Chapter 1 Realization

Keiko was very happy.

Standing on a busy street corner in downtown Tokyo, waiting for the cross walk light to turn green, she was very pleased with her life at the moment. Her studies at the local university were going very well and Keiko had always prided her self in being a good student.

'Well, more than that has been going well,' she thought happily to her self as she moved with the crowd across the busy street. Cars around her honked and beeped their horns, some very impatient drivers even sticking their heads out their windows. Ignoring all this, the smiling girl hurried along, eager to reach her destination.

"He better not be late," Keiko muttered to her self aloud. She quickly caught her self on that train of thought and pushed it from her head with a firm shove. "He's not Yusuke," she told her self, walking into the gates of the Shimari Park. 'No,' she thought, 'I haven't seen Yusuke or anybody for a long time now. Not since I left home and Yusuke and I broke up.'

Finding the bench next to the ice cream stand and sitting down, Keiko settled herself in, still lost in thought.

After Yusuke had come home, things did not go as planned. At first she thought it was because he had been gone for so long, that's why they were so out of sync. But as a few weeks turned into a few months, they still fought. It didn't help that Yusuke continued to take cases from Koenma the Prince of the Reikai and held no interest in continuing his education. Keiko had done her best to try to motivate him into going back, even going so far as to offer him 'rewards' for studying.

At this, Keiko blushed and quickly glanced around to see if anyone had noticed her odd behavior. Satisfied that no one had, she returned to her thoughts with a light blush still spread across her cheeks. Although her and Yusuke had never 'done it', they had shared some very intense, passionate kisses before breaking up. After he has left the human realm to go see some demon lord, those kisses had only grown in force. Along with Yusuke's naturally perverted nature, things had gotten compromising a time or two.

However, no matter how much she tried to encourage him, Yusuke did not return. 'What do I need an education for? The Toddler pays me for my services to Reikai. All I have to do is go and take care of some weak ass bad guys and we're all set. Why can't you let this go Keiko?' His annoyed voice echoed in her head as she crossed her arms with a huff.

'Fine! Just fine! Don't go to school, or University! Stay a no body, going no where!' She remembered snapping back at him, too angry to acknowledge the hurt look in his eyes. She only saw the way his teeth ground together, the fists at his sides tightening. From there things had only gotten worse. Harsh words flew back and forth like a legendary ping pong match, and a few times she even unleashed her hand on him, screaming how much of a jerk he was. 'But…he never stopped me,' thought Keiko as she let the bad memory that had directly resulted in their break up fade away.

Shaking her head, the pretty brunette looked around for her date. After she had entered the local University, she'd been too angry to even think about dating. That hadn't stopped some of her male classmates from trying though. Eventually she had broken down and agreed to a few offers, but none had become something more until an upperclassman had asked her.

His name was Tosimoto Yuu and he was two years ahead of her at university. He was of mixed blood but had grown up in Japan. His goal was to become a private doctor and he actively participated in the campus sport club. He was very much against violence and thought all 'save the world' acts belonged within the police's hands. He was always on time for class and their dates, prompt even, and always a gentleman. 'Basically,' Keiko thought, 'as opposite of Yusuke as possible.'

'Well, except for today, he's late.' She frowned as she checked her watch. They had agreed to meet at the park at 2pm, it was now 2:26pm. Yuu had a meeting with his professors earlier that day to discuss which medical university he'd continue onto after he had graduated at the local one. When they had made their date, he told her that he wasn't expecting the meeting to take too long. 'I look forward to our date Keiko-chan,' Yuu said, a gentle smile filling his face.

Deciding to give him a bit more time before leaving, Keiko turned her attention to the people in the park.

The Shimari Park was the largest one in downtown Tokyo, as well as the most popular one. It bordered a small nature reserve on one side, giving it a real forest atmosphere. Once the tree's thinned out towards the corner, there was a long stretch of sidewalk with a gate entrance, which she used to enter, before turning to the park's corner and meeting a multiple leveled wall the separated the busy street and sidewalk from the park; both a protective buffer and a decorative landmark.

The wall had three levels and was built out of a white sandy stone. It towered high over the section of the part devoted to the young children, the impressive jungle gym full of young boys and girls playing and running around. The surface of the wall had been engraved with its name and the family that had paid for the part it self.

'Shimari Park

Tsukino Family'

Underneath the family name was their crest, a waning crescent moon with a small flower with six petals in its cradle.

She mentioned the unusual symbol to her mother once, on her weekly phone call home. "Oh, that's the symbol of the Tsukino family, dear. They are a family of very old blood in this area, samurai and royal ties." Keiko's mother informed her.

