Author's Note: Don't own the song or Leprechaun. I abridged the song slightly, since I ran out of ideas for any more new lines. Hope it's okay.

Pot of Gold

(Parody of 'Fields of Gold' by Sting)

Don't you fool with me when I'm on the move,
I'll make you feel real sorry.
I will laugh with glee when I make you die.
Don't you touch me pot of gold.

So you spent me coins out of all your greed
To pay a trip to Bali.
In me cart I'll drive, crashing through your door
To claim me pot of gold.

Will you beg to me, will you ask for love,
Or cry to home for mommy?
Well fat chance me lad, and do you know why?
'Cause you have me pot of gold!

See me cast a spell like the devil so.
I am a one-man army.
Feel your arse inflate right before it explodes,
To reveal me pot of gold.

I have flown in space, I was in the hood,
These sequels come by awfully.
But readers beware, you'll regret the day
When you steal me pot of gold!

Hands off me pot of gold!
'Tis mine that pot of gold!