Author: Lynda Mayfield

Genre: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Pairings: None

Timeframe: Season 3, during "Deja Q"

Summary/Notes: Missing scene for Deja Q. While in 10 Forward, and immediately after the confrontation with Guinan, Q informs Data that he no longer wants the 10 chocolate sundaes he ordered. This waste always bothered me, though I suppose the replicators may have easily recycled the food. . . still. . . this is pretty good closure.

Rating: 8 and up

The Further Punishment Of Q

Guinan planned to leave Ten Forward as soon as she was through with Q. Then she heard him refusing to eat ANY of the sundaes he had ordered. Considering the alien was now human, she was not going to allow him any leeway with her. He would have to eat those sundaes. Turning on her heel, she went behind the bar.

"I will handle this," she told the staff, freeing them to assist other patrons. "Q, you will eat these sundaes."

Data raised an eyebrow at his charge, but said nothing, standing in silence.

"I can't possibly. Maybe one or two . . . " Q dithered.

"You'll eat ALL of them. SIT," Guinan said, her tone firm.

Q sat, picked up a spoon and downed the first sundae with ease. He was going to get up, but, Guinan put another sundae in front of him. After that, she put the third sundae before him.

"Really, I'm feeling sick," Q said for his own safety after two bites of the fourth sundae.

"Perhaps he should stop. I recall Ensign Hender's son becoming quite ill last week, the results of which-" Data put forth.

"-Not to worry, and I am not worried." Guinan said. Still no tone of sympathy in her voice. From under the bar she withdrew a flask and a set of what looked like four, two-inch-tall test tubes. The flask contained a green liquid. She filled all the tubes and gave one to Q, indicating he should drink it.

Q gave Data a questioning gaze.

"I would drink it." The android advised.

"You would? It could be poison!" Q yelled, as if Guinan were not standing right there.

"If I wanted you dead, Q, you would be." Guinan retorted.

"Well, then . . ." Q shrugged and drank the liquid. Five seconds later, something had happened in his stomach. "I don't feel sick anymore. I'm. . . actually hungry again."

"That's right." Guinan said. "Eat."

His hunger renewed, Q ate two more sundaes. With more green liquid and Guinan's insistence, Q managed the entire load of sundaes. As he reached the last spoonful, he felt almost victorious. Except that Guinan had gotten her way and demeaned him in front of Data. He hated that there was no way to exact revenge. At least, not for now. Dropping the spoon on the counter, he stood.

"Data?" Q asked.

"Yes, Q?" the android responded.

"I NEVER want to see a chocolate sundae again."

"That is . . . understandable." Data conceded.

The End