"Royal? What do you mean, how can it be both?" Keiko asked as she moved around her tiny apartment, picking things up while balancing her phone between her ear and shoulder.

"I read it in a magazine about them. Apparently Tsukino-sama isn't just a very handsome business owner," her mother said with a brisk telling tone. "A few centuries ago one of his ancestors, a powerful lord, fell in love with a peasant girl and married her. He was also a strong samurai which was important because other lords tried to take over his land, thinking his love for the girl was a sign of weakness. But the warrior lord defended his lands and his wife; keeping them both safe and so the other lords came to accept her and his rule. They had many children, but only was a girl, the youngest. Her name was Shimari and she is the ancestor of today's living Tsukino family. What a way to honor her! Isn't that sweet dear?"

Keiko had agreed with her mother, it was a very sweet way to honor one's ancestor. Although she thought the symbol was still an odd one, she put it out of her mind.

There were many different types of people at the park; children playing together while their mothers took a moment to relax on a bench near by. Older children broken up into groups determined by gender playing near each other, trying to catch each others eye. There were couples of every age walking around together, stopping at the ice cream stand a few yards away from her. There were even a few people relaxing in the grass, overshadowed by the trees or running along the pathways though the park. It was all very peaceful to Keiko.

Lazily looking around the park one more time before leaving, something caught her attention on the wall. Usually, people who came to the park respected the engraved wall and held themselves back from climbing it. However, there perched on the highest level, was a person.

Too far away to see properly, Keiko stood up and made her way towards the offender. "Just who do they think they are, sitting up there," Keiko said, working her self up into a huff.

As she got closer, she could make out the person to be a male about her age with slightly long black hair, long lean legs enclosed in light blue jeans. His torso was hidden away by a large butterscotch leather jacket with the sleeves pushed up past the elbows. He was paying more attention to what was going on, on the other side of the wall then in the park, so Keiko couldn't make out his face.

'Probably looking down girl's shirts,' she mentally growled. 'That's just something Yusuke would do, in fact this guy kind of looks like him…' Narrowing her eyes, she walked until she stood just under the Yusuke look alike.

Taking a chance, Keiko took a deep breath and yelled.

"YUSUKE! What do you think you're doing!"

"Woah!" he yelled, his body teetering forward from the sudden jolt.

Placing his hands between his legs against the stone wall, Yusuke sat up safely. Peering down after taking a relieved breath, his eyes fell upon the young woman in front of him. Although her hair had lengthen since he had last seen her, he easily recognized the pissed off face below him.

"Keiko? What are you doing here?" he asked cautiously, happy that he was so far out of her reach and thus out of her hitting range.

'Even though I'm a demon now, it still hurts when she hits me,' Yusuke thought to himself, watching as Keiko stomped her foot at him, her hands fisted on her hips. Her body language screamed anger, but there was a light in her eyes that told him that it was mostly for show. 'Even so, better safe then sorry!' he told him self as he crossed his legs together, his hands balancing him as he leaned forward over the edge of the wall.

"I could ask you the same thing Yusuke! And what are you doing on the wall? It's not meant to be sat on you know!" Keiko said her voice full of that angry hum she always got when she was lecturing him.

"I know; I'm not an idiot, geez. It's got a real nice view up here though," he replied, waggling his eyebrows at her. When they were dating, she'd get very jealous over him looking at other girls, even if it was just glimpses down their shirts or up their skirts. Even though it was harmless for him to look, she'd always give him a good pounding on his head and a lecture. 'But not anymore, she can't justify hitting me this time!' Yusuke thought gleefully to himself, smirking just a bit at the brunette as she puffed her self up more, her feathers ruffled.

Seeing as she was about to lecture him regardless if she got to hit him or not, Yusuke quickly stepped in to stop her before starting. "Hey, could you tell me what time it is? Its important." He asked her, giving her his most charming smile in hopes to distract her enough to at least avoid a long one.

Glaring at him, Keiko glanced down at her wrist watch once again. Frowning at how late her date was she told Yusuke the time, "Its five to three. What's so important that you are worried about the time?" she asked him suspiciously.

Ignoring her question Yusuke crossed his arms across his chest, looking down at his feet. "She's late, geez, and she yells at me not to be!" He muttered to himself, a pout forming on his lips.

Catching his words regardless of his mutter, Keiko frowned a bit. Although she didn't consider herself to be a conceited person, she prided her self in being the only girl that wasn't afraid to approach Yusuke. He had fought all his life and there wasn't a single person in their area that wasn't aware of his name and what he looked like. Either out of fear or respect, people knew who he was and gave him a large barrier because of it, especially girls. Most didn't want such a violent guy in their lives.

