I had to do these!

I hope you all enjoy this early Christmas present!



The Guidlines for surviving Christmas with Giant Alien Robots!

By Tatyana Witwicky


Rule #1: Always be sure to measure the tree before bringing it back to base.

(Sunny and Sides got a nice looking one..)

(Little did they know how wide it was when they untied it...)

(Broke three windows, knocked Ironhide over, and I got covered in sap...)

(Alot of sap.)



Rule #2: Ironhide, Santa Claus is not a stalker.

(Stop aiming your cannons at the sky, you are frightening the kids!)


Rule #3: No using wrapping paper for other purposes other then wrapping presents.

(The twins thought it would be funny if they wrapped up Ironhide while he was recharging..)

(He did not look happy..)

(Not at all..)

(I laughed...then ran..)


Rule #4: No covering the base in Christmas lights.


(A few strands are nice..)

(But not too many.)

('Major, Russia's on teh phone...they asked us to turn our lights off..')

(Yeah, they were that bright...)

(Ow..my eyes!)


Rule #5: Wheeljack is no longer allowed to make presents for anyone.

(Yet I was very happy with my gift.)

(When asked by everyone what it was...I simply sa tback in my chair, pulled up my pant leg, and grinned rather smugly.)

('Glowy socks!')

(Those socks were amazing!)

(Hence the word WERE...)


Rule #6: Never dress up like Santa Claus.

(Ironhide nearly had a spark attack when he felt someone fall on his roof while he was recharging.)

(Turns out it was Will, who was trying to surprise Annie, Sparrow, and Techno.)

(Why he thought climbing onto an icy roof was good idea was beyond anyone.)

(I nearly broke a rib laughing.)

('Santa's feeling a little concussed...')

('And possibly, Santa can taste blood..')


Rule #7: Do not put numerous amount of bells onto any Autobot or Barricade.

(Especially Barricade.)

(Nobody could figure out where the jingling was coming from.)


Rule #8: Mistletoe is banned.

(The reason it is is quite amazing!)

(Sideswipe had hung some Mistletoe over every door frame, hoping Arcee will finally give him some..'sweet loving..')

(Little did he know who was walking through that particular door, at that point in time.)

(Apparently, Sideswipe can't read...)

(He ended up planting a big wet one on none other then...)

(My father.)

(To say he was a little shocked was the understatment of the century.)

(I laughed quite hysterically.)


Rule #9: Do not decide to play Christmas songs over the speakers of NEST over and over and over again.

(Dammit, they're in my head!')

(I heard three versions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in under an hour!)

(Dad ended up singing, 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..')



Rule #10: No putting Christmas decorations on any of the Autobots.

(Annie put a big red bow on Ironhide's grill when he was recharging.)

(He didn't notic until Dad pointed it out.)

('I wasn't aware they made bow ties big enough.')

(Epic win, Dad. Epic win!)


All in all, the Autobots love the holidays!'

But they need help once in a while!

Merry Christmas from everyone at NEST!

Tatyana Witwicky/Prime!


I hope you all like it!

Merry early Christmas from me to all of you!