Earth was but a pulsing star from the planet, Anolis, but the star shined brightly in the eyes of an Anolis inhabitant. She wielded ebony hair, electric blue eyes, and steady, determined hands planted on her ship's controls. It was time to depart Anolis and look for a mate. In eleven months time, the election for a new queen, that happened every three years, would take place, and she had her eyes fixed on that tiny star. But in order for her to become her planet's new ruler, she needed an heir should anything unfortunate descend upon her while she reigned. It was a law that had existed long before the planet's elders' parents had even been born.

The women governed, but any males transported to Anolis were treated fairly. Their society was civilized enough, but the current queen had the backdrop of an iron curtain, bleeding violence and carnage from her throne room to the deepest alley in Anolis. Her name was Raven, and it was a name that buried itself into her people's conscience and poisoned them over time. She wanted to rule the planet for her life's duration and would do anything to keep all her potential successors from winning. Election days saw more blood on the streets, and the incalescent poison in Anolis cultivated and flourished.

The queen did have a daughter who was starting to portray her mother, killing Anolis' hope for a bright future. The little heir's father had died, leaving Raven without a mate and a single role model for the child. The mother and daughter blossomed the same billowing blond hair and eyes as black as obscurity.

Devina, the driven woman departing Anolis, was very different and significantly younger than Raven. She yearned for a child of her own, and it was up to her to save her planet. She had to win this election, no doubt, and she needed to escape right away to find herself a male. Males didn't help the queen rule; in fact, they didn't even need to return, only the offspring were required. The resulting offspring had the option of searching their fathers at a later point.

Anolis presented another road for reproduction: no longer were females the incubators, but males. That's why it was highly important for Devina to find the most gentle, sensible soul mate to carry their offspring. She needed a baby that was going to be fair like herself, one that was the polar opposite to Raven's destructive hand. Taking this risk was all Devina felt in her own blood, remembering the many terrible things flashing through her mind. Anolis needed a savior, needed hope flowing through its veins again.. and she would push the plunge as far as she could survive it.

Among their own kind, there were no natural males, so they had to obtain them from different planets. The only males on Anolis were the mates and sons of the females that loved them, a combined sea of diverse genes.

Another thing about these women was that they were shape-shifters. They could change their appearance to be like any creature they wanted to, granted if they knew what the organism looked like; however, their lizard-like features were their original forms. The skin color of their normal form varied: Devina was green while Raven and her daughter, Iglow, had brown skin. Conclusively, they could also make themselves become invisible, blending into their surroundings, much like a ghost.

Devina was twenty-two years old, which was considered very young among her people. Although her family were lower-class, she was certain that many people would vote for her if she had a child. Anolis' citizens were ready for change. Unfortunately, it was required for her to have a child to get the popular vote. Many of her people had failed to stand a chance of becoming queen because they had been unable to find a mate, and when they had, Raven descended her mighty power that rattled the planet. Raven's mother, who had been even more vile than her daughter, had committed the same acts until she died suddenly, leaving Raven the throne. These women made it a tradition to kill their enemies, keeping the power within their family. Devina was sure that if she went to a planet far away, Raven wouldn't be able to find and stop her in time.

Well. Hopefully.

She had to be quick... the baby had to be born before the first election. Devina wasn't sure how much longer the world, or herself, could take.

Devina's space ship departed and glided across the galaxy to that little star in the distance she thought was called Earth. She was sure that was its name. It was a rather basic and simple planet, but that was fine. Better than fine, actually. Raven wouldn't even begin to think that Devina was hiding on such an ill-advanced planet.

Once on Earth, she made herself invisible so she could find out what creature she needed to mimic. It was broad daylight now, but it had been dawn when her ship landed. Humans were beginning to walk the streets, moving into their everyday lives, be it work, home, school (for the small humans), and even other activities.

She was puzzled by these Humans, as she had only passed by this planet in her youth, pressing her face against the window of her father's space ship as he told her tales of how far behind Earth was than the other planets. She had never been on its surface before. There was no time to resurface dusted memories, Devina chastised, and transformed into a female human before the sun completely controlled the sky.

As she walked on the streets aimlessly, most people just ignored her. Devina did see quite a few gangs causing trouble on the lower side of town, but she didn't talk to them. They would make terrible fathers.

She had brought along some of her own food so she wouldn't have to worry about buying anything, as she had observed others do in 'stores'. On Anolis, there was no such thing as money. She would be clueless in a store and that might have attracted her unwanted attention.

As evening fell, she actually did come into conflict with a gang who called themselves 'Purple Dragons', but her kind, particularly females, were incredibly strong. Much stronger than a human. She quickly made short work of them. Because of the violence she was seeing from these humans, Devina began having second thoughts about Earth's ability to produce moral people.

Soon, she found herself walking through a garbage area in the dark. Her heart sank as she saw some humans living there, wearing disheveled clothes and such. They all seemed nice, laughing, but she wanted one that also looked to be in good health. Why weren't the men on Earth both kind and fit?

As she got further into the junkyard, she heard some banging sounds. Devina went in the direction to her right and peeked over the large mound of trash, her human ears curious to the noise. There, before her eyes, was a large bipedal, green creature with a shell. She hadn't thought that there were any creatures on this planet similar to her. In brighter spirits, she would keep her distance... for now. Hopefully, these creatures were less like the feisty, dirty humans but more like her race... which would be just what she had been searching for.

She couldn't tell what gender it was, but Devina would find out. Anolis depended on it.