"A girl, huh? So I guess this means you're having a date. And you're left waiting for once!" Keiko said, a smug look coming over her face. "Now you know how I felt every time you were late to one of our dates. It sucks doesn't it?"

Yusuke looked down at his ex, an eyebrow lifted and a careless look on his face. "Not really, Kagome and I take turns being late on each other. We're both busy people, so we understand why one is a bit behind," he told her, wiping the smug look right off her face.

Even though he didn't resent Keiko for what happened between them, it didn't mean he wasn't still a bit sore. She was the girl he thought he was going to marry, spend his life with. He had thought she would accept him no matter what he was, but it hadn't turned out that way. She could never understand the things he needed, the demon side of things.

Surprised that Yusuke replied in such away, Keiko quickly hid her hurt feelings behind a stubborn turn of her face. Towards the end she had never really understood why he couldn't be on time for their dates, or even why he had to run out on them. At first she had understood and accepted it was for his job, and had brushed it off, 'After all, it was only a few minutes here or there, no big deal.' Too bad those few minutes soon turned into 30 minutes or even an hour. It grew until he wouldn't show up at all, leaving her waiting at their meeting spot, alone surrounded by happy couples.

"Whatever Yusuke, say what you want," Keiko told him, dismissing the topic all together. 'Better that then an argument here at the park,' she thought, mentally giving her self a pat on the back for the matured move.

Silence fell between them, him sitting on the wall that wasn't meant to be sat on and her standing below him, looking anywhere but directly at him. It stretched until neither could handle it and, giving a big sigh, Yusuke uncrossed his arms. "So, how's school going? Is it everything you wanted?" he asked, looking to the side as if he didn't care.

"Yeah, it's really great. I'm learning a lot and I've met a lot of interesting people. Well, nothing like home though," she offered up, her lips twitching a bit at the thought of meeting more demons at university. 'Yeah right, Yusuke's job is to make sure there isn't any.'

"Sure, nobody else out there like us!" he replied, a small grin on his face. The team may not have been together anymore, with Kurama busy working for his step father's company, Hiei watching over a portal in demon world and Kuwabara working while going to a school at a smaller college, but they still made time to meet up every now and then to hang out. Sometimes even just to fight for the hell of it. 'Nothing like a little workout with some old friends,' Yusuke thought happily.

Silence fell once again between them, but this time it was less hostile. Even though things didn't work out between them and they both had been hurt by it all in the end, they had been friends once. Those old habits of childhood were hard to loose, so it made it difficult for them to stay angry at each other when confronted. "So, are you waiting for anybody?" asked Yusuke, this time looking at her.

Blushing lightly, Keiko nodded her head. He was making the effort to be polite, so she would return the gesture. "He goes to my university, a junior. He wants to be a private doctor, so he had a meeting with the professors today. He's running a bit late," she told him. Keiko knew that Yusuke wouldn't really care who she was dating now, but she wasn't sure how she felt about him knowing she was dating someone else. 'But he's dating someone else, too. That Kagome person. I hope she doesn't show up,' she thought privately.

Yusuke lifted his eyebrow at her again, noticing how she avoided giving him a name. 'Well I guess I just have to ask then!' he thought to himself. 'It might be fun to scare the little bastard, just for fun.'

"This wonderboy got a name?" he asked, keeping his face carefully blank as to not tip her off. Keiko was annoyingly good at reading his 'trouble' face.

Hesitating for a moment, Keiko decided to answer him, 'Yuu is late anyways, he'd deserve a bit of a scare for it!'

"His name is Yuu, Tosimoto Yuu. He's mixed; a brunette complexion, a good solid 5'10", an athletic body. Academic looks, you know the type," she told him, looking down at her nails as if bored, like she wasn't interested. 'Maybe he'll think nothing serious is going on between us.' She thought hopefully. Even though she was interested in Yuu on a personal level, she didn't want Yusuke to know that. 'Though I'm not sure why,' she thought, frowning a bit at her deceitful feelings.

Snorting to him self, Yusuke scanned the park for Keiko's date. He didn't really care about who she dated anymore, but he found it strangely appropriate that she was dating someone so far away from his own personality. "A real nerd, huh," he said, laughing.

Before Keiko could defend her date choice to him, they were interrupted by a voice shouting out Yusuke's name.


