Aside from Akemi and Virgil joining the family now, life didn't change much for Don and his family. But it had gotten a lot more interesting.

Don recovered from his surgery completely and began doing what he had done before his pregnancy. But he would always have a scar on his lower stomach.

He was losing the "baby fat" that he had gained and was losing weight. He was on a diet for now, but he exercised and returned to training.

"You have a lot of catching up to do, my son." Splinter said.

"Yes, Sensei." Don said.

He returned to patrolling with his bros too. Most of the time, it was just three of them going now, one of them always staying behind at home, taking turns helping Splinter babysit. Even Don needed some air.

And as much as Don loved Akemi and Virgil, the one thing he would never give up doing was his inventions and upgrading the lair. But he would never ignore his babies. He was the best one to get his kids to eat if they were being stubborn, though they would eat for their uncles and grandfather too.

Donny planned to bottle feed them until they were about 8 months old, then he would start them on baby food.

Splinter spoiled his grandchildren. He would still aid Leonardo for awhile yet, but probably by the time the twins were ready to begin their own ninja training, he would have handed down the tradition to Leo. Leo would be their training teacher. And he would be hoping for more grandchildren in the future, when his sons all found girls of their own, but he also hoped that Donatello would be able to want to find a new girl for himself and be a mom for the twins.

Leo really looked forward to the day when he could start being a ninja sensei himself to his niece and nephew. Splinter said the training for both boys and girls was the same. But there might be something different to teach Virgil, since he had a long tail. Leatherhead could probably teach him how to fight with it.

Raph would work on maintaining his temper around them, and Don had also had a talk with him about bad language around the kids, as later on, they could pick up on it, and Don didn't want them acting like Raph. But he was remarkably gentle with them. And he wasn't so afraid anymore to hold them.

Mikey, being the ever lasting comedian and jokester that he was, he was the one that got the kids to laugh at him. He would be the uncle that would bring laughter to their lives, just as he did his family. Though they weren't as appreciative of it unless it was a 'right' occasion. But now, with young kids in the lair, his kid side would come in even more handy for him.

Akemi and Virgil both slept in their own beds in the nursery for now, but perhaps later, they would have separate rooms. Don had loosened up about them being in there on their own, now that Devina was out of their lives for good.

Don would also look forward to the day when his kids would also be his students for math, science, reading, and other stuff that he knew. He hoped to pass it on. Two of his own bros had never been good students of his, but with his genes in his kids, he was sure they had to have some of his genius thinking and willingness to learn new things about the world and themselves.

And as Don also had a fondness for learning about outer space, and he had been to a few places in outer space before, his kids were also a reminder that their own mother was from another world. But Don didn't really want them to know about her. But some day, it might come down to have to tell them. They would be wondering if they had a mother.

Don wanted to talk about with his family now, what were they going to tell them about their mother? Because Don wouldn't have had them all by himself.

"We could say their mother died." Raph said.

"Or we could say that you weren't a match." Mike said.

"I don't want to lie to them guys. I had had enough of lying to you while I was pregnant. But Mikey's idea is best. Me and their mom were not a match." Don said. "But we'll leave the worst part out, of how they were created."

"That's definitely agreeable." Leo advised. None of them wanted to hear about it again, especially Don.

Don might tell them the truth of how they were brought into the world one day, but he really wouldn't want to go into detail about all the pain and fear he had felt for so long that had made their unborn lives start out. But also where he wore his belt was the scar underneath from the c-section, so it wouldn't be that noticeable.

And when Akemi and Virgil asked why they looked so different, and they were called brother and sister, aside from their dad's coloring, and shells on their backs, they looked totally different. Don would tell them a bit about their mom. She was a lizard and that Virgil had taken on her looks. And Akemi had taken on his. But it just hadn't worked out with their mom.

April and Casey were planning a family. Don's kids could have some human friends around their own age that way. That was the best it could be for a few humans to be involved in their lives. But April and Casey would teach their own kids that they were not to tell a soul of the their turtle friends. It had to be a BIG time secret.

As for Don's bros wanting kids, Leo and Mikey were just about looking forward to a possible fatherhood some day, when they found girlfriends. Raph was a bit more hesitant to discuss it. He was a loner mostly. He felt he was too hot tempered. He could treat a girl and his own kids badly because he lost his cool too easily. So he wasn't so big on the topic of wanting kids of his own.

Don had said before that when his kids were a little older perhaps, that he would try to find a girlfriend. One to complete him. He would need a female role model for them, especially for Akemi, besides April. She was a girl, and she needed to learn how to be a girl. Don and his bros, and Splinter, couldn't cover everything she would need, being males.

But for now, Don was happy to be alone. He was happy with just Akemi and Virgil as the beginning of his own family. But the girl that came into his life would have to accept that he did hold the big responsibility of fatherhood on his shoulders and the twins came first. Sure, Don liked his inventions, but his twins couldn't be replaced.

Plus, if Don felt up to it with the special girl, he could also produce more kids, if they were wanted. His bros sure were wanting that. Except Raph at the moment. But he could change his mind. He loved the twins too after all.

The whole family was unique. They could only rely on each other for friendship and comfort. And the few human friends they had. They did need human friends to get supplies from the upper world, and sometimes take them special places.

The family would carry on, doing what they did best, fighting crime on the streets, all the while helping Donny raise his first two kids, Akemi and Virgil.

The End.

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