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Sands Of time


Looking at that little egg timer, I watched the sand slowly drain from the top to the bottom. The grains of it passed through almost one by one. One minute it lasted. But it felt like forever.

It was only about half way through when I reached for Bella's hand, my nervousness pitting in my stomach.

I let out sigh and a curse and tugged on my hair. Bella's hand slowly reached up to it, retrieving it and stopping me from actually pulling my damn hair out.

How could one minute last so damn long.

I was glad life didn't go in as slow as this, generally. I would have went nuts.

Tensing in my seat I looked down at the little screen.

Still nothing.

Was the damn thing programmed to wait out the full damn minute?

Another sigh came from me as I twitched in my chair and I felt Bella's soothing hand on my arm. "Relax, will you?" She chided softly.

"I don't know how the fuck you did this last time?" I told her pointedly as I once again tried to look at the little screen in front of me.

"You're telling me..." She sighed with exasperation. No doubt at the though of my gut reaction to the last one of these she had used.

I watched the grains of sand continue to flow and I could see it getting to the end.

I counted.







There was still a little sand to run through the timer as I finished counting.

Picking up the stupid piece of plastic, I launched it across the kitchen.

"Hey, take it easy." Bella snapped at me. "God, you are a nightmare at times..." Her words trailed off and even though I knew I no longer had my condition, I also knew I had no natural patients. Well not under extreme circumstances at least.

"Just look at it already. Time is up." It would have been too if I never threw the stupid egg timer.

She only rolled her eyes at me as she turned the stick around.

"Positive." She called, surprise lacing the word.


It was positive.

I grabbed hold of the pregnancy test, double checking, making sure my eyes weren't deceiving me.

They weren't.

Baby number two was on its way.

Grabbing hold of Bella, I kissed her so damn hard and passionately, desperate for her to know how happy I was about the out come. I knew I should have acted like this when it was, Masen. But I didn't. And for that I would always be sorry. But now things were different.

"We're having a baby." She whispered out across my lips and I could tell she was happy about it as well. It was planned. It was what we wanted, and this time around I was going to do it all the right way.

"We are," I told her smugly in reply. "We're going to have another baby." I was ecstatic and the emotion laced my voice as I pulled her out form the kitchen.

I didn't know what I was doing, or where I was going but all I knew was that I wanted to scream it from the roof tops.

I did what was natural. I picked up the phone, intent on calling my parents to tell them the good news.

I lifted it out from the cradle in the living room and began to search through the contacts with one hand as I held onto Bella's hand with the other.

"What are you doing?" She asked in surprise.

"Calling everyone." I laughed.

She grabbed the phone out of my hand. "No," She said a little too quickly.

I looked down at her feeling a little concerned. I thought that his was what she wanted?

"I mean, its bad luck. Last time it was a war and everyone knew...can this just be ours...just even for a couple of days?" her brown eyes sparkled and I knew I was screwed. Of course I was going to let have her way. I understood her, her thoughts, her feelings...her concerns...

I nodded. "Of course, Love."

She quirked an eyebrow at me, "Are you sure. I know that your really happy..."

"Are you?" I asked a little taken aback. "Are you happy that we're having another baby?" I thought I had checked, double checked, and checked again with her on this one. That another baby was what she really wanted.

"Yes." She told me so sure of herself again. "Its what I always wanted. I just never though I'd get it. I just want it to be different from last time. You don't have your condition any more...you wanted it this time around too."

"I've never not wanted Masen." I jumped defending myself.

She nodded with a smile, "I know...but there was a time that you didn't know what you really wanted. That...that was hard. Let this just be ours. I just want it to be us that knows."

"How long for?" I asked still a little concerned.

"Two days if that's what you want...I just want to make sure I'm a little further along. It's so soon."

I nodded again, understanding her completely.

"Fine, Swan, your wish is my command." I reached forward and kissed her deeply once again.

Before she knew it, I had knocked her off her feet and falling down onto the couch, carefully bracing myself over her.

She let out this giggle as her hand reached for my hair and she reached up to kiss me.

We got comfortable as we kissed away, Bella still below me.

Pulling myself up, I straddled her waist as I looked down at her and lifted up the hem of her top and placing my hands on her stomach.