Turning their heads towards the sound of the voice, Keiko was stunned. Running along the sidewalk was a young woman. She had long, beautiful blue-black hair pulled up into a high ponytail, it swung from side to side as she all but sprinted towards them. She was small in many senses of the word, a short 5'4" petite frame that Keiko could never manage to bring her self down too, no matter how much she worked out. Most of her height was in her legs, which were left partly bare in dark jeaned shorts that hugged her wide hips and the dark gray leggings that cut off mid calf, her little feet slapping against the pavement in small heeled sandals. Despite the long baggy white shirt she wore over a dark green tank top which poked out from one revealed shoulder, Keiko could see that the girl was packing a full C cup chest that bounced as she moved. Slung over one shoulder was a large messenger bag, a cheerful yellow color, the shape of which had begun to distort due too how full it was.

"Kagome!" Yusuke shouted back from the top of the wall, waving his hand at her. Keiko glanced up at him, noting his cheerful face and how excited he looked at seeing the girl. Looking back at the approaching girl, no, woman, Keiko noticed the details of her face. She had striking cerulean blue eyes surrounded by long dark lashes that glanced at her before returning adoringly to the young man that sat on top of the wall. Her naturally pink lips curved and bowed into a smile that caused even Keiko to feel a measure of warmth looking at it. Her skin was clear and healthy, having a healthy pink glow to its underlying olive tone. 'Simply put, this woman is gorgeous,' Keiko thought.

Finally reaching the wall, Kagome bunched the muscles in her legs and leaped up to the first level and then the second and third, to reach her date. She had been late due to practice, her troop's coordinator was unsatisfied with some scenes of importance, and all of them had to remain behind until dismissed. As soon as she could, she had taken a quick shower to wash away at least most of the smell of sweat off her skin, and changed into her street cloths. Packing the rest into her sunny messenger bag, she had rushed out of there, hardly speaking to anyone.

"Sorry to be so late Yusuke, you know how the baby is," she told him, taking a few deep breaths of air. Running was part of her usual work out since she had returned to her time, but it had been a long time since she had to run such a long distance in such a short amount of time. 'Knew I should have taken the train, but then I'd have been later!' Kagome mentally babbled to her self, looking at her date and then back at the girl she had passed to reach him.

Laughing at the nickname Yusuke had given her coordinator despite all of her protests, he stood up on the wall to reach her. "I thought you didn't like that nickname, despite how fitting it is to that guy. All he does is bitch and whine, like a little baby!" he said, grinning at her despite the little glare she gave him.

"It's not my fault; you use it so much I almost call him that in practice!" She told him, but despite her protests there was a smile forming on her face.

From below, Keiko watched as they fell together into their own little world, shutting her out. She had never thought it would hurt her so much to see Yusuke so happy with someone else, especially with her right there. "Excuse me?" She asked, looking back and forth between them.

"Oh! I'm sorry; I didn't mean to be rude! I'm Kagome, Higurashi Kagome. You know Yusuke-kun?" Kagome introduced her self, turning back to look at the other woman. She had seen them talking before she had yelled out, and although she knew Yusuke would never cheat on her, she still held some insecurities over what had happen to her in the past. Therefore, in order to give them both the benefit of the doubt, she asked about the relationship in the most friendly manner Kagome knew how.

"I'm Keiko, Yukimura Keiko. It's nice to meet you." Keiko introduced her self back. Yusuke looked amusingly at Kagome, catching the way she had inquired about their relationship. While Keiko had been an angry and jealous type, Kagome was something else. She had complete faith in him, but always made sure to know exactly what type of relationship he had, or had in the past, with a woman. It never bugged him that she did this, knowing that in the past, she had been cheated on by her boyfriend with his ex. It was a mistake he wasn't going to repeat, with an ex or other wise.

Author's note:

Okay, I'm ending it here! If I don't, I'll just keep on writing and writing and then it won't get put out on the net till it's finished! Lol

Glossary and Explanation

Shimari- 'shi' means warrior in Japanese, with an underlying meaning of gentleman and scholar. In Chinese it means poem/poetry. 'Mari' has multiple meanings depending on the kanji used, either truth, long distance, or jasmine. 'Ari' means 'to be' but is a masculine usage. I thought this was appropriate for the ancestor's name, a strong name for a warrior's daughter, feminine sounding with underlying masculine meaning to balance it.

Tsukino- means 'moon field' and is a surname in Japan. I felt it was very appropriate mix of meaning for who's surname it is in this story. :P Not saying…even though I kinda am.

Tosimoto Yuu- 'Yuu' is actually Chinese and is derived from the meaning 'to heal', which fits the OC. Tosimoto is a mixed word, 'moto' is Japanese meaning base, while 'tosi' means clean shaved and is Italian. Which means 'tosimoto' means 'clean shaved base', I know this sounds a bit weird, but thinking about his name all together, it makes a lot of sense for his personality type.

I suck at writing and I usually fail to continue on with what I start, so I'm really going to work this like a one shot type of deal. Each chapter will run together like a regular story, but I might jump around some.

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