Summary: In the months that followed after the famous defeat of Voldemort, Muggles have discovered magic - and the wizards behind it. With the secret out, fear brings havoc and destruction to Muggles and wizards alike. A plan forms to get rid of the magic population...and it screams star-crossed.

Prompt: starcrossed

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Author Notes: This is written for "Can You Write a Dramione" Challenge which was supposed to be a mere 700+ words ; I had such a major plot bunny for only 700 words that I needed to make it into a multi-chapter fic. It's partly inspired by The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins (fabulous book, by the way). I'm actually not a big fan of Dramione, but I love Draco, and this plot has been lurking in my mind for quite some time! I hope you enjoy!

I. too early seen unknown, and known too late!

Xx Draco's POV xX

Her brown hair stuck to her forehead, glistening - not with sweat - but with a sticky crimson that trickled down her cheeks and into her open lips. It was the same substance that coated my hands and left imprints on my long-since-washed robes.

Despite being in a situation that would leave anyone emotionally scarred, a laugh burned my throat as I imagined my father seeing the state of my clothes. Draco Malfoy, a filthy rich mama's boy, looking like a carbon copy of a hobo? Preposterous.

Hermione's eyes fluttered open at the sound that had been all but foreign in the previous weeks.

"Is my dear Dragon laughing?"

Her pale hand brushed against my cheek, trembling at the small effort to move her body.

I cringed slightly as her burning skin met mine. "Who else would laugh at a time like this?" I murmured as her bloody fingertips traced my lips. I imagined the crowd of Muggles pressed against the T.V. Screen, their greedy eyes shining at the thought of Hermione dying tragically in my arms.

But before I go on to recite the gruesome events that followed after, perhaps I should start at the beginning. The very beginning. And maybe explain why in the world Hermione – of all witches – was lying in my arms.

It was one year after the downfall of Voldemort. The Ministry was slowly climbing out of the disastrous hole that they'd dug themselves, and trying to rope in the fleeing Death Eaters like no tomorrow. Many wizards were busy trying to repair the damage to the Hogwarts castle, and even Potter and that Weasel were up to their noses with "super secret Auror business." Now that I look back, it's no wonder no one noticed that the Muggles were acting odd.

I don't know for sure how the Muggles discovered us. Maybe one of us let it slip, and it went too far to cover up the tracks with a Memory charm. Maybe spies had been hidden deep in our world all along. Whatever it was, it brought panic. On both sides.

Muggles were running down the streets, screaming about evil wizards and magic. And wizards, confused and frightened, were trying to hush it all up. Believe it or not – Muggles weren't as stupid as they look. The secret of our World had spread to every corner of the Earth in a matter of 2.3 seconds – darn Internet.

It was way too late to stop the trouble that was soon to follow.

Now that the secret was out, crazy plots formed. Some crackpot had an idea to round all the wizards up and slaughter them on the spot. Others wanted to steal our magic from us and use it for themselves. And the real lunatics had wanted to make us slaves that grant their every wish, like pathetic genies or pansy fairies.

It had finally been decided to gather our magic and kill us off. Apparently, their technology had been improving year by year that they now had the potential to "suck our magic" (but unfortunately, the names they'd given the technology hadn't improved: iSuck).

Some one told me how the iSuck worked, but I don't remember it now. It sounded pretty complicated and incredibly boring, so it's no wonder it escaped my mind.

Anyways, before long, everything was out of control. Wizards turned suicidal, and even the Minister of Magic was tempted. In the midst of all the wizard's panic, some Muggles kept a cool head. They created a large, stadium the size of about 50 Quidditch stadiums, and gathered unsuspecting wizards. Those sneaky bastards.

One second, I had been lying in my bed, my green sheets hugging my body, and then the next: one hand cutting off my airway, and another stuffing a sock in my throat. I had made a desperate attempt to grab my wand, but they grabbed my wrist and snapped it behind me. My wand disappeared into a pocket, and, to this day, I've never seen it since.

They took me to a room with cold metal walls that glimmered and showed my reflection staring back at me, scared and wide-eyed. Despite previous beliefs, even Malfoys cry for their mommy sometimes.

I was knocked unconscious, and when I woke up, I felt fuzzy, like I was floating on top of a cloud. I had been Sucked. It was actually a pretty nice sensation, and I would have happily stayed in the metal room for ever if I had known what my future held. (1)

They brought me to another room, but this one was much less shiny and new-looking. Dirt was packed in corners and cobwebs plastered the walls and windows. I also wasn't alone this time – about a hundred or so other wizards were huddled together. Some looked like they had just arrived like me, while other wizards looked at me hauntingly, their frames thin and clothes hanging off their bodies.

Because I was still in my fuzzy-state from the previous room, I remembering waddling up to a group of people. In my trance-like state, I caught the words "Fight-to-the-Death" and "magic gone forever." The words could as well of been "unicorns" and "pretty butterflies" for all I cared, when I spotted a girl I knew.

She had the same frizzy hair and the same lanky figure, but something was different. Her eyes – that were usually shining with an air of "I-Know-Everything"- were large and fearful, like she had finally found a situation that wasn't covered in a textbook.

It might have been the iSuck talking, or the relief of seeing a familiar face, but I walked right up to her and swung an arm around her shoulder. "Ello, Mioneeeee," I giggled. My drugged self didn't seem to remember that she had been my arch enemy since the first year of school.

Hermione gave me a look that attempted disgust, but fear was dwelling in her eyes. "Go away, Malfoy," she trembled, inching away from me. "You won't be too giggly when you find out what's going to happen to us."

I cast her a confused, puppy-like look.

"There's going to be a Fight to the Death every month on Channel 3. Last one standing gets to live– of course– but also gets their magic back."

And so you have it. Hermione, I, and the hundred other wizards and witches in this room were not only going to be the first round of this "Fight to the Death" thing, but it was being broadcasted as well.


(1) Oh gosh, hopefully you guys don't have perverted minds. :3


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