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Chapter 4

"Wha?" The words came from and I was abruptly brought out of a very good dream involving me and [hot chick]. I didn't have time to really think about it because a sharp pain went through my head."Oww…"

"You need to wake up. It's about to be 11 o'clock and I have some stuff to do today." The familiar voice said, very close to me.

"What?" I tried to sit up quickly and had to slow down because it was making my head start to spin. Looking around this was definitely not my house. It was much smaller and was actually probably an apartment from the way it was built. It also actually looked good with the decorations and all but I couldn't help but notice there were a few little kid toys strewn about.

"Where am I? And what are you doing here?" As far as I knew Drusilla had fucked off out of Phoenix soon after senior year of high school. But why the fuck was I in some strange house with her and why did my head hurt so badly.

"You're in my house." Drusilla said and moved over towards the little kitchenette that was tucked in the back of the room. She turned the faucet on while saying, "I brought you home with me from Jerome's Place. You were really drunk-"at this part I could hear her laughing. Damn, I guess I did something stupid."-and you wouldn't leave unless it was with me. I didn't want you to blackout or anything so I brought you home."

That all made perfectly good sense. Hell I knew that I probably did some really embarrassing stuff just to get her attention. Actually, I didn't have to guess because memories of last night slowly started to come back. I didn't have a clear picture but I got the gist of what happened and I was an idiot of course.

I sat up fully and moved the sheets that Drusilla must've covered me with. They were Batman. Sweet. Leaning forward with my elbow on my kneecap I rested my head against my hand, trying to help with the steady pounding in my brain. I must've really gotten wasted last night but it seemed worth it since I somehow ended up in my high school's best friend and long-time crush house.

Drusilla came over and handed me a glass of water and sat a couple of pills on the table."Here's some Advil to help with your hangover." She sat down next to me on the small couch and played with her jeans. She was already fully dressed and looked good of course.

I thankfully took the pills with a swig of water before gulping down pretty much all of it. My throat was a dessert and that water was the once in a year rainfall. After I finished I sat the glass down on the coffee table in front of me and leaned back into the couch.

"So you still wear plaid?" Drusilla asked with a little playful smirk on her face. She had angled her body a little to wear she was more facing me and I returned the favor by leaning back against the armrest.

"Why of course! My name is still Plaid isn't? And it's my signature. Women can't resist it." I lowered my voice towards the end and took on a mock conspiratorial tone. I know it may seem like I was flirting and to be honest I was but you can't blame me for it.

I took the opportunity to really look at Drusilla and she was beautiful. Of course I saw her last night but I didn't really notice the details. Dru still had that smooth dark chocolate skin obviously. She had gained some weight but it gave her a fuller and mature look in addition to giving her bigger breasts and a thicker ass. The last time I'd seen Drusilla she had been a skinny little teen but not she was grown and all woman. I found I liked it very much.

"Well I don't your plaid is working on me then."Dru said with a teasing smile. I was happy that she was even being this nice towards me. It was a stark difference from how we parted.

"We're just going to have to see then won't we? You haven't been around the plaid for a while." That reminded me of something I probably should've asked yesterday but was too drunk to care about."So…where have you been all these years?"

There was a brief pause and Drusilla once again played with a loose string of fabric on her pants before answering."Things have…things are different for me now. I left to stay with my grandma for a year after high school before moving back here."

"So you've been here for 6 years? And you couldn't call me at least once." My voice had an incredulous tone in it and I had to admit that I was a little pissed off about. Jesus fucking Christ! I thought she had at least been living in some foreign place this entire time. Some place without decent phone service or post mail.

"Like I said," Drusilla's voice got a little lower; more serious."Things have changed for me and just… You can't understand it but I wanted to call you and meet up again."

"Then why didn't you?" I asked her, looking at her with a straight mouth. "My number is still the same. You could've called me easily or hell, you could've asked my mom. She would've told you where I am and she hasn't moved from that house."

Raising her hands up, as if to fend off bad vibes or something."I know, I know. I was just scared to okay. And I didn't want to mess anything up for you."

What the hell. What would Drusilla have been too scared to talk to me about? She had been my best friend and I would've done anything for her. Even after she had screwed me over in our last interaction."So leaving me to wonder for years if you were okay and alive was better to you? Do you know any idea of how many times I've been trying to figure out what I did wrong that made you just suddenly leave me with no explanation at all?"

Things were silent for like a minute after that and Dru just sat there and looked at me, trying to think of what to say."Plaid," I looked up and gave her my full attention."I know that I probably should've at least called you but there's just some things you don't understand right now. "I was about to interrupt and question her again."I'll explain it to you eventually.

