disclaimer: Pokemon not mine.
for: Jaunea- Rawkstar Vienna (whatever you wish to be called)
notes: Bijouie seriously got me in a horrid case of Giima/Caitlin fever, adding N to the mix doesn't help, Jaunea.
But you guys are still awesome.


jewels, riches and make-believe wishes
our lives is full of foolish games


Caitlin meets him in a party, masquerade ball and he's just so beautiful and she's just so young that she's breaks another man's heart and runs off to meet him, travels all the way to a new region with only her name. She becomes the Elite Four, and people just whisper about her, shaking their heads wondering why such a girl would run away for love. (And Caitlin hates it when they talk about her like that, wondering why she won't marry that boy whose father is in charge of some company, wondering why she isn't that doll that she's supposed to be.)

Giima was the first one she meets, a little bitter that she's above him in the Elite Four, but he doesn't say anything. Just scorns and laughs and ignores her presence when she's around, but secretly she thinks he's kind. Sometimes he'd sneak into her room, and they'll look at the stars together and he'll tell stories about the moon and she'll tell stories about the sun. And she'll ask about the stars and he'll ask about the clouds and they both will talk about the heavens and it would be perfect.

But when she saw N for the first time, after all the time— Giima went away and there was no more discussions about the moon, the sun, the stars; the clouds and the heavens and sometimes she would cry herself to sleep. Once she called for Darach, but they tell her that he's battling for her there and there is no one, but the sky, who left her when Giima left, she thinks.

So she leaves the Elite Four and wanders around sometimes, because trainers take a while to come and when they do— Giima's fury usually lashes them away. She meet's N there, preaching; telling how Pokémon shouldn't be battle partners and she's so moved and so in love that she starts crying right there. And he tells her that he forgives her because now that she knows, it's not her to be blamed.

People glared at her, and hated her when she stopped being part of the Elite Four— but she didn't care, just grabbed N's hand and ran. And Giima just stared at her, and Caitlin thinks that she now knows what true heartbreak is. But she stares into his eyes, and clutches N's hand tighter, because she knows what true love is.


the end