Hey PEEPS! I'm BACK! And this story will knock your sox off! Okay, so The Chase fans, the sequel will be out after Just Lost At Sea is done. So, not for awhile. My process does take awhile too, since before I start a story, I make a rough draft and follow along the lines of it. So that doesn't mean that I won't write a suggestion that you put. You voted for me to write Witness Protection! So here it is!


Witness Protection

Dedicated to: writer010 keep on writing cuz!

Chapter 1- Welcome to my life.

Hi, my name is Annabeth Chase, and my life… well… isn't so perfect. All little girl's dreams are to be swept off their feet by a prince charming. Well, my prince isn't so charming.

I met Luke at a local bar. How we hit off? I really don't know. I guess he seemed like a good guy when I meet him… I guess? And basically since then, I have just been putting up with the jerk.

He calls me a skunk, treats me like property, and worst of all? He sees other women. I don't know if he thinks that I am clueless, or if I am totally aware of it. Whatever.

Lately has been the worse though. He has been abusing me. Yesterday was when it turned really bad.


I was sitting on my couch reading the Sunday paper when I heard the door slam open and close. Luke's home, I thought.

"Hey, Luke!" I called, trying to get on his good side, "How was work?"

"How was work? What kind of question is that?" he snapped right back at me.

"Ugh… I think that I ask you it every day, darling." The last word lingered on my tongue and tasted like venom. I had to act it, so he wouldn't flip out, I had thought.

"You little freak! I was fired! How in the devil do you know that?" He yelled getting all up in my grill.

"I-I didn't sweetheart." I stuttered. He was never this crazed at me. Usually he just took it out on the wall.

He raised his hand up, and I flinched from the sudden movement. "don't…" I managed to choke out before he slammed his arm into my stomach, sending me flying into the window. Owe.

He took me to the emergency room, and I had stitches. The lie he made up to get himself out of it was that he found me after I fell from falling down the stairs and out the window. He even made evidence in his scenario. What an idiot.

Well, more than an idiot. He was the one who took my life away.

-Flashback Ends-

I was up all night thinking about what went down. He found a way to blame it on me when we got home to our small apartment in New York City.

He claimed his spot in his chair and took a smoke. I swear, I will die from him doing that. It's really killing me, rather than him. My mom died at child birth, and my dad didn't want me, so he sent me to adoption.

I was sent to a horror home, and everyone smoked… except me. Heck, even an 11 year old smoked. That was one messed up family.

My life ended when I was a small child. I saw my best friend Thalia's mother die from a lung disease, from smoking. So I guess that you can say smoking and I don't get along.

"Can you do that outside?" I asked as politely as I could.

"No. Deal with it, you pathetic loser." He said, as if we were chatting about puppies. What a sicko. Why do I stay with that pig? Oh yeah. He'll kill me if I leave him.

-Flash Back-

Luke had me make dinner for us and make the table, while he took a nap.

When we were seated, he looked at me weirdly. "Annabeth, If you ever think about leaving me, I will kill you." He told me, as If we were discussing the paper. Wow what a weird man.

-Flashback ends-

Yeah. My life is a living hell. But hey? What can I do about it?

"Babe, can you do the dishes? I need to go get the door." What? The doorbell didn't ring. But all of the sudden, it rang. Wow. Like I said before, what a weird man.

"Okay Hun." I called out to him, as he was running to get the door.

I was done doing the dishes for the lazy bum, when I overheard them talking. I decided to leave the sink on, so they wouldn't think of me hearing them.

"Ethan, I got the job done. We have them." Luke said to some guy wearing an eye patch.

"Good. We need you to take over the situation. Mr. Kronos doesn't like that Chris has been slacking, so we let him go. You can take over and rule New York, while Kronos rules everything else."

I gasped. Luke was in a mafia… and he worked for Kronos? I remember seeing on the news that Kronos was the leader of the mafia. He created 10 terrorist bombings all over the country. And the FBI wanted to take him out."

Annabeth Chase, what have you gotten yourself into?

Hope you like it! This is supposed to be really intense, not so much of humor. Much like The Chase…