I knew the bar was in the back of the place and walked towards it, only bumping into a few people.

"I want tequila! And vodka!" the words came out of my mouth as soon as I had made it to the bar which I leaned on heavily with my head looking down.. I hadn't even looked at the bartender at all and just expected them to take my order.

"Do you want that in shots and how much of each?"

And just like that my life was changed forever.

I was drunk and my mind and thoughts were pretty wonky but I instantly recognized that voice, even tempered a little with age. I whipped my head up so fast I'm surprised I didn't get whiplash."Dr-Drusilla Is that really you?"

"Bella?" The words came from the beautiful black woman behind the bar. The bright, unusually blue eyes were all too familiar to me, even after all these years that I already knew that the lady was Dru. I really didn't know what to think and I really wish that I was sober because my thoughts were all muddled and things just weren't connecting. There was so many things that I wanted to ask her and I should be feeling some type of anger but I was just so happy to see her again.

"I...I don't know what to say. 5 of each in shots?" I said. I hadn't seen Drusilla in years and I'd thought she left Phoenix right after Senior year of high school. I sure as hell didn't think she was this close to me ."I didn't know you still lived in Phoenix."

"I moved back here a while back."Drusilla set down the drinks I had ordered on a tray in front of me. There was a silence. I quickly took a shot of tequila to calm my nerves.

"Well I'm glad to see you again, even in a strip club." I smiled (dumbly) and picked the tray up and stumbled back to the table, setting it down with a small slam. Sam juts ignored it and continued to drink whatever type of soda he had.

Apparently while I was gone the stripper-waitress had come to give Emmett his lap dance and I couldn't help but to laugh loudly at his face. The woman was grinding against him while straddling his waist and he was enjoying it a lot. Sitting down at my spot, I watched the lady and laughed with Sam and Jasper about Em and I started to space out. My drunken mind raced from topic to topic, varying from thinking about Drusilla, space, kittens, kittens in space, and- ooh shiny light- other randomness.

"Bella!" Sam's gruff voice sound, effectively awakening me from my silent stupor."I think you've had too much to drink." He said, and looked down at the shot tray in front of me. All of my shots of tequila were empty so it seemed like I had drunk them.

"Wha'ever," I mumbled."I'm feelin' preetty good." And I was. I was also filled with utter confidence in myself and I felt like I could slay a dragon in that moment. And slay one I hall in the form of seducing a certain black beauty. Yes, I have waited years to have a chance with Drusilla and I wasn't going to let her get away from me.

I attempted to jump of from my seat and ended up almost falling and landing on my ass. My head was swimming but I pressured on towards the bar, moving a lot more sluggishly then I had earlier. I made it to the bar where Drusilla still was and once again leaned against it, this time practically using it as a crutch.

"Drusilla!" I semi-shouted, getting her attention. She came and stood right before me and she was just so gorgeous and my eyes ran over her body quite obviously.

"What do you want?" She asked, laying her hands against the counter. One of her hands moved and touched mine, sending warmth through me."i don't think you should drink anymore."

"um, well" I needed to seduce this woman and I had no idea what to say!"You're really pretty and I would put U and I together in the alphabet." there that should do it. No one could resist my awkward charm.

Drusilla stared at me for a second before laughing a little with a sweet little smile."i think I remember you using much better lines when we were in high school. That was just lame."

I didn't respond at first because I started to sway heavily and it was suddenly getting just weird."i have a lot more lines. One will work on you eventually."

The other woman didn't even respond to that and was instead looking at me intently."Yeah, you're not drinking anymore tonight. You should probably go home before you blackout."

"I ain't going no where except to your bed." I attempted to waggle my eyebrows but my brain couldn't concentrate on those muscles.

A cute little smirk graced Drusilla's face."So you would go if I let you come home with me?" She questioned and seemed to glance down at something.

I just nodded my head a lot, hair flopping with a giant grin. I was getting laid tonight! No woman could resist my awesome pick up lines. I couldn't help but to do a happy dance in my brain."Hells yeah I would. "

"I thought so. Wait here for a bit." Drusilla said before walking around the counter and seemingly disappeared. I practically laid down on top of the counter. My brain was still hyperactive.

When Dru came back I stood up swaying on my feet. She came and put an arm around my waist I guess to give me more support but I just liked her touching me."Lets go tell your friends where you're going. I don't want them to think I'm kidnapping you."

we made our way towards where my bros were sitting with minimum stumble-age. I really liked being able to hug Drusilla into my side and it turns out she wasn't all that much taller from what I remember her being. We still fit. When we got to the table I shouted out, "I'm leaving! I'll be having fun."

Emmett gave me two thumbs up while grinning like a madman. Jasper never showed much emotion but did manage a smile. Sam looked just as serious as always and gave Drusilla a leveled look. I guess his inner cop was coming out and he was being a suspicious bastard.

"I'm going to take this one home with me. Don't worry, she'll be safe." My seductee said, still holding onto my waist.

I piped up."Yeaah, Drusilla's cool!"

"You should go ahead and take her. I already got my hand full with these two." Sam replied, motioning with his hands towards Jasper and Emmett, the later of which had started trying to serenade a stripper.

"Alright." Dru then pulled me away and we headed towards the door. My thoughts started to become more muddled and everything was really just blurring. We made it to a small car and Dru let me get in the backseat. It was a really nice backseat. Very soft.