"I'm gonna get fat again." She sighed contently.

I couldn't help the smile that played my lips at her small nervous breakdown from the last time her clothes became too tight on her.

"Never fat, Love. Glowing. Curvy. Voluptuous. Fertile..." She laughed hard at the last one.

"I don't know if that's me or those damn Masen genetics in you." She teased.

After she had ended up pregnant the first time, on contraception, I had to wonder if that was the case.

"Either way...I still knocked you up pretty damn well on both occasions."

"Yes you did. No wonder thought with all of the shenanigans that you lured me into. I was so sweet and innocent until I met you..." She trailed off with a smile knowing she wasn't, that it was in fact me who was the innocent.

"If I remember rightly, it was you who seduced me. Me, a young, lost, virginal boy."

She snorted. "You may have been a virgin, but your seduction techniques were nothing innocent. Those eyes alone told me that."

I let my fingers trial her sides, a small laugh bubbling from her at the sensation. I always knew just where to tickle her.

"Stop." She squealed and my fingers only teased her more.

"What bout the baby..." She gasped as if it was some kind of worry.

Reaching down, I kissed her lips. "I don't think you need to worry about tickling as any danger to the two of you." I kept my tone light.

She sighed and shrugged. "It was worth a try."she laughed again, shrugging

Kissing her lips, I trailed my mouth to her neck and slowly and deliciously, kissed her down to the lowest part of the V on her t-shirt neckline.

Raising the material up, I reconnected my lips with her skin at the bottom of her ribs, and once again picking up my trail all the way to her lower stomach.

She stifled a small laugh at the sensation that I was unintentionally creating with the stubble from my face.

Her hands landed in my hair once again and her fingers threaded through the strands as she gained some gentle hold of me.

Looking up to her, she was glowing already. Her cheeks held a refreshing shade of pink, and it wasn't from blushing. Not only that but her brown eyes sparkled with a new intensity and the grip on her bottom lip seemed playful, but unintentional at the same time.

Gurgling came from the baby monitor, alerting us that Masen was now awake.

I groaned, frustrated that the ideas in my head were going to have to take a back seat at present.

"I'll get him." Bella offered.

I shook my head. "Na, its all right. I'll get him. Its Saturday, you can go back to bed."

Wakening up at six o'clock in the morning, I had sat and watched Bella sleep as the thought of the possible results had ran through my head.

We were sure of the answer. We had been trying and Bella had been late. But Bella being Bella wanted a clear result and was determined to wait a week. Being a week late and after trying like we had, it was obvious, but I still needed to see it for myself. At seven this morning, I woke her and practically dragged her out of bed, in the direction of the bathroom.

Again, this being Bella, the pressure of me standing outside the door, she was unable to relive herself and take the test for almost a good half hour.

Eventually though, we got the result. And it was the one we wanted.

"I'll only come to bed if you come back and bring Masen with you."

I gave her a small nod and kiss to the hair before getting to my feet and giving Bella a hand to find her own.

Patting her bottom, she jumped forward a space with a small laugh, heading for the door of the living room.

We went our opposite directions and reaching Masen, he looked up at me with sleep in his eyes, yawing. It made me yawn too.

Lifting him up, I cradled him onto my side as he let out his little noises of contentment.

His hair stood practically on its ends and though I tried to pat it down some what, it wasn't for happening.

He still looked like me. The same pale skin from our genetic condition too.

Reaching the bedroom, Bella was half tucked backin in bed. Her top was lifted up and her hands ran across the planes of her srtomach, no doubt tring to remember her biology lessons.

She blushed and instandly pulled her top back down but I only smiled at her. I could tell she was happy about the pregnancy, but she was just letting it sink in. I could cope with that.

Crawling along the mattress of the bed, I tucked Masen under with me and let him lie back against my chest and Bella only pressing forward to give him a kiss on his little lips. She reached for me next and gave a little more than she had given to Masen and I laughed a little at her egerness, despite our son sitting on my lap.

She silently shrugged, knowing what she had been doing and with that she tucked herself under my arm and cuddling int my side with her arm draped acros masen and myself.

I was in bed with my little family and I couldn't have been any happier. In nine short months, I was going to need to get a bigger bed.

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