I had calmed down by now. I hadn't gotten truly angry of course. Although I was very curious. What was this thing she was so scared to tell me about and that I "wouldn't understand"? I wanted to know."It's alright." My voice was calm and I flashed a reassuring grin Dru's way."You're going to have to explain it to me sometime. For right now though can we go and get my truck?"

"Sure." A mischievous smile appeared on the other woman's face and I narrowed my eyes, giving her a suspicious look."Although you might want to go wash your face off or something because you're looking kind of shitty right now. "

My loud laugh erupted out of me and I was bombarded with bad breath. Damn, good thing I have my wisps."I'm feeling kind of shitty too. Tequila and Vodka shots do that me. Actually though we can just go get the Monster. I feel like crap and I need a shower."

"That," Drusilla said as she got up from the couch and went towards the little hallway. She came back carrying her purse with her keys in her hands."Is entirely true. And let's go then."

I got up and had to stand still for a second because my brains literally whooshed in my head. Fucking hangover. At least those Advil's were working though. I followed the other woman to the door. Drusilla was still a munchkin in height but her ass had filled out spectacularly my brain noted happily. Obviously she was a lot more filled out and had a classic hourglass shape.

Dru opened the door and it swung inwards. On the door there was a silver colored plaque with the numbers 218 on it which I made a mental note of. I'd been a cop albeit an incompetent one for the majority of my time in the job field so I noticed these things. Plus, paying attention to detail was one of my ticks that I couldn't really shake.

The beauty locked the door and we were off. I just followed her down to the parking lot like a baby duck because I didn't know where I was at. I couldn't help but to make like a map of the place in my head and do an inspection. The apartment complex wasn't a large one since it only consisted of two buildings the place looked kind of rundown but it wasn't exactly the projects. I dunnoe, it just didn't seem too safe though and I disliked my high school friend having to live there. I couldn't judge though because I didn't know much about her life anymore.

We came to a small car that was all black and was obviously old. When Drusilla went and unlocked it she had to actually unlock it with her keys instead of just using an alarm like most people. A loud laugh erupted out of me."Do you seriously drive an old Honda Accord. What year is it anyway?" I got in the front seat once Dru had opened the door from the inside.

Dru sent a glare my way before saying, "It's 1990 but may I remind you that that's at least 20 years younger than your truck." I couldn't really refute that because it was totally true. My truck was actually 27 years older but hey, the Monster was awesome so I don't care about its age.

We started moving and I looked at the street Drusilla lived on. It was sort of a stalkerish thing to do but I never knew if I might need to visit Dru some time. Anyways, Drusilla drove and I tried to awkwardly flirt with her for 20 minutes. Let's just say it wasn't exactly effective judging by Dru's adorable laughs.

It only took about 15 minutes before I saw the familiar building pop up in my vision. Jerome's Place looked a lot grungier in the daylight. Definitely not as cool as it looks with the lights shining bright in the darkness. Luckily my truck was still parked safely in the parking lot and Dru pulled up next to it and we both got out.

I didn't really know what to do. I just knew that I didn't want to like not have any contact with Drusilla again. Especially since this was the first time I've seen her in years and I really wanted to get to know her again. That's when I got a good idea."Do you want to go and get some breakfast? I can just follow you. Or you can follow me…"

I was really happy that it only took Dru about 30 seconds to answer."Sure." A large smile broke out on her face."You can just follow me. There's this small diner close to here."

I was mentally doing a happy dance so I could just reply, "Awesome."

So I went and got in the Monster with a dumb grin on my face and prayed that it would start up smoothly. And…it did! Yay. Drusilla had also gotten back in her car and with the time it had taken me to start up the truck she had already pulled up to the street, ready to go. I pulled up behind her and followed her all the way to the diner.

It didn't take long and I've never ate at it before. The diner, named Rosie's, wasn't large and was one of those places that old men liked to converge together and look at the young waitresses. I parked next to her and got out and walked towards her with a small grin. Thinking of it, I smiled a lot. Maybe I was a happy person?

Rubbing my hands along my shirt, I tried to straighten out the wrinkles. Ugh, I felt fucking disgusting. Usually I would've took a bath by now and gotten rid of the grunge that came with being drunk. But hey, I can deal with it if it meant spending time with Drusilla.

"Does this place even sells pancakes?" I asked Dru, walking beside her. Since I was a lot taller than Drusilla I was easily able to reach over her head and open the door. A bell signaled our entrance with a little ting.

"It's a breakfast place. Obviously they do."Drusilla replied.